Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dems Call For I-Square/COMIDA Investigation

Dinolfo Leaves Basic Questions Unanswered

Members of the Democratic Caucus of the County Legislature are weighing in on County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo's remarks.

"This is a far cry from Monroe County becoming the most ethical and transparent government in the nation. Today, the County Executive not only did not answer the questions at hand, she attempted to deflect it as mere politics," said Minority Leader Cindy Kaleh. "The citizens of our county demand answers that don't insult their intelligence. If the County Executive refuses to investigate on behalf of county residents, we will."

Legislator Mark Muoio, who proposed the creation of a committee to investigate the handling of the I-Square situation, said, "Based on what the County Executive said today, given her lack of answers on this topic, I reiterate my call for President Daniele to convene a special investigative commitee in the Legislature." (http://www.rochesterfirst.com/news/local-news/cheryl-dinolfo-breaks-her-silence-on-comida-controversy)


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pressure Mounts To Investigate Reilich/COMIDA Connection

D&C Editorial Calls for investigation ~~ "A political party boss should not be calling the shots at COMIDA."

James Sheppard (Monroe County Leg.) Calls For Investigation ~ ~ "I believe its ( Office of Public Integrity) first order of business should be to investigate COMIDA to ensure that this vital public agency does not serve as a mechanism to further the agenda of political parties."

image 1
Bill "Unavailable for comment" Reilich

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

From Bully To Backpedaler

Reilich: "Unavailable" To Comment After Attack On Adam Bello & I-Square Project (WHEC-TV)

Monroe County GOP Chair & Greece Supervisor, Bill Reilich - Has a "special relationship with COMIDA"

Developer Plans To Sue (TWCNews)

SCATS ~~ Reilich's attack on Adam Bello (following Cuomo's appointment of him to become Monroe County Clerk) is beyond embarrassing! It shows how political everything can become under a double-dipping "leader" who believes in one-party rule.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

It's Time To "Ditch & Switch" For The Donald!

Voter Registration Form for NY ... You MUST Be a REGISTERED Republican To Vote Trump In the Primary! Use this form to register, or to change your party. TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

A-PAC To Be Renamed @BOE Meeting

BOE Meeting Tuesday, 6:30PM 

RESOLVED: That the Board of Education of the Greece Central School District authorizes changing the name of the Athena Performing Arts Center to The Greece Central Performing Arts Center.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Dear Hillary ... You ARE A Traitor ...


SCATS ~~ We dream of Greece grads capable of understanding the advanced vocabulary this young lady uses. Maybe some day ... until then, they will only comprehend the 4-letter words. Sigh ... 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mother of Sorrows /Charter School

March 16, 2016 @6:30PM 

Old Business
1. Applicant: The Church of the Mother of Sorrows of Greece, Monroe County, N.Y.
Location: 5000 Mount Read Boulevard
Mon. Co. Tax No.: 046.14-08-001
Request: Minor subdivision approval for the Mother of Sorrows subdivision, consisting of 2 lots on approximately 10.25 acres
Zoning District: R1-12 (Single-Family Residential)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Greece Central To Test For Lead

WHEC-TV reports: Greece -- Superintendent Kathleen Graupman announced today that the district will contract with Genesee Valley BOCES to test water quality in Greece schools and buildings in light of the widespread coverage regarding water issues in schools across the state. Greece schools receive their water from the Monroe County Water Authority, which tests their supply to ensure it meets standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the NYS Department of Health. During the water testing process, if any issues are uncovered,  the district will provide information on the situation and take any necessary corrective action. Greece Central is committed to ensuring our water sources meet federal and state standards. 

SCATS ~~ Contrary to rumor, there are NO plans to include lead testing of the considerable backsides of GCSD administrators. Sorry parents!!

13 Minutes of Hillary's Lies ...

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Law Is NOT Made To Be Broken

GCSD Treats Laws As If Compliance Is Voluntary 

It's Not ... 

Anonymous Charlie Hubbard said...
An update on the teachers contract (the biggest part of the budget) approved by the board 4-28-'15'

Board did not know the cost. I had to file a foil request to get a copy of the cost analysis (a violation of policy 6431) - it took over 6 weeks because it wasn't done. When I did get it there was NO comparison of cost to the prior contract. It was unsigned and not dated.
I had to file a foil request to get a copy of the new contract (again a violation of policy 6431) on 12-14-'15' - still to this date the 'new' contract is not available because it's NOT DONE. Is it wrong to ask what the board did know 'prior' to board approval.

The new contract was put together by the boards boss (the outgoing super). This is an example of how business is being done by school board(s) today but not to worry the budget can be trusted.

ps; please take note - the city school board just gave 'lifetime medical' to one of it's outgoing assist. supers - sound familiar? With no idea what the cost will be (today's d+c).      3/08/2016 6:22 AM

BOE Meeting Tonight, 6:30PM

Join the BOE as they continue to cook the books while preparing a budget.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Beneath The Surface Of Rochester Academy Charter School

What's REALLY Proposed For Our Backyards?

A friend of SCATS contacted us after doing some research on Terra Science & Education, the Syracuse-based foundation that will own the proposed Rochester Academy Charter School facility to be located on the former Mother of Sorrows property. Concern has been expressed about the finances of this proposal. Terra would own, then lease the facilities to the school. A lack of oversight, secrecy, taxpayer issues and the connection to the rapidly spreading Turkish Gulen school movement are all potential matters of concern.

Rochester Academy Charter School: Affiliation to Gulen movement ~~ This link shows connections between this charter school, Terra Science, the Turkish Cultural Center (Don't they also operate the center that opened on Dewey Ave. in the old funeral parlor?) and even events held at City Hall - i.e. political connections.  As noted in the article, Robach has met with their Secretary.

  • In common with other Gulen charter schools, RACS:
    • uses H-1B visas (non-resident) to hire staff
    • offers Turkish language instruction
    • participates in the Turkish Language Olympiads, an event run by the Gulen Movement
    • takes students on field trips to Gulenist events promoting Turkish culture (e.g., from school website, for 2008: "10th grade Turkish Language students attended the Turkish Days in New York City.")
    • does not show the names of any administrators, staff or board members on its website

The "Problem" With Gulen Schools:  120 American Charter Schools and One Secretive Turkish Cleric

  ( "One of their most troubling characteristics is that they don’t have a great track record when it comes to financial and legal transparency." ... "A Gülen organization controls the real estate companies that own their schools. They charge rent to their own schools and tax-payers foot the bill. They refuse to answer public records requests, falsify attendance records, and cheat on standardized tests.")

Charter School Scandals List : Includes Rochester Academy Charter School

Friday, March 04, 2016

Neighbors Prefer Vacant Church To Charter School

WHEC-TV reports that Terra Science & Education, a Syracuse-based foundation, plans to buy part of the old Mother of Sorrows property in Greece and rent it to Rochester Academy Charter School.

The Greece Town Board approved a special-use permit for the property to turn the old church into a gymnasium.

SCATS ~~ What is the sudden attraction causing city charter schools to land in Greece? Is this trend favorable to the community?

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Another Day, Another GCSD Scandal Brewing

Anonymous said...
Happy birthday SCATS! Athena High School upcoming musical is a sham! Spencerport school district student has the lead in the musical. (Hill Creek Lane 14626) The family has apparently "rented" an apartment at North Glenn Apartments. The district has done an "investigation." The rented apartment has no furniture, no RGE account, and no PEOPLE living in the apartment. Happy birthday!
3/01/2016 5:55 PM