Thursday, February 25, 2016

Have You Missed Most of the Democratic Debates?

No Problem … Here's a Quick Summary!


Anonymous said...

Sort of reminds you of Greece and Monroe County, doesn't it.
Can we get SandyBaby's pic up there in the female column?
She just got her ass handed to her AGAIN by John Parinello.
Did she screw the Gates Supervisor's run against Slaughter in the Process?
Will John Parinello extract Vengeance?

SCATS said...

To 12:46PM ~~ Does anyone know the WHOLE story about this latest run-in?

Anonymous said...

The gentleman driving one of his fleet of Jaguars does, and he's been grinning ear to ear for about a month.

Been a lot of speculation since he dropped the Notice of Claim on Gates that the arrest stunk on ice and may have been a setup, but only 1 man knows that for sure. It just ain't smart to query the data base with hooker names unless you can justify it with something better than "I was curious" if you like your job downtown.

Lets just say somebody who was a D and is an R now likes her $#!t sammiches for lunch.

Congratulations go out to John Parinello though.

SCATS said...

To 8:39PM ~~ I thought I was following you until you got to the downtown job part. Do you mean someone who works for the local govt, or someone with a downtown office?

SCATS said...

BTW, from the gitgo, I felt that JP was set-up. It seems almost obvious this was politically inspired.

Anonymous said...

SCATS, the computers with access to arrest data are AUDITED and bosses get reports.

People have been sent to the Unemployment Office for improper computer query. Remember the charges against Rahn's son?

Word is there was a gentleperson's agreement among people with Law Licenses and Bar Cards to hang something in an unnamed Italian octogenarian lawyers ass including people employed on State Street.
A few weeks back every station in town was broadcasting how a well known Lawyer was benched for 6 months. Looked and sounded good to the audience. People who know the system were laughing. What punishment is it to bench a Lawyer for 6 months who has nothing pending in Federal Court during that time period?

Don't put much faith in what is handed to the media to report. There are people on the public payroll who are experts in writing press releases. They can write well enough to get the "News" to report up as DOWN.
To borrow from this post's caption, It's all BULLSHIT!

SCATS said...

To 8:56PM ~~ From this vantage point, it comes across as a desperate attempt by a few politically connecteds to besmirch his name as he heads towards retirement ... i.e. retaliatory action.

Charlie Hubbard said...

Getting back to the topic as listed.
Sanders became a fraud when he told Clinton 'I don't give a damn about your emails'
As for Clinton she is a proven liar - over and over and over.

SCATS said...

To Charlie@ 3:36PM ~~ Bernie somehow thought he was taking the high road. Now he sees she is going to chew him up & spit him out if she believes he is a real threat (which she currently doesn't see him as). As for Hillary, she is a lying, cheating, fraud who has blood on her hands and should be tried for treason, in my opinion. Maybe we could trade her for some of our folks sitting in Iranian & other mid-east jails. Sadly, I don't think they can stand her either.