Tuesday, February 16, 2016

EPIC FAIL By Local Republican "Leaders"

This was NOT "unprecedented." 
It was a PREDICTED storm!!
Doing too little, too late turned us into a Washington DC !
Monroe County Sheriff, Patrick O'Flynn
Monroe County Executive, Cheryl Dinolfo

Greece Town Supervisor


Anonymous said...

Got my check today from N.Y.S. "Property Tax Freeze Credit" Thanks to our fire districts tax increases that violated the Tax Cap that check would have been bigger. We need "leaders" to address this.

Anonymous said...

Ought to point out that County Manager Cheryl had the good sense to pack food into the vehicle chauffeured by "Sheriff" Pat so SHE could give that food to people stranded on the Expressway on the way back downtown from the Scottsville Rd Emergency Center. Cheryl might be County Executive, but she never forgets she was raised in a fine Italian house, and SHE has an obligation to help people in bad circumstances.

It's nice to see an Elected Official who cares about the people who voted for her.

Sheriff of Mayberry- He Damn Sure AIN'T Al Skinner, couldn't even shine Albert's shoes.

Mr Skating Rink- Just another of his epic FAILS while he and his TEAM hide in the office behind locked doors!

SCATS said...

To 8:26PM ~~ Had she done the job she was elected to do, few people would have been on the roads (legally) and she wouldn't have had to become Meals on Wheels. There was quite an accumulation by 7AM today. Allowing 490 to become a parking lot was avoidable.

Anonymous said...

If you'd have been on mousing duty at 4:45 like you should have been Purrboy, you could have looked out the window and seen there was very little snow coming down.

Cheryl is County Executive, not County Highway Super. Best I know she's also still functioning with holdovers from our Ms Brooks in Highway and at the Airport. Which of those 2 failed to advise Cheryl snow was falling at an unexpected rate that had picked up considerably? Which School Districts had pulled the plug at 7AM?

How many inches of snow fell per hour from 6AM until 4PM by the hour? I'm sure you scratched that on your KittyCondo wall?
Sorry puttitat, I'll not jump on the lady for her inability to hold back the snow, and I'm pretty certain it looked like just another Rochester storm from her office window. She isn't hired to be the person riding around checking road conditions either.
At worst, people who should have reported to her failed to report properly. If she fails to correct that situation, I'll willingly criticize her. Remember, County Execs in this County have been hesitant to declare snow emergencies since a man named Tom, as I recall, did that for a storm that never came. Sort of a damned if you do and damned if you didn't seat.

How about people accepting some personal responsibility for needing to drive on expressways when surface streets were available, and driving in a storm in a vehicle without sufficient fuel or proper tires and baggie of catnip? Seems to me like I am the person responsible for the vehicle I'm operating!

SCATS said...

To 1:18AM ~~ Sorry, but I'm calling HOGWASH to your lame excuses for her lack of oversight.

As I said earlier, there was quite an accumulation of snow by 7AM. I know. I shoveled it, a good 5+ inches. It was coming down at a pretty rapid pace then, too.

FYI, schools are on winter break this week, thank God! Can't imagine how much worse it would have been were that not the case.

As for Dinolfo's accountability for today's debacle, she sucks at her new job AND is less than honest, besides! WHEC-TV showed her claiming the overnight snows weren't as expected and using that as her excuse for waiting until 10AM. Guess what? They reran the previous night's forecast by Kevin Williams - HE NAILED IT!

Here's part of the dialog with her after her errors:

"Brianna DiPilato: "Some people are wondering, why it took so long to issue a travel warning here. Why was that?"
County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo: "We were monitoring the weather throughout the night and certainly the weather that was predicted to hit during the overnight hours did not arrive until the morning commute."

Dinolfo issued a travel advisory just before 10 a.m. Tuesday morning. When many on their way to work were already caught up in traffic. Cars were spinning out and getting stuck in the thick snow.

Livingston County issued their travel advisory more than an hour earlier -- just after 8 a.m. We wanted to know why Monroe County didn't issue a travel advisory first thing Tuesday morning.

"We always tell people to take necessary precautions as they drive under any weather conditions," says Dinolfo. "In this snow event, as soon as the weather intensified, the plows did their best to keep up with the weather."

Our meteorologists have been expecting this storm for a while now -- so it was expected. Monroe County officials at the Public Safety Training Facility are still monitoring the storm and the roadways at this time."

I encourage you to watch the video on that link. They clearly state the storm happened as predicted AND that it was forecast a week in advance!

Anonymous said...

Last I checked I'm responsible for myself, and the County Exec isn't my mommie.

If you're too dumb to be on the road and do it right, stay the hell off the road.

I don't figure the County Exec came to work yesterday in her snowmobile suit so she could sit on the roof and observe snow fall. I think she had other work to do. As far as Greece Central Diploma holders sliding around on the road and slipping off, screwem, I hope they got room on their charge card for the tow truck. It's a tough world, and if you can't contend with it, STAY HOME. Fact is with all the Weather Guessers on TV and radio yapping about the SuperStorm, the County Exec shouldn't need to tell anybody about it.

If you need a Travel Advisory to tell you it isn't possible to see 20 feet in front of the windshield, you best report to GCSD for remedial work, and walk there!

Best I recall, Monroe County doesn't, DOES NOT plow snow from County Roads, the County contracts with Towns and the City to perform that job. State roads here are plowed by the State, I do recall blue & yellow trucks plowing Lake Ave in the City years back.

I'll even bet a whole Dollar if you drive around in a snow storm and smash somebody's car because you can't drive, your Insurance Company won't try collecting from the County. It's called Personal Responsibility.
If you can't handle it, move to Assisted Living.

SCATS said...

To 11:56AM ~~ She has the community's SAFETY in her hands during times like yesterday! If she can't handle it, she needs to step aside and let someone who can take over for her. It's THAT simple!

Remember hurricane Sandy ;)

Anonymous said...

Actually Puttitat I gotta call BULLSHIT on any cat who claims to shovel snow! You're a Purrrvaricator.

That being settled, PLEASE cite me the section of the County Charter making the County Exec responsible for the Community's Safety. I recall Managers and Execs back to Clarence Smith, followed by Gordon Howe, Lucien Moron, Tom Fry, Maggie, and now Cheryl, and the job is defined as Executive Managerial. (For GCSD Grads that means Da BOSS.)

If you consult the organizational chart you find the County Exec has budgetary supervision of Public Safety, but NOT Command Authority. The Sheriff, Mumbles of Mayberry, has a more direct path of command in terms of Public Safety.

As to Deceleration of State of Emergency and Road Closure, it's a JOKE in Monroe County going back to the 91 Ice Storm. No cop in the County will enforce road closure or even attempt to, unlike Livingston County who will be happy to tow your wheels and direct you to a warm place you can wait in.

Cheryl MIGHT command Media coverage at a far higher level than Mumbles of Mayberry who owes his election to Maggie going door to door with him, but Cheryl announcing Monroe County is CLOSED has little real effect.

Simply put, if your dumb ass went out in the car into a blizzard or snow storm unprepared, you deserve to learn from it. Further, no taxpayer funded emergency person or equipment should be placed at risk to save you. Rely on your personal communicator to instruct you. I'm sure there is an app.

SCATS said...

To 10:58PM ~~ OK Lucy ... 'splain to me why Dinolfo went AWOL today, nobody at the county level was available to answer questions AND Ch 13 joined the fray emphatically stating that THEIR meteorologists called it exactly as it happened, too?

I do agree that way too many people felt a false sense of self-importance about going out into yesterday's conditions. Burger flippers and Starbucks barristas amongst them.

Anonymous said...

Probably the same reason you hide behind the entertainment center when you get fed up with the humans SCATS, Cheryl has a job to do, and that job doesn't include being a convenient target for dullards pretending to be Journalists cause they got a Degree, microphone and cheap jacket with the station logo on it.

Unlike them, Cheryl is a day behind on her workload because she had to spend a day dealing with the snowstorm.

Big flippin deal, 2 TV weather guessers got it right, probably the FIRST TIME in how many years? How many times in that same time frame did they get it WRONG?
10 ran a story on their web site last night dialing the attack on Cheryl back, admitting every Highway Department had misread the storm and lost it around 10am. They also said ANY TOWN SUPERVISOR could have declared a Snow Emergency, and none did.

Cheryl is probably at her desk today and will be there late catching up for a lost day. HINT for the pretend Reporters, THE STORM STORY IS OVER! go shoot video of the line at the Auto Pound, the City did not drop a garbage container in the river this time, ride over to Smith St Bridge and see if the snow chutes are plugged up, drive over to West Ave Extension and interview somebody at Entry to Care on the number of winos hauled in, and drive out to the salt mine and fall in. Mr Global Warming Glen at 13 better turn the Warming up and melt the snow, he'll never be good enough to shine Bill Peterson's shoes.

SCATS said...

To 2PM ~~ LMAO!!! I certainly hope she doesn't break a nail straightening up that paperwork!!

Let's face facts here: Cheryl Dinolfo has ZERO background to be made County Executive, unless being a registered Republican & Reilich supporter somehow make you smart. She isn't. She FAILED ... EPICALLY FAILED ... in her first real test in her job! I can't help but wonder if she advised Carnival Cruise Lines when Anthem Of The Seas headed straight into 30 foot waves.

Like it or not, SHE LIED about the weather forecasters getting it wrong. Only Dinolfo got it wrong, epically wrong.

Anonymous said...

Gee Captain Cat- ya ever factor in that Cheryl Dinolfo who ran for County Exec based largely on her record as County Clerk following in the path of Maggie the TERMINATED TV News Reader might have been in her office doing her ADMINISTRATIVE job and not watching the TV oracles of We Get It Right Almost Half of The Days?

WHY didn't a single Town Supervisor or Da Maya phone Cheryl and say We're loosing it against this storm? Why didn't Sheriff Mumbles of Mayberry who had probably 20 cars on the road call the ADMINISTRATOR of County business and inform her the snow was winning? Mumbles could have called TV Stations and informed them, and Radio Stations as well, but Mumbles didn't. King Willie of the Repuklikin Party too could have called, he probably has the pocket phone number, but he didn't.

FACT, Cheryl Dinolfo was kept in the dark by people with a DUTY to inform her. She probably wasn't looking out the window from Control Central overlooking the County, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't snowing in her office.

When Cheryl was informed of the situation she took action!
She damn well didn't pull a TomFry.

She never claimed to be perfect, and if she'd called it a State of Emergency at 6am the snow would have been just as deep just as fast, and FOOLS would have been out there in their cars running off the road. Maybe Cheryl should have given out AAA cards with License Plates when she was County Clerk too, and fired some of the NASTY clerks at DMV counters. That one I can agree to.

BTW, I checked the Manual for County Execs, it does NOT grant Cheryl or even Maggie the power to stand at Main & State holding a hand aloft and ordering snow to stop falling.

Thank the Great Puttitat Cheryl ain't Lucien Moron, the brilliant looser who gave us the County Garbage Grinder we are still paying for. That is the benchmark of failures.

King William said...

Look taxslaves, I can't see the dam Senile Center door from my Throne Room, and I got my hands full watching the Beautiful Magnificent Ice Rink and coffee pot to keep them old farts from swiping coffee. I am in CONTROL of Greece and most of Monroe County.
Rest easy, watch cable TV and pay TAXES.

There is no need to grumble.
MeChief over at Police Central has been instructed to have his coppers shoot down anyone coming onto Town Hall Campus with a torch or pitchfork, so be careful out there taxslaves! I'd put No Pitchforks or torches on the town sign, but it won't fit.
You have been warned!

King William Roadblock
Dictator of Greece

PS: Happy Skating

SCATS said...

To 2:31PM ~~ You'd have to be living under a rock to not know this storm was PREDICTED OVER 5 DAYS IN ADVANCE! While she was keeping warm over the weekend, MAYBE she should have watched the news at least once!

Anonymous said...

Excerpted from TV 10 story

"I think that's always the Monday morning quarterbacking that everybody does," says Penfield Town Supervisor Tony LaFountain.

LaFountain defended the county executive -- noting the heaviest snow began after many people had started out to work.

"At 4 o'clock [in the morning] it wasn't an issue," said LaFountain. "At 7 o'clock, as we started to see it come in, I think everybody started to take notice and by the time we rolled around to 9 - 9:30. Between the snow and the fact that folks got themselves clogged up, then the need was to call it."

I'll be under my Pet Rock checking the County Exec Manual to see if it requires Cheryl to be Psychic and able to foretell the future.

SCATS said...

To 4:14PM ~~ LMAO!! Until that story ran, I never heard of the guy running Penfield and it's likely YOU never had either. Given that, she would do better to have someone else, even a SCATS defending her. She didn't need to "Monday morning quarterback" anything, which is THE POINT of this exchange!! She had ALL of the local, highly paid top weather people saying basically the SAME THING, starting DAYS BEFORE the snow started to fly! In fact, the night before, I heard Kevin Williams say himself that from around 8-11AM, the snow would likely come at a clip of 2-3 INCHES PER HOUR.

DINOLFO BOTCHED IT BIGTIME & LOOKS LIKE A FOOL. If someone failed to advise her, then she should fire that person ASAP & tell the community it won't happen again. Turning 490 into a parking lot from 390 to 590 is NOT an option.

Anonymous said...

Quit playing with your litter and pay attention.
Interstate 490 is a STATE Highway, paroled, plowed and maintained by STATE employees.

Dinolfo has NO Authority over I 490.

Where was Baby Cuomo the famed Thruway Closer? Why didn't he close 490? He's done it regularly in the Buffalo area.

Do your mittens have a string that goes through your sleeves SCATS?

Anonymous said...

Now that the weather folks are calling for another storm next Tuesday and like what has been said here everyone new a week ahead it was coming, no need for the Exec to do anything. We all know next week its coming so stay home. Why wait until 5am or 6am or 9am to put out the advisory lets just plan on staying home, then if it does not happen we can blame the Exec again! Crazy. Look out the window people! I've heard many advisories given over the years and no one pays attention to them. Wegman's is still full and people are at the malls.

Anonymous said...

OMG, it's worse than we first knew.
Maggie over at the fancy bus garage is now in a pissin contest with the Maya of the City over who shovels snow out of bus stops. They're going to wind up scheduling a cat fight on Main Street before this ends.

So, Maggie is a Republican and the Maya is a Deficrat, so is this a Repub failure or a failure of women, or a shovel failure? Maggie used to be a news reader on TV, so the Weather Guessers will have to side with her, but the Maya is David Gant's girl, so he won't send any tax money from Albany for buses if Maggie wins the fight.

This storm is even funnier than when Maya Bill Ferryboat Johnson had to truck dirty used snow in from Batavia for the fake snow mound on Broad Street so he could hold Winterfest, or was it Screwupfest.

Meanwhile in Greece King Willie is locked in his command bunker in Town Hall with a rifle and night vision equipment to make sure SCATS don't put his claws to the slushpond/ice rink liner.

Will Monroe County survive Winter 15-16?
Is there enough rock salt available at the mine?
Will the miners laid off because a mild winter didn't use salt return to work?

SCATS said...

To 9:52PM ~~ When a state of emergency is declared, as it has been during past weather events in this city, the cops can & will ticket those who ignore the call to STAY OFF THE ROADS unless you are a first responder, medical professional, etc. I know folks who got & paid the fines.

SCATS said...

To 8:26PM ~~ Found your comment in the SPAM bucket. I do not give a rat's arse who has authority over 490. That has NOTHING to do with Dinolfo FAILING to shutdown things earlier. Had she told people to stay OFF THE ROADS, 490 wouldn't have been so heavily traversed and become a parking lot for 5 hrs.

Anonymous said...

Scammiepoo, your argument fails so many ways. The only way you can win is by CENSORSHIP so YOU dictate what is published to make your pathetic case look good.

Bottom line, the person driving the vehicle holds the responsibility, NOT the County Executive.

SCATS said...

To 7:13PM ~~ If we censored this site, there'd be half as many comments posted! So nice try, but your argument fails.

The plow driver doesn't get paid to call a state of emergency, but Dinolfo does. Back to you chump.

Wilhelm Rex said...

It has been brought to my attention that this post does not have my magnificent pictorial representation at the top of the pictures. That slight cannot be overlooked by the throne.

I Wilhelm Rex do hereby dictate that my portrait be at the top, and that annoying vastly overpaid Irish twerp be at the bottom. I bring home over $300,000 a year and my picture shall not be at the bottom. Proper protocol is King, Queen, Munchkin.

I have dictated!

Anonymous said...

You were placed where you are Willieboy so you can skirtpeep Cheryl.
The CAT knows about your habit developed in grade school.

Now go sit in your glass lookout booth atop Town Hall and be quiet.

Anonymous said...

9:56PM What a racist comment and SCATS for posting it, shame on you.

SCATS said...

To 8:51AM ~~ Get over it ...AND yourself. There's NOTHING "racist" about calling an Irishman Irish.

Political correctness has no place here. GO TRUMP, GO!!!