Tuesday, February 23, 2016

10 Years and Still Going Strong!

SCATS' 10th Anniversary


Anonymous said...

congrats! 10 years of conspiracy theories, bashing and hand wringing!

Anonymous said...


While I don't always agree with you, I love your blog and your continued fight against the status quo and the decline of what was once a pretty good school system.



I hope we can do this again in 10 years, keep up the good work!

SCATS said...

To 2:59PM ~~ Not to mention how many of those local conspiracy theories turned out to be true!

To 4:51PM ~~ TY! Loved the video :)

Super John Hairburger said...

SCATS cake all around. Double portion for King Willie.

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary how long is 10 in cat years? Good thing you have 9 lives

SCATS said...

To Super John ~~ You really shouldn't have! That was REALLY crappy LOL

To 8:19PM ~~ Well, it's long enough my whiskers turned grey ... oh wait ... they were alway grey .. hmm ...

Anonymous said...

Super Hairburger never was all that computer interactive, so he probably couldn't get the picture of the cake up.

If he was still in office I'm sure he would hold a free skating night at Town Slush Pond in SCATS honor and try to drown the meeouthy cat.

SCATS said...

To 8:42PM ~~ You are likely correct. He detested SCATS ... :(

Charlie Hubbard said...

Scats - 10 years is not enough - the service you provide is needed now more than ever.

SCATS said...

To Charlie ~~ TY for your unwavering support & contributions.

Anonymous said...

Does Town Hall have look like a homeless bum Friday for employees?

I was there today and a certain elected official was sitting behind his counter waiting for victims in a hoodie looking like he lost his razor last week. For cripe sake, he owns a hairdressing place.
The Code Compliance gang looked like they never heard of a workplace dress code.
I was scared to think about what the employees up on the locked floor look like.

The only employees dressed in a workplace appropriate manner were at the Assessor's counter. The rest of the place looked like they were warehouse appropriate. Are they trying for a clothing allowance?

Come on people, especially elected officials. Swipe a copy of a magazine from a Doctor's office and see what business appropriate looks like. Dress for success!
Study Dale Carnage.
At least look like you shouldn't be in a doorway with a Starbucks cup begging for change.

Dear Lord I miss John Auberger.
He wore a suit and spoke to people.

SCATS said...

To 6:50PM ~~ Maybe we're supposed to think they can't afford better clothing after paying their property taxes ;)

Anonymous said...

6:50PM "Dear Lord I miss John Auberger. He wore a suit and spoke to people."
He was on the prowl that's why. Looking for his next victim. Where he sits now they don't move so fast!

Anonymous said...

10:25 he damn sure wasn't prowling the times he spoke with me, I damn sure don't go that way, and best I know he didn't either.

He even brought his own lawnmower to the shop in HIS, not the Town's vehicle and paid to have it serviced.

Far as what he chased & caught goes, his problem, not mine. Maybe that's why he went to Church every day, praying to get away with it one more day. He just liked buying houses for women who hated him. Having seen Joanne I gotta say he had poor taste though.

He was damn sure good enough to keep a certain pretender to the throne in the barber shop where he belonged, hatching plans with Merit Rahn.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday SCATS! Athena High School upcoming musical is a sham! Spencerport school district student has the lead in the musical. (Hill Creek Lane 14626) The family has apparently "rented" an apartment at North Glenn Apartments. The district has done an "investigation." The rented apartment has no furniture, no RGE account, and no PEOPLE living in the apartment. Happy birthday!

SCATS said...

To 5:55PM ~~ Maybe we should ask the SPENCERPORT TEACHER who serves on the Greece BOE ... ? Nothing surprises me any more.

Anonymous said...

Better chance the Fireman knows SCATS.

At least they rented an apartment and didn't just go with a mailbox from the UPS store. You got no idea how crowded a kid feels in one of those mailboxes. Not everybody has a Granny or cousin living in Greece.

GCSD would loose a number of athletes er I mean students if anybody searched addresses on the list of students.

SCATS said...

To 6:06PM ~~ I suspect most of the 9 know.