Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Who Paid The "Extra" $320K In Greece Taxes?

Letter To Editor of Greece Post:

Finance Director Paul Holahan’s recent letter to the editor, “2016 town budget...” (GP 12/10) was a welcome addition to public discussion.  I hope he continues.

Readers may also recall another pertinent essay by Supervisor Bill Reilich and Greece Town Board (GP 11/12).  Their headline read, “The 2016 proposed budget – No tax increase for residents”.

Tax bills (2016 Combined Town and County...) have now arrived and the record is clear – taxes collected in Greece will be up.  The bill shows a total levy of $32.1 million... up 1.0% (Col 4).  Looking back, there’s a discrepancy/omission.  If it’s true the Town collects an additional $320,000 dollars and residents pay ‘no increase’, then who pays?

Two years ago, I recall a political slogan/commitment, “ take a good town and make it great once again”.  Spinning ‘no increase’ in November was a step backwards - NOT GOOD.  Increasing the budget 1%, no small fete in tough times - could be GOOD.  But, not explaining the increase with verifiable facts... including who pays was a missed step toward GREATNESS!

The public deserves clear, concise, and accurate facts on taxes.

George Hubbard
Greece Resident


Anonymous said...

The answer is easy – growth in assessment. Individual tax bills show something called VALUE/USAGE (assessment in disguise). Many people don’t know this. If your VALUE/USAGE goes up, your taxes go up. Has nothing to do with being a resident or not. Clever!

SCATS said...

To 6:25PM ~~ How can it have nothing to do with being a resident? Are you suggesting vs a renter?

Anonymous said...

6:25 p.m. There you go again with the lie that a tax increase isn't a tax increase if your tax rate didn't go up.

God love George, but he sure can overcomplicate a point so far it becomes incomprehensible.

Here it is in simple, straightforward English: The levy is the total amount of tax you need to collect in your budget. If your levy increased year over year, YOU HAVE INCREASED TAXATION.

It doesn't matter if you increased the rate or not. If your levy is bigger, you are collecting more taxes this year than you did in the previous year.

Greece is taking in some $320,000 more in town taxes in 2016. Therefore, taxes have increased.

This has nothing to do with rate or residents or value/usage or whatever other smoke you're trying to blow up the taxpayer's arse.

When you guys lie about the little things, you prove why no one should believe you about the bigger things.

An increase is an increase is an increase.

Anonymous said...

I think 6:25 has it right. Residence has to do with where you live. Taxes/assessments have to do with where you own. Resident of Gates can own property (and pay taxes) in Greece. If 2016 assessment goes up, taxes go up.

Anonymous said...

Non owner occupied structures (rental property) is taxed at a higher rate than owner occupied housing.

One reason for the big C of O rat out the landlord campaign was to identify all rental properties in Greece King William didn't know about.
Stand by for the next step.

Greece cops responding to calls are already forwarding information to Property Code Enforcement. Next step will be a computer program comparing names on Popo Reports to property ownership records, so Code Compliance can issue Citations for failing to get a current C of O. Naturally, Friends of Bill will be Exempt.

Anonymous said...

To: 7:59

So if town taxes increased in 2016, why did Bill Reilich + Town Board say, “2016 Proposed Budget – No tax increase for residents”?

Anonymous said...

The town Code Compliance Department is a joke and should be eliminated. The PD should take over that function and issue Appearance tickets to those in non compliance and let the courts deal with them appropriately. The useless bunch now in charge now send a letter requiring compliance within 10 days or face court action. I n most cases, there is no follow up to this directive which is well known and disregarded by the violator
Elimination of this Department could well save the town $320,000 in salaries ,benefits and related costs of operation as it would take an on duty cop less than five minutes to fill out the ticket.

SCATS said...

To 7:09AM ~~ Yup, Greece "code enforcement" is beyond a joke. My dealings with them have been nothing but unpleasant. They do not act as if they want to do their job.

Anonymous said...

7:59PM lets see if your definition that taxes went up stands the test. If I walk into Wegmans and pay 3.00 for a gallon of milk in 2014 and the chains revenues are 1 million dollars from milk and in 2015 I pay 3.00 for a gallon of milk but they sell more gallons than the year before so their total amount received is 1 million one thousand dollars does that mean the price of milk went up? No I am still paying the same price. Just like gallons of milk if the town adds 100 more commercial properties due to growth so the total revenue increases, I for one am glad. WHY? because my tax rate remained the same and those added revenues covered the cost of increased heath care, energy, etc. that is why growth is good. When a community stops growing like Irondequoit you now see why they have the highest tax rate in the county.

SCATS said...

To 10:05AM ~~ Please tell us WHERE all these new commercial properties are located. Don't forget, in Greece they get COMIDA tax avoidance, too.

Anonymous said...

To: 10:25

Like 7:59 said, keep it simple... Tax LEVY = Taxes COLLECTED = Taxes PAID. If town COLLECTS more in 2016 than 2015, then taxes go UP.

Increase could be COLLECTED on any property type: a) single res./owner-occupy, b) single res./rental, c) multiple res., d) commercial, or e) other.

INCREASE could be COLLECTED from residents or non-residents.

What’s new is official INCREASE. Tax bills show 1.0 for “% Chg Prior Year”.

It's just that simple!

Anonymous said...

To: 10:05

So what and where is your TEST? I read your hypothetical example, but where is the TEST? And a TEST for what?

Anonymous said...


You say, if the town adds 100 more commercial properties due to GROWTH. GROWTH of what? GROWTH in assessments – that’s right!

If Tax Rate is flat for 2016... and Tax Levy is up 1%, then assessments are up 1%! Are homeowners to believe assessment GROWTH is all commercial! Come now!

Anonymous said...

To 10:05

You say, ‘and those added revenues covered the cost of increased health care, energy, etc. that is why growth is good.’

Increases for what you say? Other facts are contradict. Supervisor Reilich + Greece Town Board told pubic (11/12) health care costs were limited by greater contributions from our employers (budget shows $600,000). Furthermore, energy costs have been dramatically lower in the marketplace (30%).

What’s your source? Please reply.

Anonymous said...

SCATS 1:40: You make a good point – COMIDA tax deals for some increase taxes for all others. If new commercial paid FULL SHARE taxes (without exemptions), tax bills for residential would go down for same levy.

SCATS said...

To 8:31PM ~~ Same is true for those senior exemptions.

BTW, I suspect SOME assessment increases come when homes sell for MORE than their assessment, right?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me kid.
Seniors paid for the Schools, sewers, water, fire protection, and roads your kid ass rode into town on, because Greece had such wonderful facilities.
Seniors paid to send their kids to school, and deserve a break on school taxes now that they no longer send kids off to school.
It was all you wet nosed kids who had to vote in Football, Soccer, Golf, Ice Hockey and the rest of the crap Greece schools didn't have in the 60s so your love trophies had something to do that kept them out of the house and out of your hair. Why should Seniors pay for your recreational bed romping?

We damn well didn't need as many cops back in the 60s before all you problem children arrived to cry for parks cause you bought houses on tiny lots, Recreation, and baseball and soccer fields out the ass to keep your kids out of your house with Town employees raising your kids because you didn't want to and other town employees mowing the grass cause you had important crap to do.

Only Fire Department in Greece that had paid firemen in the 60s was Barnard, and they had em since the Depression. N Greece, GreeceRidge and the departments that consolodated into LakeShore were all Volunteer with damn low taxes till you kids arrived and made the mess.

If you liked Greece so much you moved here why did you screw it up so bad? I paid for my kids, my water, and my sewer, and I didn't ask you to come along and overload the school, water and sewer systems.
I deserve a tax break.