Monday, January 11, 2016

Wegmans Cashier Robbed At Knifepoint

13WHAM Reports: "Greece Police said around 12:30 a.m., a man walked into the Wegmans store in Ridgemont Plaza on W. Ridge Road and approached a cashier.
The man pulled out a knife and demanded money from the cashier.
After he was able to get about $200 in cash from the drawer, the man left the store. He was last seen in a dark colored sedan leaving the scene.
Police said the man is described as a white man in his 20s, with a mustache, a gray hooded jacket, ball cap and dark pants."


Lisa M said...

Did something happen at the Latta and Long Pond Wegmans yester in the afternoon? I saw many police cars around 3 pm.

SCATS said...

To 9:48AM ~~ Maybe we could ask J-Mac. He works there.

To be honest, after reading the Police Blotter recently, I think calls for cops to these stores have become nearly routine. GREECE HAS BECOME THE GHETTO as it relates to crime.

Anonymous said...

Did King Bill make a run to Wegmans that required a PoPo escort?

Maybe one of King Bill's private Defectives spotted a Highway Employee in Wegmans on Town Time.

Anonymous said...

Created: 01/12/2016 3:50 PM

Police have made an arrest in the Wegmans robbery at Ridgemont Plaza.

The Greece Police Department says 22-year-old Codey Frantz has been charged with robbery, menacing and petit larceny in the case.

Officers say Frantz walked into the Ridgemont Plaza Wegmans early Monday morning, showed a knife and demanded money from a cashier. We're told he got away with just $200.

However, police say Frantz was caught on security cameras images that were released on Monday.

RIGHT THERE FOLKS proof Grease PD can arrest somebody when they have quality video to work with and every TV station in town broadcasting the pictures.
King Bill should make it a law all crimes must be done in front of a TV camera.

Anonymous said...

It's gonna be worse when taxpayers figure out GCSD means "Giving Chatterton a School District".

Unless it become recognized as "Graupmans Collaborative School District" when she stands up to the out of touch, old school, domineering minions. And focuses her mind, hands, and actions into the inner workings of a District where fear and intimidation need to be removed before true and productive change occurs.

Let's see who she sends to Kim and Beck on air to discuss this one.

Grease Central Sportz said...

When will the Pussicat announce this fine young Wegman's robber is another of Greece Central Sports District's credentialed Basketball Players?
Taxpayers should be overjoyed to know they also funded his matriculation at Brockport State.

He's also a young father of 1 who posts with eloquence of his learning at GCSD on Facebook which anyone can find by typing his name along with Greece Central into Google. This young fellow is testament to the fine language skills Greece gives it's youthful athletes.

SCATS said...

To 3:28PM ~~ Just an FYI, I didn't post the social media address provided in a previous comment due to the vulgarity of what this grad posted on his account.

Grease Central Sportz said...

For GCSD Diploma Carriers
you only need go to Google and type "Codey Frantz Greece Central School" into the search box and you can see Casey's athletic record as well as his extensive facebook literary collection. Casey makes me very proud of how well my tax dollars were spent on his "Education". It also insures I'll be voting NO on every spending proposal from GCSD.

Don't be a Petunia SCATS, stick those claws out and act like a 7 toed Tomcat!!!!!!!

SCATS said...

To 9:53PM ~~ There are plenty of reasons to vote "no" when it comes down to Greece Central.