Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Poor Roads Irk Resident

From Craigslist: 

 Greece Highway (Greece)

What a shit job this morning! The roads were awful. And what was with the salt trucks driving around without dropping the salt???? The town just seems to keep declining. What is going on???


Anonymous said...

If you only knew what was going on you would be disgusted. BIG Bill is more worried about his ice skating rink getting put up. And possibly another splash park being installed. Mind you that the spray park there uses 400 gallons of water per minute when running, you do the math.Bill has say in everthing that goes on at the Highway Dept so if he says no salt run then guess who suffers, yup that's correct, everyone that has to drive to work on snow covered roads in the morning.Trust me the Highway Dept is ran the worst now then it ever has been. Ooh yeah thanks for cutting all our overtime also. I know this will be read by the #1 and #2 guys at the DPW.

Grease Highway Dept said...

Thank you for your concern about the official Grease Sensible Salting Policy. Please Note King William The Intimidator has through his munchkin Kirkiepoo directed that less salt be dropped on the roads to protect the beautiful vegetation growing next to the road.

This dictate not only protects salad greens it uses less salt, and lowers costs to taxpayers. It also saves Diesel fuel on both trucks and the loader thing. If and when salt is needed on the roads King William will inform Kirkiepoo how much salt is needed and where to put it. This should keep taxpayers, who complained about excess salting during the Hairburger years very happy. If we in Grease are lucky, the County Manager will approve lower salting rates on all those County Roads too, and Kirkiepoo will save even more salt. This will make your car last longer, requiring less washing of cars up on Ridge Road, and less use of precious Lake Ontario Water, not to mention sewer costs as well as the cost of repairs to sewers and storm sewers associated with salt water running through the Sewers. King William is doing everything he can think of to save taxpayers money! Grease will also save tax dollars when Summer comes not needing to sweep salt off pavements.

Greasy Highway's goal for 2016 is not one shaker of salt on a Town Road, and bare minimum salt on County Roads. We have the Highway Department Drivers scared to violate this plan.

Just think, King William's dictate will make your car last longer, possibly long enough to pay it off completely.

Grease Highway Defartment
Kirky Moreass a/k/a Howard Handupme
Puppet in charge

Anonymous said...

My experience this morning was different. I found the main roads clear and passable.

Unofficial NonSpokesman said...

And today's unauthorized BULLETIN from a person not authorized to speak on behalf of the Highway Department--

Following the Instructions of King William relayed through General MoreAss to the letter, a group of Greece Highway employees who knew deploying the ice rink liner on a 20° windy day, rather than when it should have been laid out, and flooded managed to put at least 1 ONE hole in the liner by lunch.

General MoreAss has been getting instructions from the King via his cellphone on how to improve the hole while the crew stands around. With a little luck the liner may be on Dewey Ave by 6 tonight, and Walmart can lay it out in their parking lot.

Oddly, even when the dizzy woman ran Highway a small crew got the job done every year without ripping the liner to shreds. General MoreAss taking instructions from the King can't cut the mustard. Not even with the King giving orders from his CONTROL tower atop Town Hall.

DON'T count on skating soon folks!

Super John said...

Miss me NOW???
John T Hairburger
Supervisor emeritus

Anonymous said...

15 to 20 DPW workers were working on the skating rink today.......and Greece voters voted against a lighted football stadium but we now have a lighted skating rink on Bill's Town hall campus that will be used a few week a year!

Anonymous said...

42 Degrees by Friday ....not too much skating this week. But really nice lights, Glad us Greece tax payers didn't have to pay for them (understand it was State money). I am sure the neighbors are thrilled that their back yards will be lite up at night, should discourage the bad guys

Anonymous said...

Big Bill is spending a ton of tax payer money, starting with the carnival sign in front of the town hall to the spray park. Doesn't he realize that not everyone will use the spray park, but everyone has to pay for it with tax dollars. Big Bill is noted for his covers ups. What will come out next?

Anonymous said...

The only people that miss Johnny are all the employees that are not employed by the town anymore because they weeded out the bottom of the barrel. Even the hunting wood seller guy that used to have the high profile job of cutting grass!

Anonymous said...

Went by Town Hall around 7 Wednesday night, and there was a hellatious lighted area to the North and West of the Senior Center with a couple guys who appeared to be working on something in the lights. Light level was as bright as daylight.

Probably costs taxpayers a couple bucks a minute for all those high intensity lights to be on.

I guess Super Bill figures he can't be a beacon if his light don't shine.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe this. I read and sometimes offer comment on this site but when I saw the headline to this story I was appalled. The vulgarity is disturbing. Do we all know these words? Certainly. But to use that language is a sign of ones limited ability to express ones self when you have a limited vocabulary. Please lets not stoop to promote one with that limited brain cells. And when is one persons thought the roads were bad of any value. I was out and they were extremely passable. It was only an inch or so, even if the trucks never went out it would not of been a problem. I think that individual just wanted to pick a fight, if that is the strongest criticism I'll take that over police scandals and murder any day.

Anonymous said...

Might be if that Ivana Frankensteiner woman wasn't taking up space along with that Bonanza fellow, neither of who know a shovel from a snow plow wasn't collecting big paychecks there might be money in the budget to get jobs done. As things stand today unless Bill Reilich says do it, nothing gets done.

SCATS said...

To 9:55AM ~~ Different people in different places often have different experiences. MAYBE you were just lucky!

Roger Dodger said...

9:55 as the sign lowered from the tuna boat said SORRY CHARLIE. You're oft stated saw on vulgarity has been scientifically studied and found demonstrably incorrect.

Properly employed vulgarity, cussin, swearin and use of offensive words is a sign of an enhanced vocabulary. NOTE 'properly employed' as opposed to the day to day encounters with the Greece Central Sport District norm of just uttering chains of disconnected epithets. Such deployment of time honored words merely lessens the future effect said epithets will have on an ignorant public.

Further studies have shown the use of epithets (especially by people who know how to properly deploy them and understand Noun, Verb and Adjectival Noun) to be both healthy and beneficial to the listener or reader.

Please contact the Bored of Education and insist on additional emphasis being placed on proper word usage in Language Arts classes which have replaced American Standard English in the schools.

Anonymous said...

9:55 maybe I missed something but what vulgarity are you talking about?? I've re read this whole page and found none. SCATS is pretty quick to not allow vulgarity. And actually studies have shown people who swear actually have higher IQs.

SCATS said...

To 3:21PM ~~ Perhaps you meant the American Sign Language class where the students are required to "sign"/act out graphic sexual acts for the audience to guess?

SCATS said...

To 3:43PM ~~ DAMN!! lol

I suspect the vulgarity was what was in the original text contained in the Craigslist item I posted.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think 9:55 was lucky. My experience was similar and I echo the sentiment that this forum appears to be a platform for far reaching complaining.

Anonymous said...

Typical whiny, lazy, overpaid, do-nothin union government non-workers!

SCATS said...

To 8:32PM ~~ Since you've commented here, welcome to the crowd of "far-reaching" complainers LOL

Anonymous said...

Anyone see the pix of Big Bill at his lighted puddle of water on his FB page? If it ever freezes I can't wait to see him on skates

SCATS said...

To 6:48PM ~~ TY for pointing out the photos! That rink is HUGE!! There's no way it will be operating without an influx of tax dollars. Who pays for the heat in the hut? Who pays for security? Who will be taking in the $1 bills? How the heck is a kid going to get to skate without having a DL to show??

Honestly, there's LOTS of things Greece needs, but this certainly isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Carter Park rink ? Skated there for years, has lights and bathrooms already there and the volunteer fire men flooded
the tennis courts

Anonymous said...

Scats I agree with you when you say there are lots of things Greece needs However , I have yet to see your blog support any initiatives by the town or school district . I would like to know what your bloggers believe are needed and what you would be willing to support in terms of cost to the taxpayers.

SCATS said...

To 9:38AM ~~ What is needed is a complete review/reassessment of ALL properties. We got screwed going back to the Kodak/Schwab era of trouble and it's not been rectified! Too many homes are listing for much less than assessed value, then sell for less still.

Another thing we need is OPEN GOVT!! And REAL representation of ALL by our electeds.

In our schools, what we need is to get rid of those who are STEALING SERVICES and OPEN GOVT.

After we fix what's broken, THEN we can talk about adding to the empire.

Anonymous said...

To Scats 12:17 PM. My blood boils anytime anyone mentions property taxes in Greece. I agree that there should be a complete independent reassessment of all properties...... but without input from the Greece assessors' office. Keep them completely out of the loop. Justified or not, last years town wide reassessment was to increase revenue through higher assessments while boasting that they maintained costs while staying below the mandated 2% maximum yearly property tax cap - my assessment unjustifiably went up over 6%!!!! Total manipulation of ignorant taxpayers! I looked a dozens of properties and not one of them was assessed less than the year before - that is impossible. This is pure magic as Greece assessors can tell you what your home's fair market value is without stepping one foot into it!

I find it disgraceful how Greece continues to over assess properties while hiding behind a grievance system purposely crafted to dispute any property owner's complaint of being over assessed. Some properties are so blatantly over assessed that they should be criminally punished when they take no action to correct property record(s). They know what I am talking about but act ignorant even when 100% indisputable concise facts are presented to them! There is absolutely no penalty not to fudge, manipulate and lie in order to keep assessments as high as possible so as to not to disturb the already absorbent high tax rate!. As far as I am concerned, they should all be fired as this brainless group lacking public service ethics and no transparency!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is a good number of us Senile Citizens who are according to the overpaid meat in Town Hall and School offices reaching the point we can't shoulder the tax load to stay in the houses we built still remember how things once worked.

Kids were EDUCATED to do math, read and write, know some history and geography by Teachers who had Normal School Diplomas, not FAKE Masters Degrees with 'Teaching Credentials'.

Many Greece kids Graduated from Charlotte because of the Greece Free School District where people paid damn near double what the house was worth because there were no School Taxes. Seems like Don Riley sold Greece out on that deal.

In the 60s along came UNIONS, beginning with Greece Cops and Teachers, and followed by everybody else on the government payroll. Things went downhill FAST after the UNIONS took over. Politicians didn't give a damn about taxpayers after all, they'd be retired and out of Town when the BILL came due. Add in that the average house in Greece changed ownership about every 8 years, so nobody would remember who put the harpoon in their ass. Studies showed the average taxpayer only had a 7 month memory span anyhow.

Comes 1994, and Bankers tell Super Mario NY State best either raise the value of every square inch of land or file Bankruptcy, because the State already borrowed more than the Total assessed Value. Guess what happened folks. The Assessor moved to an old grocery store & hired more help, and we got HARPOONED.

I could write pages on the dirty deals, from Town Court paying off Golells plaza to the Community Center built by CrapStar behind Town Palace.
Nobody gives a damn. The politicians don't need to give a damn because the taxpayers DON'T VOTE! Union employees don't give a damn because nobody holds their feet to the fire, and the bastards in Albany are all bought and paid for.


Anonymous said...

The towns facebook page had over 10,000 hits in 24 hours once the ice rink was posted! Many happy people, almost as many as were happy with the spray park. Not all residents like all activities. Lets see so far scats does not like the spray park however 10,000 people signed up to use it the first year. Hundreds of people happy about the pavilion, many like the pickle ball courts. Tens off thousands annually with library services and the community center events are sold out month after month. The residents are happy and those that do not like any of these items are curmudgeons. The community has to have amenities so residents enjoy their town and I believe as to the majority as documented by the over whelming votes received year after year. To the losers I am sad you are so miserable. One pleased town resident raising a family in the community.

Anonymous said...

He/she asked what services or initiatives you'd be willing to support, not an itemized list of your perceived government/administrative inadequacies.

Anonymous said...

We need a board that is not beholding to the republican chairman and a supervisor that recognizes good things happening in town other than at his own town hall campus. Many of which don't cost tax payers tax dollars

SCATS said...

To 2:04PM ~~ Well put. I agree with most all of what you wrote.

To 2:10PM ~~ History can & will repeat itself as a result.

To 4:57PM ~~ Even I checked out the page once someone posted about it here, so it isn't necessarily representative of just "happy people." Obviously, this site directs a certain amount of traffic there.

WHERE did you get your figures from?? As to your "beliefs" you are entitled to them, just we are to ours which are opposed.

To 7:43PM ~~ Please re-read what I wrote paying SPECIAK ATTENTION to the LAST SENTENCE, TY.

Anonymous said...

Looks like 4:57 PM must be Big Bill himself ! This site sure must drive him crazy . Everyone likes all this free stuff Maybe because no one can find out what it costs and BTW what's with "Property of Town of Greece" Bill Reilichs FB page

Anonymous said...

I was one of those 10,000 hits and I think the rink and lights are a huge waste of money
My kids used the spray park which I also think is a huge waste of money and in the wrong location
I went to concert at million dollar pavilion and would have enjoyed the tent just as well

One of the "happy" people

Tone of Grease said...

Tap tap testing

May I have your attention please.
This is the official automated communications system for King William and the Town of Grease. This system operates in conjunction with the automated sign in front of Town Palace to bring instructions from King William. Since machines do not innately have credibility I the automated voice of HIMSELF will deliver messages so the King can save his vocal cords.

Due to Mother Nature failing to follow King Williams order, The Palace Ice Rink will now function as the Palace reflecting and splash pool. Once each day his Royal Highass and County Chairman will appear at the pool so Town employees may bow to his image. After the King blesses the employees Kirkiepoo and Ms Frankenstein will whip employees back to work, and taxpayers may dip Kleenexes into the splash pool to then anoint themselves with the miracle water. Worshipers are discouraged from drinking the water.

Residents and taxpayers may splash in the rinkey pool from 3 to 5 afternoons Monday through Saturday. King William insists nobody but he pees in the pool for reasons known only to himself and the Tax Collector.

On behalf of King William
That's All Folks

Anonymous said...

To 4:57 PM:The spray park and pickle courts were used primarily to make news and distract the busy public to loose site of all the underhanded activities going on right under there noses. I am not blinded by all this hoopla! I am totally pissed regarding the profound incompetence, arrogance am lack of transparency in the so called town government.

Wait until the real cost for the lavish new Police Station is realized and placed on the backs of the working public!

I am however, very happy you and your family enjoy the spray park...........

SCATS said...

To 12:29PM ~~ Can we interpret "I am however, very happy you and your family enjoy the spray park..........." to mean you are glad 4:47PM is getting hosed like the rest of us?? lol :)

Sorry, just couldn't help myself!

Anonymous said...

The question in my mind is just how many of you complainers voted for King William 2 yrs ago?

SCATS said...

NOT I!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

NOT ME. But Another question ......how many who voted for King William would vote for him again?

Anonymous said...

TO 1/16/2016 4:57 PM: Yes many people use the pickle ball courts and they are nice to have in any community. But there are already at least 39 tennis courts in town, including parks and schools that could be used for pickle ball. and several others in nearby Charlotte and Hilton. In fact at least 4 in Greece have already been re-striped for pickle ball. Some of them are already lighted and have public restrooms. So why did we need to spent $100,000.00 + on a pickle ball only court, that cannot be used for anything else, and only a few hundred people use. A skating rink is a wonderful idea. It's been many year since Greece has had public skating. Why could't William have flooded one or two of the existing courts? Is it because it needed to be on HIS Town Hall campus? People need to look behind the curtain !

Anonymous said...

Thank you to SCATS for providing a forum for complaining. With no real newspapers anymore reporting on Town government there needs to be one place to hear the other side of the story and be able to speak up. What would the world be like if no one could complain . Keep it up complainers . We need you and SCATS !

Anonymous said...

MEMO: The assessment and tax situation isn't unique to Greece.
The same situation exists in every Town in Monroe County.

Look at your current tax bill and add up 2 lines, State & Federal MANDATES and FIRE TAX. The State & Fed mandates are beyond any control by Local politicians and beyond their capacity to change. FIRE tax is insane and completely controlled by a small band of Princes called Fire Co missioners.

Your Assessment is DRIVEN by Albany. NYS has been Bankrupt since 1994 thanks to the handiwork of Mario Cuomo. Most of NY hadn't been Re-Assessed in Decades prior to 1994, but that changed so the State and political subdivisions could BORROW more money to give away.

Assessments will continue to go up EVERY 3 years in the future. The increase will be done by a computer programmed to do exactly that.

WHAT can you do? Damn little. You can learn how the system works, and you can get your ass off the couch and find a few neighbors to fight the Fire Department. It was last done in the 1930s in Greece.

As to voting for King William, I voted None of the above.
Do I expect the Greece Democrat Party to mount a chalenge to the king in the next cycle? HELL NO. Politics don't work that way. The King and his counterpart from the Dem Party share it all out before candidates are named. That's how things work.

The last time Greece saw any opposition to the sitting potentate was when Lorene Oliver opposed Boiley. She scored 19% against the sitting Potentate with No team, No money, and no damn idea how to run a campaign. The likelihood of another Lorene coming along and opposing King William is less than ZERO. The likelihood of Greece Dems mounting a challenge to King William is only slightly better.

The likelihood Greece voters will get off their sorry asses and march to the polls is under 10%, and less than 1% in Fire Districts.

Anonymous said...

I went to Wegmans and they were giving away hot dogs for free. Why weren't they Zweigles? I went to the car wash at Delta Sonic and got a free car wash. Why did they not build it closer so I didn't have to go on Ridge Road? The town is offering free ice skating for all residents. Why did they put it at town hall? I wanted anywhere else. The historical society museum is free. Why are they only open Sundays? The roads are being plowed. Why does it snow in Greece? I wish it were summer.

SCATS said...

To 5:11PM What does that mean: "Less than 1% in fire districts"?? Are parts of Greece NOT contained within a fire district??

SCATS said...

To 6:59PM ~~ I read the Town's "rules" for skating and it stated that a DL was required ID. Sounds like the kiddies can't skate without a "driver" along for the outing. WHY??

Anonymous said...

Meowboy, a liberty taken with American Standard English; "Less than 1% in fire districts" as opposed to typing Less than 1% of eligible voters exercise suffrage in Greece Fire District elections. I do from time to time attempt to simulate a writing style GCSD Diploma Holders can understand. Mea Culpa.

And, yes, according to District Maps every inch of Greece is covered by 1 of the 4 Fire Districts, although you have to wonder who the hell drew up the border over around Hogan Point given the roads that were available at the time Lakeshore's borders were drawn after the merger of Departments that created Lakeshore. You should also be aware North Greece District extends a good distance into the Town of Parma. I should probably call some people who pay NG Fire tax in Parma and ask what their rate per thousand of asessment is.

SCATS said...

To 7:54PM ~~ If you make that call, please tell us how it compares to those who live in that FD in Greece. Could be interesting ;)

Anonymous said...

No call needed, all tax rates for the County are available on line.

It appears Parma taxpayers subjected to the UNION Brothers of North Greece pay more than DOUBLE the tax rate other Parma residents served by Hilton FD and Spencerport FD pay for fire services.

Fire District
PA101 N. Greece Fire Dist (Parma & Greece) 3.521769 /1000
PA104 Hilton-Parma Fire District(Parma,Cl,Hl,Gr) 1.541209 /1000
PA105 Spencerport Fire Dist (Parma-Ogden) 1.109915 /1000

Undoubtedly that is due to the required fire Palaces of NGFD and furnishings required for proper relaxation of IAFF Members.

It would sure be hell for NGFD tax slaves if Parma recontracted the NG portion of the Town to Spencerport and Hilton FD. NG Slaves would get taxed higher to make up for loss of income from Parma.

SCATS said...

To 9:50PM ~~ TYVM!! That's astounding!


Numbers get even sicker when you look at costs in other Towns
Chili for example
Fire District
CH101 Gates Fire Dist (Joint - Gates & Chili) 3.245772 1000
CH103 Clifton Fire Protection 1.295769 1000
CH104 Chili Fire Protection 1.223088 1000
CH105 Chili Scotts. Fire Protection 2.031859 1000
CH106 Gates-Chili Fire Ambulance 0.086960 1000
CH108 Clifton Fire Ambulance 0.083055 1000
CH109 Chili Fire Protection Ambulance 0.086905 1000
CH110 Chili Scotts. Fire Ambulance

Greece- Barnard and RRFD are absolute pigs at the slop troth
Fire District
GR101 Barnard Fire Dist 5.505576 1000
GR102 Greece Ridge Road Fire Dist 5.544133 1000
GR103 Lake Shore Fire Dist 2.768496 1000
GR104 North Greece Fire Dist (Greece & Parma) 3.521769 1000
GR106 Hilton-Parma Fire Dist (Greece, Parma, Hamlin, Clarkson 1.541209 1000

Gates, a comparable town in Fire protection
Gates Fire Dist (Gates & Chili) 3.245772 1000

Henrietta, very comparable in territory served
Henrietta Fire Dist 2.650242 /1000


Anonymous said...

Is King William's Big Slushy frozen today so we can go ice skating or do we have to go to Lakeshore Rink?

Anonymous said...

To: 3:10 Not open today, as today is a holiday for government workers. And just wondering who's going to do the snow removal on the rink. Maybe the crew who would otherwise be plowing our streets.

SCATS said...

To 7:14PM ~~ Aren't you glad to know it won't cost taxpayer's a penny?? lmao

Anonymous said...

I am so excited I can not wait to take to kids ice skating. I remmeber when I was a kid we would go. Hope it stays cold enough.

SCATS said...

To 12:29PM ~~ Good for you. I remember when lots of folks had backyard rinks.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember skating at Carter Park ?

SCATS said...

To 7:12AM ~~ I remember seeing them skating there, yes.

Anonymous said...

What? No comments on the upcoming Apple Annie section 8 housing spectacular? I'm shocked.

Grease Boosters said...

For the newcomers, Apple Annie Giborski's son was once very high up in Greece Republican politics. He is also related to the mother of the current Popo Chief.

Sec 8 housing on the former apple farm will save Diesel fule for Greece Central Sports District providing local housing for students who otherwise would have to ride from the City. Reduced taxes on the sec8 project will enable taxpayers to make up for the loss.

A traffic light already exists on Latta Road, so money will be saved on the project by aligning the driveway.

English Village crapped out, so new hovels need to be built to attract better athletes.It's a short run from 2 NGFD Firepalaces so response times should be short for IAFF Members once they get the call from 911.

This is a POSITIVE for Greece. It may even increase the number of Registered Democrats in Greece.

Anonymous said...

Will King William buy us this skating rink for people along Ridge Road?

It could be set up over at Carter Park where IAFF members could keep it flooded for residents as a gesture of compensation for the way that Department rapes taxpayers.

SCATS said...

To 12:23AM ~~ Maybe you could donate it?? lol

Anonymous said...

Maybe the King can set it up for his Chosen out at HotRodRanch on Swamp Rd in Sweeden since he now has a huge parking lot made with County asphalt millings hauled and installed by R&W.

After all the elite need a place to do their partying and playing out of sight of lowly taxpayers.

I wonder if a fill Permit was issued to raise that parking area?

Slick Roads at DPW said...

Attention Greece drivers

All Greece snow plows are now equipped with GPS reporting devices and keyfobs so King William and his munchkins like Kirkie and Frankensteiner can know exactly where every plow is and who is driving the plow. A serious chunk of taxpayer money was spent on this spy system for what reason?

Other than an unnamed politician's kid smashing a Town plow up years ago, what purpose is served by the keyfob the driver has to carry so some micromanager on his ass in the office knows who is driving the plow? GPS? When is the last time any Greece plow disappeared, other than the smashed plow that hid under a tarp in the garage till it completely disappeared? When was the last time a Greece plow operator lost his way or forgot the route he plows? The only reason is more micromanagement.

How much snow does micromanagement move? Not 1 damn shovel full.

Plows are large heavy trucks and in 2016 they are miserable contraptions with crap performance due to all the pollution control crap on the truck from day 1. The damn things shut themselves down because the computer says it's time to cycle some system. If you see a Greece plow sitting in the middle of the road blocking 2 lanes you can bet your ass some system failed, and you can bet it ain't pulled into a parking lot because the driver ain't pulling off his route and facing discipline for doing the right thing. NOPE, nobody wants days off for violating rules made by FOOLS.

OH, if it takes a while to get your street plowed, don't blame the driver, he's probably trying to find the way there because he doesn't dare go off the GPS approved route. Just call Ivana or Kirkiepoo and ask them when you'll be able to get beyond your driveway. Driver is too busy figuring out where he can offload a cup of coffee without the GPS getting him days off.

You can bet your ass those 2 Black 4 wheel drive vehicles don't have GPS.

Anonymous said...

You know, if all this whining and complaining is actually coming from town highway workers then maybe tracking your whereabouts in the TAXPAYER funded vehicles while you're on TAXPAYER time being paid by TAXPAYERS is not such a bad idea!

I've seen TAXPAYER funded vehicles with TAXPAYER funded employees parked and hanging out all over town and at different times throughout the WORK day when you're supposed to be WORKING! And I know I'm not the only person who has witnessed this.

Why don't you spend more time WORKING and less time wasting our money! Sounds like someone needs to be shown the door.

SCATS said...

To 10:12PM ~~ I've seen that too, usually in warm weather.

Bob said...

Plow Driver Bob here posting from my personal phone while I'm backed into a side road leading to a town park. I had to back in so I could park with the lights off and get between the plow and the truck to pee. There's no permission to piss button on the GPS thing, and believe me when you drive one of these magic shakers for an hour you gotta pee.

You ought to see some of the old guys who drive the 6 wheelers, guys Auggie Doggie hired from Kodak who got trained to drive trucks. I mean them guys are so scared to loose their job for too many tinkle breaks they try standing on the running board and spraying snow. I expect any night when we have a cold bad snow one of them will fall off the slippery running board and crack their skull on the way down. I just hope it don't happen on my area.

About the standing around doing nothing, you gotta understand we got so much management from Town Hall now if the slightest problem pops up that wasn't covered in the job meeting, rank and file workers have to stop for a supervisor to drive to the job and then he has to call DPW Command for instructions. Before we got Kirk the Magnificent for a boss who replaced a woman who was smart enough to know us low dwelling shovel handlers knew our jobs, a lot less time was spent waiting for decisions from on high. It was pure joy when Dave G filled in till our Savior came on the payroll. Dave knew every job in Highway, and knew how to support the men. That ended and now we got 2 people on top who got no idea between them. Look up how much money gets paid to Kirky and Ivana and Little Mike sitting in the office if you want to see waste. I live in Greece and pay taxes, and I'm fed up. Gotta roll now before the truck sends an alarm.
Bob out

Anonymous said...

Please don't lump all us highway workers together when you comment about poor work ethic. Several guys were fired because they broke the rules. One huge troublemaker in particular who probably comments here was let go because because he couldn't keep his mouth shut and just do his job. Apparently he still has buddies here who want to go down the same road. Still trying to cause trouble it seems. Glad he's gone. Place is much better now without him. The majority really work hard taking care of the roads. I know people will dump on me for saying so but there's alot of good guys here.

Bob said...

Bob here, posting from home on my own time.
You tell em 8:58.
We know you're a true rule follower.
You're absolutely right about the place being better for your happy rule following group without the Man who knew what he was doing who was fired. How much is it costing taxpayers now that he's gone? Taxpayers get absolutely ZERO work for the tax dollars being paid to that man, and not any cleaning of creekbeds and drainage ponds or the ditches leading to or from them is being done either. Stand by for flooded lots and cellars folks, the drainage work ain't being done, but the tax dollars for drainage are still being collected.

Tell the truth 8:58, with King Willy's munchkins MoreAss and Frankensteiner in charge, people who knew the jobs and kept the place running well had to be gotten rid of. The message was loud and clear, Do as the King SAYS, or be gone. Fine by me, I can follow orders from the office to the letter and stay to retirement. I accomplish half the work I did when Highway had real bosses instead of King a$$ kissers. I don't need AC in my truck, and when it's hot I know MoreAss and Frankensteiner don't come out of their air conditioned offices. Why do they have AC in the office anyhow? Are they too dumb to open a window?

Good thing the Taxpayers don't know how much the King's brilliant moves really cost them. Where is the money that was spent cleaning creeks and swails going folks????

Anonymous said...

People can hate Auggie as much as they want but the fact of the matter is that he knew that the town relies on the highway guys to make the roads safe for our friends, families, law enforcement, fire/rescue, school buses and any one else to travel safely around town. The reputation the highway guys made for themselves as snow plowers for 20+ years and having the best plowed roads in Monroe county has gone down the drain because Queen William does not care about the safety and well being of people on the roads. He's too worried about sticking it to those same guys that worked for that reputation for so many years, and saving money and making money so he can spend it on useless novelties at Mayberry and then have the balls to say it won't cost tax payers a dime. This is the new Greece ladies and gentlemen. HE will hold out as long as HE can to not call guys in to get on top of the roads so HE won't have to pay out overtime considering everything has to go through him. Kind of explains why the roads have looked worse than the city of Rochester all winter long. It's funny how there are three $100,000+ decision makers at the highway and not one of them makes any decisions. They have to get their orders from the King Micromanager himself to call a plow run as he wakes up to a phone call in the middle of the night and then looks out the window and says yes or no.

Anonymous said...

I love this site, we need more topics on the highway dept so the public can find out what really goes on there. I'm so sick of people whinning about tax dollars and people not doing their jobs when half of these people prob tried to get jobs at the town after they robbed kodak for years. And just like bob at 1:24 said it takes an act of Congress for someone to make a simple decision when something out of the ordinary pops up on the job. Stop hiring figure heads that never dug a hole in their life. Plus no raise in 3 yrs, how much do you want us to care anymore. Yeah I know "there's the door".

SCATS said...

To 4:53PM ~~ Your points about highly paid decision-makers is well-made!

Anonymous said...

Aw ya got no idea what Bargain Basement Bill has accomplished with all his money saving moves. Bill gets less accomplished by spending more money every month.

If people at Highway start spilling the goods TV cameras might actually show up and do some reporting on something beyond King Willy's spray park and skating rink you can't skate on.

So you can't drive on the roads, stay home and watch TV.

Anonymous said...

We used to get tons of overtime before the King arrived. I'm OK but I feel bad for the new guys. Some guys that have been working in DPW for three years are only making $55,000.00 without the overtime I do not know how they do it. We used to get between 20-35,000 each year in overtime and now not anymore. Yes we don't have a contract and haven't for three years. Yes our union walked out on the negotiations but we weren't asking for much. Just to keep our medical at no cost and more overtime. Is that to much to ask for from those of us that plow roads and cut grass? We are just working stiffs trying to make ends meet. I said I don't worry about me because I have been at the town seven years but truth is I am having a hard time supporting the family on 75,000 when I used to make more. Now you see why our attitude is bad.

Anonymous said...

How much is too Much??!?

12:23 - since were talking about tax funded salaries lets just mention a few-
* Adam Bello - town of Irondequoit Town Supervisor. Made in 2015 $78,846 a nice salary for a town supervisor, I know its not Greece but hold on and keep reading.
*Bill Reilich in 2015 made $124,099 BEFORE any republican chairman contributions. that's a $45k difference. Seems justified
*Marini the back up to Bill made in 2015, $115,684 to play second string.
*Kirk the commissioner made $110,592
*Leo Carrol the assessor made $99,788. the assessor made 20k more then other town supervisors in the same county. Now I know that your thinking Irondequoit is as big as Greece... Irondequoit doesn't have as many high schools etc....I know there are many differences between the towns
Lets talk COUNTY level, much bigger then Greece:
*Maggie Brooks made in 2015 $120,000 - 4k less then the town of Greece supervisor.
I was just merely showing four of the top ranking guys account for a half of million dollars in tax funded salaries annually that keep going up with their raises. while other towns/ county executives have their supervisors making a great non ridiculous tax funded salary.

Anonymous said...

12:23AM REALLY! Try making it on my retirement. I have no sympathy for you only making 75,000.00. Try making it on retirement. Your union doesn't want you to pay anything for medical insurance? REALLY. Who doesn't contribute something in today's world. I'm a retired iron worker and you have it far better than we ever did. Do your job and stop complaining. I did not vote for King Bill but if that is what he is doing I certainly will vote for him the next time.

Anonymous said...

Did King William ORDER this thread moved to the back burner, out of sight?

Some people are just getting wound up kicking the King.

SCATS said...

To 6:58PM ~~ Nope, not at all. The BLOG settings were for 5 days of posts on the front page. I changed it to 7, just for you. Now YOU owe me :) lol

Grease Highway said...

Look in the mailbox Monday for your sack of Meowie Woweie Nip covertly grown in Greece right under the nose of King William.

If you don't cooperate fully a Greece Snow Plow can adjust your mailbox and bury your driveway.

Anonymous said...

Don't need to the Carter Park basketball and Tennis courts were built to be an Ice Skating rink 50 years ago

Anonymous said...

Waiting for a decision from the King............

Anonymous said...

I call BS on this^ you don't work at the highway , base pay for a Foreman isn't $75,000 , it is much less

Plow Driver said...

King Willy is keeping his royal claws crossed nobody mentions his No New Plow Trucks policy or the wonderful used trucks he drove his royal ass to the auction and picked out all by himself.

That idea worked out really well for Taxpayers, of the Towns that sold the heaps.

Anonymous said...

To 12:23 AM. It appears to me that the Grand Bubba is totally powerless against the elite money grabbing blood sucking GPD/Unions Unions and Fire Districts. As a result, GDPW workers become his primary cost cutting scapegoats. His token cost reduction efforts has negligible impact on our egregious property and school tax burden! GPD/Unions and Fire Districts is where significant cost reductions should be targeted.

You have to be kidding! I would not complain to loudly if you still make $75,000 with even less overtime! Public workers need to seriously recalibrate future income expectations as taxpayers can no longer support this tax burden. You said that some workers have been working at the DPW and only make $55,000 without overtime - What a pity! I expect that based on the level of education and/or experience they have, they are well compensated. For your information, the median household income in Greece is only about $52,000, and for many, that represents two incomes! Most college graduates with 4 year degrees do not make what you make. GPD and Fire Depts. absorb a huge portion of collected taxes, lock in huge life long pensions and health benefits, much with unjustified overtime. They have absolutely no fear and no incentive to ever change as the political brain trust are spineless cowards.

Plow Driver Bob said...

Here's a HINT for Slush Commander King William.

You should have sent offocial spies across the river to see how Democrat Bello does it yesterday.

Created: 01/30/2016 7:04 PM

It may not have felt like winter on Saturday, but that didn't stop thousands of people from getting out and enjoying the Irondequoit Winterfest!

People in our community were invited to the Irondequoit Town Hall for ice skating, horse drawn carriage rides, petting zoos, food trucks and much more!

Even though old man winter didn't make an appearance, Town Supervisor Adam Bello said he's happy with the turnout.

“I think the warmer weather, it's sunny out today and last year was so much fun so I think everybody had a great time and came back out. So I was very happy to see the crowds we had today,” said Adam Bello, Irondequoit Town Supervisor. “Despite the warm weather we've had this winter, we prepared for that and made sure we had a lot of activities that didn't matter if it was warm or cold so it would work out well for everybody.”

Bello says Winterfest helps promote a strong, healthy community.