Wednesday, January 06, 2016

One Injured In Home Invasion; Vacant Homes Targeted

WHEC Reports: "Greece police are looking for two men in a home invasion robbery.
Just before 10 p.m., investigators say the suspects forced their way into a home on Squareview Lane -- off Fetzner Road near Greece Olympia -- and hit the homeowner in the head.
He was taken to the hospital but is expected to recover. Police say it's not clear if anything was stolen and have not shared a motive for the crime.
Police say one suspect was a male in his 20s and the other was not identified."


Copper Thieves Target Vacant Greece Homes
There has been a significant increase in copper burglaries from vacant homes. We would like to ask the residents of Greece, who might have vacant homes on their street, to call 911 if they see any suspicious vehicles or activity in or around the vacant residence. It would be useful if a description of the vehicle, plate number (if possible) and direction of travel can be given to the 911 dispatcher as well - so the responding officers can coordinate and approach the area from whatever direction the suspects were last seen heading and hopefully cut the suspects off before they leave the area. 
Calling 911 is the best means to getting the information to the police department as an officer can be dispatched to the area while the incident is occurring. If significant time has passed from being able to report the incident via 911, please call the GPD tip line at 585-581-4016 or email

Greece Police Department
would like to thank the community in advance for its vigilance and cooperation in keeping a watchful eye on their neighborhoods.


Anonymous said...

This is getting scary and hitting close to home. What's happened to this town?

Anonymous said...

The only thing of importance to Bill is promoting his name, his Town Hall Campus and spending money on a new park building

Anonymous said...

The cops have ducked the question about whether or not this was a targeted attack. That speaks for itself and for the level Greece has sunk to.

Anonymous said...

How'd you like to live in Gates.? They have had these problems for years because of the geographical location to the city. Greece is just starting to catch up in part for the same reasons as well as slum lords who are buying up properties that are in disrepair and renting them as is to anyone who can pay the rent. Some are non code compliant but after all, this is Greece where it's easy to "DISCOVER THE PROMIISE AND GREECE IS THE LIFE." grease a few palms and shut up , pay your taxes and vote Republican .

Anonymous said...

Greece has a rental registry for certain properties only.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if we created good jobs that pay a living wage of $20 an hour with benefits the poor junkie bastards wouldn't have to steal copper. Until then, as long as there is copper we have to expect home invasions and theft. They could be Union Firemen. That would cut costs because junkies could be hired cheaper.

Homeowners with guns must be very careful before shooting to be sure it isn't a Greece Cop inside your home without permission, cops shoot back.

It's all the fault of Greece Building codes requiring copper plumbing anyhow.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this SPECIAL!
Greece cops are now telling us to assume a French posture so nasty men of ill intent don't slip into our Assessment Targets and hurt our ability to pay taxes.

Created: 01/09/2016 5:26 PM

Greece police are offering safety tips following a home invasion that happened earlier this week.

Police say two men forced their way into a home on Squareview Lane Tuesday night and hit the homeowner on the head.

Police have not yet determined a motive but want to remind you to pay attention to your surroundings as you enter your home.

If anything seems suspicious, call 911 and go to a neighbor’s house or public area. When you're home, they ask you to keep your doors locked and never open the door for a stranger.

Now I gotta hope the neighbor lets me in as I pound on his door instead of shooting me if the cops don't shoot me.
I'm buying my own damn gun!

SCATS said...

To 8:18PM ~~ Plus they want us to help them watch over vacant houses.

Anonymous said...

Let the damn bank or mortgage company that overfinanced the damn empty house maintain it in compliance with the Building code till they find a new sucker to buy it. That means keep the gas, water and electric on, the place heated so it don't grow mold and vermin, and put an alarm in the place to keep it secure.
I'll be damned if I watch and protect some bank's house.
I won't even call the cops if I see one being mined for copper.