Thursday, January 21, 2016

Last Call For Barnard Carnival

Poor Attendance, Costly Security & Audit Blamed

13WHAM Reports:

The Barnard Fire Department has put on an annual carnival for people in Greece for decades. There are food, rides and entertainment. But the Department has decided this will be the last year for the carnival. They said security is expensive and attendance is way down. So they said it is no longer making a profit for them. The final event will be held this June.
It will be replaced as a fundraising tool by Bands on Barnard . An event hosting local live bands every Wednesday during the summer.
Barnard Fire Chief John Driscoll said his firefighters worked hard on the carnival, setting up and helping it run smoothly - but he said it's hard work.
It had been the main fundraising tool for the department. Some of the money raised has purchased fire trucks, a van and other firefighting equipment.
The department rewards its carnival volunteers with stipends and its members with service awards and gift cards for their efforts.
These expenses totaled more than $200,000 and raised red flags for auditors with the New York State Comptrollers Office. They said there wasn't proper documentation for many of the expenses and no receipts or explanation for how half of that money was spent.
Chief John Driscoll blames this on poor bookkeeping and old bylaws. He said auditors have asked the department to correct 11 items, and they are doing that. This includes setting up a financial committee and keeping track of all expenses with written receipts and documentation.
Driscoll said he was surprised they were not doing things properly but said all of the changes have been made.
Auditors concluded that because there was no oversight of the finances, it was difficult to conclude the money was spent appropriately.
The department has 37 volunteers who respond to over three-thousand calls a year. Driscoll said his firefighters worked one or two paid jobs and volunteer their time to fight fires. He said that is why the department has given them service awards and gift cards in the past. He said they will keep fighting fires, and will do a better job keeping track of their finances as well.
SCATS ~~ One more festival bites the dust thanks in part to the inability of local PD's to keep gang activities from taking over what used to be family events. This carnival joins the ghosts of past annual, warm weather rituals including the Festival for Youth held at the mall, The Harborfest and the Charlotte Ribfest to name a few.


Anonymous said...

C'mon Man! You've lived in Greece long enough to know the real reason this eventually would come to pass.the turn over in the culture of that neighborhood was the death nell for the venue. Local kids were always a problem with regard to behavior etc. But now the out right violence and criminal activity of the new residents is not controllable no matter how many cops are there. Off duty and on duty cops are assigned there every year. Barnard pays the off duty cops, the town the others.Here is why it don't work.
Multiple acts of violence ,disorderly conduct, assault, etc, resulting in an arrest , will always tie up two on duty cops for a minimum of 2 hrs or more to process the offender. So if you have lets say, 10 on duty cops assigned to the carnival and 5 arrests are made the result is obvious.
As far as attendance goes, anyone who takes their young there are stupid as the subject their children to all of this plus acts of indecent conduct such as urinating openly in public.
The city shut down the harbor fest for the same reasons. It's become an Epidemic of disgusting behavior at these types of family events.

SCATS said...

PSSST! 10:48AM ~~ Harborfest & the Ribfest at Charlotte both ended when GANGS took over the venues with transportation provided by RTS.

Charlie Hubbard said...

The problem here is not the carnival. We are talking about an organization with a budget over $4.3 million. An organization with an entitlement mindset that thinks it ok to raise taxes by 11.4% - a mindset that the tax cap should not include them. The same could be said for the other fire districts (North Greece tax increase is 11.2%). Obviously we have a total spending/service problem.
We are told they are going to have a 'committee' - fill that committee with members with the same 'entitlement mindset' or members that are not willing to look at the bigger picture and failure will be guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

I believe they both ended, moved (Ribfest was at Genesee Valley Park for 15 and will be again for 16) due to the marina construction. GVP is well within walking distance from Genesee St, which is not known to be green zone. Some called the area, the crescent. The bike path running north out of GYP along the river is also a watch your butt zone.

But your point with the RTS is well taken.

Check out Durand Beach some hot weekend for a major mess.

SCATS said...

Charlie ~~ Just so you are aware, RRFD did this time around, with an increase over 7%! If they can get away with it, why not?

To 2:40PM ~~ You are wrong! They both ended well before the election of the current mayor. In fact, they ended the year that Seabreeze decided to remain closed for the weekend due to rumors of violence. The violence happened at the Harborfest/Ribfest in Charlotte. Once the cops dispersed those crowds, they showed up at the Festival for Youth at Greece Ridge mall and the cops had to bring in buses to send them back to the city. All three festivals ended that year. All locations, including Seabreeze were on RTS bus routes.

Anonymous said...

Barnard never had problems with punks in PopChief's time.

And Pop was happy with a Police Department in a turd tank too.

Anonymous said...

Scats I was at the Ribfest in 2013 at the beach it never ended. It was moved to GVP for 2014. This stuff isn't hard to look up.

Link ground breaking at new Rochester Marina in nov "2013" Parking lot closed off and demolition began spring 2014. You got a link to the ribfest pulling out for something other than constriction?

I content GVP is no more secure that the beach was, is or will ever be. Same with the Lilac-fest which are 2 miles apart and served by RTS bus routes.
May 1 2010'

Seabreeze closed MD weekend may 2010.

In November 2011 the Ontario Beach Park Program Committee said in a news release that the festival had largely met its goal of turning Ontario Beach Park and the port area into a destination for residents and tourists and would be discontinued.

One closed in 2010 one closed in 2011 and one moved in 2014.

SCATS said...

To 11:35PM ~~ First of all, several of your links take me to pages that no longer exist. Secondly, most of the rest (like the first one) prove nothing.

Your last link & quote is almost funny in its content! Do you THINK they'd actually put into print that it was DESTROYED BY STREET GANGS??

Just an FYI, most of what I've stated can be DOCUMENTED ON THE PAGES OF THIS BLOG. In addition, Todd Baxter gave the entire rundown when he was chief. I heard him tell several groups. I'm pretty sure he knew what he was talking about, since he had to deal with the mall incident.

Anonymous said...

Show me the proof. When searching for this info, I found nothing pointed back to this site as proof on anything.
typo this link the rest work.

Ohh so when Baxter gave the rundown on the mall. He also gave the run down on the other festivals that hadn't happen yet? Your harping on a know fact as proof of the others Festivals closing when it completely wrong.

As you can unwilling see, The mall closed in 2010, harbor-fest Nov 2011 and the rib-fest "moved" didn't close in 2014. Not as to contend that they all closed the year of the mall attack. Sea-breeze was also 2010.

SCATS said...

To 10:32AM ~~ Like previously stated, it is searchable on this BLOG. I don't give-a-damn if your search pointed back here or not. lol

Your first link - proves nothing at all related to ANY festival.

Your second link - PROVES what I said about the Festival For Youth.

Your third link -' - still does NOT work.

Your final link shows exactly how & where it ALL STARTED - Seabreeze on Memorial weekend in 2010. When Seabreeze didn't open, the punks landed at Charlotte in the late afternoon. The cops ended up closing down both Harborfest & Ribfest at Charlotte that day. Ribfest eventually landed at Genessee Valley Park as you said. My previous point was that festivals at Charlotte were ended due to gang activities, period.

Harborfest was "officially" abandoned, as shown by your link, after a year on hiatus in the summer of 2011. In other words, the City announced there would be NO Harborfest for the Summer of 2011 in the spring of that year. In the fall, they announced they were ending it for good. So, the LAST HARBORFEST was held in Charlotte on Memorial weekend of 2010. After being shooed away from Charlotte, the gangs took the bus to the mall, ending Selke's gig in the parking lot also in 2010.

End of discussion.

Anonymous said...

With BarnYard TAXING over 5 bucks a thousand, why the hell do they need a Carnival to buy trucks?

More important, what is BarnYard doing with all the money they take in?

SCATS said...

To 7:56PM ~~ That question is one that NY State seeks a response to, as well ;)

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much Barnard makes off their rental housing over at the fairgrounds? Is it registered with the Town as Rental property? Are CofOs up to date?
Are the rentals taxed appropriately as rental property?

What's the Assessment of Barnard Carnival grounds? Since they rent it for events it should be taxed as rental property.

Dear NYS Audit & Control, please look into Barnard Carnival ground and Barnard Exempts to make sure the Assessor ain't giving them Special Treatment.

Anonymous said...

How can Henrietta completely replace Station 5 in their District for under 5 million when North Greece couldn't accomplish that with their new Station at N Greece & Latta?

Both houses are IAFF Staffed.

Henrietta has a lower tax rate for Fire too.

SCATS said...

To 6:21PM ~~ GREAT QUESTION! Listen as the crickets chirp ....

Anonymous said...

Personally I live near the exempt and the concerts can be heard at better than 1 mile and a half away clearly. For me, its like having a table radio I cant escape.

I just learned not weeks back the the people who do that security are also connected to the FD years back a subcontractor with direct ties apparently.

Why dont they do something smart with the space? Do some flea markets or something so local businesses on Saturday or Sunday can bring commerce into the area from all over the county?

Instead residents in the area get to hear most of the time ancient rock and roll keeping them awake not to mention last year my neighbor caught two people who left taking urinating on her car door handle.

Anonymous said...

Without that carnival them Barnard fellows are going to need some income production and I'm thinking bake sales won't come near what they made at the beer tent alone.

Maybe they can open up one of them massage places like the one there by YoLickedy on Long Pond. I'm sure the firemen will be willing to keep an eye on the place so there isn't any trouble.

Massage place would probably make more than Bingo or a flea market.