Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hidden In Plain Sight

From Craigslist: 

rub n tug in Greece (long pond and english)

What's with the new rub and tug going in on Long pond and English rd? Am I the only one that thinks we do not need this in our community? It is 100 yard from Doodle Bugs which is a UPK for Greece. Even closer to Athena. In the same Plaza as Other family hang outs like Yo Lickety and DD. Let's get this place shut down. 


Anonymous said...

Conveniently located just minutes from Greece Town Hall and slush pond.
Fall down go boom on the ice, stop by and get it rubbed out.

Anonymous said...

It must be legitimate, and special located in a MarkIV owned plaza. Former Greece Supervisor Don Riley was heavily involved in that Plaza.

Near YoLickedy too, sounds like the perfect combination.

Anonymous said...

Was this business opened so that Athena students might provide services to Athena staff in lieu of "favors"? If memory serves correctly, RPD, GPD, and MCSO staff were regulars at these kinds of places a while back, some actually prosecuted. Perhaps those closed door meetings between Athena staff members and minor students occurring on district property had to be moved to a more discrete location.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What's it being passed off as, an Asian Massage type place? Someone somewhere have the CO.

Official NonSpokesman said...

Persons not officially authorized to speak for Greece Politicians have stated off the record in a dark parking garage that Greece Citizens and taxpayers have nothing to be worried about regarding high ranking politicians visiting this Rub & Tug. No rub boys are employed at this place. We are also assured it provides work and income for several divorced mothers who are presently girlfriends of Cops.
That is all.

Official NonSpokesman

SCATS said...

To 12:38PM ~~ Thank you for the laugh!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Anyone get the GreecenewsNY.com magazine today ? (it's only delivered to part of Greece) There's articles about new furniture in the Greece Library, the historian's office relocated, groundbreaking for the Police HQ, the new TOWN HALL ice rink, Ridge Rd repaving in Greece (but it's mostly in the City), Greece Police hiring new recruits. and a letter from the office of Bill Reilich with his mug shot. Looks like King W. must have stock in the rag.

Anonymous said...

Help wanted- Short shifts 3-4 hours. Good work for single moms.
Day and evening shifts available.
Drop the kids at school work a shift and take home an easy $100 in tips.
The better body you got the more you can make.
Off duty cops to escort you to your car or give you a ride home.
YoLickedy snacks available just down the sidewalk.
Supplement your Alimony, with easy simple work.
You even get to meet highly influential local leaders and may develop a relationship with them.

Interviews Monday-Friday 2 to 4 in the afternoon.
Happy Jack Massage

SCATS said...

To 9:02PM ~~ I find it amusing that all of this is taking place in a strip plaza shared with Yolickety AND Wimpy's! LOL

Anonymous said...

I just looked at Wimpy's web page cause I'm really droolin for a frozen reconstituted slightly higher than MickyD's burger basket with SecretSlime and added virus.

Don Riley and the owners of that plaza should be congratulated. You can drop the rugrat off at daycare, chow down on the Wimpy of the day, get yourself a Happy Rubdown to settle your meal, and then enjoy as much frozen YoLickedy as you can stuff down your neck before you pick the kid back up.

Best of all, for a few bucks more you can probably buy a DVD from all the CCTV cameras covering the plaza.

DAMNED if it don't look like more fun than the Mall.

Anonymous said...

We dropped Grampa at Massage Plaza yesterday with $200 in cash and his charge card. We picked him up last night. He was flat broke and we're not sure if he maxed his card out or not. He still isn't saying much other than "Never get wax job". He had a grin on his face when we picked him up we still can't get off, grinned and belched all through Church this morning. We had to take the Wimpy basket he was wearing like a hat off when he dosed off around 1:30 this morning and hide it. His coat was covered in that YoLickedy goo too. We may have to get him a new jacket.
The nice lady at the massage place kept Grampa inside to stay warm till we picked him up.
That plaza is definitely a good safe place for old people to spend time.

SCATS said...

To 3:22PM ~~ LMAO!!!!! I needed a good laugh :)

Phredd said...

BethAnn and her sister treated me and 'my brotherinlaw to a trip to that message place for Valentines Day. They even gave us pocket money so we could go to the Licky place afterwards.

Tell you what, that there message place could dang well turn the heat up a notch or two on the furnace stoker. Them poor girls who work there was so cold they had the goosebumps something bad. I sure felt sorry for them girls.

The one who rubbed Bill even noticed that ingrown toenail of his that's all green & blue and gave him a business card for her sister who does that fingernail polishing and evidently toenails too.

The wives even drove us there and picked us up after they went shopping.