Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Political Correctness Is Like A Disease


Anonymous said...

Why ain't my picture on there titled LEADERSHIP?

Bill Roadblock
Mr Coffee
Car Collector
King Waterslider
Republican Chair
Greece Stupidvisor
Santa - part time

Grease Slides said...

Seasons Greetings from Super Bill Roadblock

I'm sending you a card, and your Fire Department is joining me on the card to save paper and mailing costs.
It's called your Tax Bill.
Pay it fast, we need money.

I gave Maggie Brooks a nice bonus as she retires from the County Exec job. Maggie will be the new VP atthe Transit Authority with a nice office in the new Transit Center downtown if you want to stop and say HI. It's a very secure office with over 100 CCTV cameras and more computer controlled electric locks than I have at Town Hall. Maggie will be keeping a lid on how many politician's kids are getting paychecks at the Transit Authority like Little Ricky the Tax collector's son.

Since I wear 2 hats I can slide a lot by under the RADAR, unlike Auggie who got caught like a deer in the headlights.


Anonymous said...

When the Sports District reopens, will training begin for this kind of activity?

After all we have more youths than can PLAY sports, and we do have a convenient mall and a fleet of buses.

It seems only appropriate, and some of the Ice Hockey thugs can go along as intimidation instructors. Football Goons too, they got no balls to play with this time of year.

Grease Town Hall said...

OK Taxpayers, Global Warming has caused temperatures in Greece to fall below 32° and that means water will freeze and pipes will burst.

Frankly the above normal temperatures this year that caused some taxpayers to mow their grass on Christmas Day as a protest have left many bored. No slip and crash accidents at either Town Hall Campus or the Mall. Poor little Kirkiepoo up the road at DPW Headquarters is buried in salt he couldn't cry about having to put on the roads and his Budget. The Water Authority has to deal with all those great freeze ups that were a Greece problem in years gone by, and it's over a Decade since GPD roadblocked travel North of Latta Road.

The last big Freezeup at Town Hall Campus was a fire sprinkler pipe brilliantly installed in the unheated area above the ceiling. Hey, CrapStar and the sprinkler company both blew that one, so did the Building Department, but the contractors make political contributions, and we can't criticize Building, so Auggie stuck that bill to the taxpayers.

Frankly boredom is setting in on the Second Floor, and SuperEmployees are testing the emergency beds and food stock. We've restocked chips, dip and have a freezer full of pizza and steak for that Big One over the horizon, but it's boring waiting to see what hits the fan first.

Therefore, I SuperBill do Proclaim (I can do that) this last week of the year Greece Pick a Disaster week.
Taxpayers may submit their entry of what they think will be the 1st disaster of this winter, and when it will come.
Acceptable entrys include
Frozen pipes - must differentiate between water and sewer
Pickleball roof collapse from snow load
Kirkiepoo runs out of salt
Roade closed due to snow
Wegmans runs out of bread and milk

Entries regarding SuperBills hemorrhoids will not be accepted.

Preference will be given to Repub Party donors.
All entrys must be in by December 30 at Noon
Decisions of SuperBill are final and not subject to appeal
Town employees who also contribute to Greece Repub Party are required to use a fake name.

Happy Holidays
SuperBill Roadblock

Anonymous said...

Tap tap tap is this thing on?

As my first announcement for 2016,
I have decreed the Town Historian's Office will move from the Museum where most of the history crud is stashed to the Library. That way it will be even more difficult for that little Historian fellow to help people asking questions.
Grease is not in the business of answering questions and I'm fed up with that Museum getting so much attention.
Besides, if I can't have my coffee kiosk in the Library his butt might as well be there occupying the space. That will let me keep an eye on him from my computer, this CCTV stuff is wonderful.
Senile Citizens and voters will have forgotten this by the next time I stand for Election, not that the Democrats will oppose me anyhow.

Big Bill Roadblock

Anonymous said...

TO: 1/01/2016 7:51 PM
What's with the historians office?
Is Steamroller Willy at it again,
Throwing his WEIGHT around