Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Greece Town Hall: Free For Political Use! *

* UNLESS it's for anyone but the Republicans!


Anonymous said...

If you're happy and you know it, clap your paws.

Oh, they are already, aren't they.

Isn't that the Official stand and face the King podium with the Town Seal removed?

This election cycle is so thrilling the BOE even short staffed the polls over at 1st Bible Baptist. We had self service almost like Topps Market. Not even elderly ladies selling baked goods.

Anonymous said...

Auberger really does work at the funeral home what political connections got him that job.

SCATS said...

To 6:48AM ~~ That gives me reason to NOT do business there!

On another note, I felt ill last night as I heard Reilich state that when people don't vote it shows "they are content" with the status quo! UGH!! The reporters interviewed some who didn't vote & asked them why they didn't. There were two themes: 1 - they "didn't understand the issues" or 2 - "didn't know what the issues are" ...

To me this shows another failing by our schools to educate students about the democratic process! It's not solely issues based!

GreeceResident1 said...

To SCATS - 1:04 PM

I read the supervisor's comment on the WHEC website and had the same reaction, (Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich says, "I think the lack of voter turnout indicates that people are content. I think that when people are upset, they are more likely to come out. But we'd like everyone to come out. You know, it's something that people have fought and died for and it's an important right that we have as citizens."). I don't believe people are content at all. It seems more like apathy or a sense of disconnect between the county/town governments and the electorate they're supposed to serve.

For example, my county legislative district is 20 and I never heard one update from the incumbent regarding his opinion on what was being proposed or voted on during legislative meetings that affected our district. His term had expired and the candidate Michael Zale, ran unopposed. I withheld my vote because Zale never gave me any confidence that he will act any different regarding district communication. I think he will be just as "invisible" as his predecessor.

The same goes for Greece town government. Brad Granville was reelected councilman for Ward 2. I have no idea what he thinks about the issues facing our town because other than "political-speak" in the town newsletter, he isn't proactive about communicating to the ward either.

As the French say, "plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose." (the more things change, the more they stay the same).

What can we do to shake up government? I think we the people should demand an option on the ballot to select, "None of the Above". If that tallies higher than any incumbent or candidate running for office then a new election has to be held. This is worth the expense as it will scare the establishment like they've never felt before. When an office has no opposing candidates (e.g., Zale, 20th legislative district) a vote of 1 is all that was needed for him to be elected. That is not representative government, not even close.

We Americans are in living in a time of great peril economically and socially because our federal, State, county and local governments are misbehaving badly. We need to send them a clear message with our voices that such behavior will no longer be tolerated. A "Vote of No Confidence" on a ballot is the thunder that must be heard in the halls of government.

SCATS said...

To 2:05PM ~~ I'd like to add that now that Dinolfo becomes County Exec. who takes over as County Clerk?? Oh yeah, I forgot! The typical local Republican play is to name someone, then let them run as an incumbent next time!

I hate to agree with the French (they are usually very disagreeable folks!), but that saying says it all.

Anonymous said...

What problems were laid out by the opposition? What was the platform of the opposition? Was the assessment process brought up? Perhaps I missed it.

Anonymous said...

to SCATS 1:04 Bret's "political Speak" in the Town newsletter is IDENTICAL to the other three. Someone writes ONE column for all four councilpersons. So in other words it's all lick step at Town Hall.

Anonymous said...

The only question is, WHO will SuperBill annoint to be the next Monroe County Clerk?

Will it be Antelli? After all, Rickieboy has years of experience collecting taxes, a function actually performed by Civil Service Clerk/typists. And Ricky can plant political signs in yards, AND pick them back up.
Ricky can't cut hair for squat, but he damn sure can screw the Clerk's Office up.

Did Bill set this deal up for Ricky when Ricky agreed to not run a Primary contest for Supervisor? Watch closely folks Ricky is slippery.

Anonymous said...

OK, on the day after Election DA SandyBaby got her ample ass handed to her by Judge James Piampiano who now has 13 years before he again has to face the voters. Of course Super Sandy's mouth flipped open in front of the TV cameras when she made the brilliant announcement "If Bill had been handcuffed, I would have been right beside him".
Relax Sandy, you got elected, no big shock given that Team D didn't really run against you, the comedians you hire, or your pathetic performance.

Here's a couple hints for you Sandy. Listen to the lowly employees, the ones without Law Licenses, the guys who tell you based on over 100 years of real police experience, THERE ISN'T A TRIABLE CASE THERE!
Then again, you may not hear that again, YOU blew it trying the AA Gentleman who blew the neighborhood punk away in Greece, even Greece cops told you Good Shooting.
Parinello whipped you bad, and you have been out to get him since. Now you loosed your "best prosecutor" against another minority Defendant, and he couldn't bring it home because there was no case.

Now, given you look like a dam fool, and are elected to a full term as a Republican, how about you show the people how you know what you're doing.

By the way, NOBODY in the office wants to buy a ticket to see your little darlings perform Irish dance!

Maybe Reilich will let your darlings dance at Town Hall.

SCATS said...

To 1:34PM ~~ Or as they say in such cases: "Payback can be a b*tch"

Anonymous said...

SCATS, are you on the list of people authorized to call the DA by her first name?

SCATS said...

To 6:36PM ~~ That one took a minute to get. I didn't realize there is a list ... how long is it?? lol

Anonymous said...

C'mon folks do you really think that the Tan case was dismissed 2 days after the judge won another 14 yr term without the cooperation of the newly elected DA? No way did she want to try that loser of a case. It was sickening watching the crocodile tears flow by her and her first asst. blame the Judge,why not, he just secured a judgeship that will take him into his retirement years. Nothing new here. Actually,mPampiano should have tossed the case sooner, but hey, there was an election win so make it look good and keep the jurors working so that trying the case again would have the same outcome.Another example of arrogant control of every branch of county departments which now includes the Justice System by one party control of Monroe County outside the city.

SCATS said...

To 3:24PM ~~ He didn't win "another 14 yr term" ... he won his FIRST term for State Supreme Court which happens to be a 14 yr. stint.

i do not believe Doorley is OK with this at all! She looked totally p*ssed off about it and is now threatening Article 78 action against the judge & possible new charges against Tan. She looks like a moron, but then maybe the title fits for someone who FLIPS PARTY without changing their philosophy!!

I agree with the judge's decision. It would be much harder to try to seat a jury the second time around, and without any new evidence, it wastes taxpayer time, money & other resources.

I think Mrs. Tan pulled the trigger. Charlie was just an accessory who provided her with the means.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the judge here Given the history of sexual battery I think it would have been impossible to get 12 jurors to agree on a murder conviction regardless of which family member actually pulled the trigger. The DA clearly overreached.

Anonymous said...

For those who weren't listening (normal folks) Dizzy Dorley let the cat out of the bag (sorry SCATS) in one of her first comments to the media post trial.

She attempted to blame HER screwup on the Judge - the normal Sandy move.

Sandy said "we didn't get the accessory instruction we wanted from the Judge".

She wasn't lawyer enough to instruct the Gargoyle to try the case to convict Tan as either the actor, or an accessory to the actor if the Jury bought into 'somebody in the house shot him and somebody needs to go to prison for killing him even if he was a complete bastard'.

Long and short of it folks, the elected Female-American District Attorney who can't decide if she's a Democrat or a Republican, but will jump teams as if she is on a Pogo stick once again mistried a case that NOT Court ready and expected someone else to do the job she's paid to do got the result SHE deserved. Gee, how many times has she done this?

SCATS said...

To 12:12PM ~~ Are you saying that was right after the hung jury was announced?

Anonymous said...

No, Stuper DA made that comment right after Gargin's big mouth damn near introduced him to Mr Handcuff. She blew her mouth off as usual, first said she would have been in handcuffs with Gargin (don't let your mind explore that possibility), then since her mouth had disconnected from the brain she commented on the Judge failing to give the Jury the accessory instruction she wanted.

DOH Sandy, your pet Gargin did NOT try the case to include the Accessory Count, why the hell would you expect the Judge to untie your pantihose? You should have been in the conference discussing Jury instructions, instead you let Gargin wing it.
Since he didn't try the Accessory count, gargin didn't have the guts to push for that instruction, Defense would have beat him with a phone book if he had.

Tan was pushed to trial to meet the election time line. Sandy was sure of a Conviction, and she'd look even better against Who is running from Team D? Without an Election hanging in the wind, Tan would still be under investigation, and not yet Grand Jury ready. There is no way in hell to put the shotgun in his hands when it went BANG. If you can't prove who was holding the gun to the exclusion of all others you DON'T go to Grand Jury, Unless you're Stuper Sandy.

Sandy gets the bit in her teeth and tunnel vision and RUNS.. Gotta go, gotta look good in the media. The corpse wasn't getting deader, the wife and kid weren't boarding a plane for China, what the hell was the hurry? Prosecution only gets 1 at bat, so make it worth stepping up to the plate.

If she was all that concerned with Justice, she would have dimed the DA where the gun was bought and had him go after the straw buyer. The US Attorney hung up on Sandy when she asked him to do that. Oddly BOTH Prosecutors went after the woman who bought the guns for the Fireman shooter. Did Sandy piss off the US Attorney in that case?

This woman just flat doesn't understand the DA job, and has proven over and over she CAN'T do the job. She runs with her emotions rather than be a DA and manage the office.

Anonymous said...

"Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful murder respectable and give solidity to pure wind" George Orwell

SCATS said...

To 9:37PM ~~ And the politicos of Monroe County are experts at all that!

Anonymous said...

I think 3:24 scenario is closer to what actually took place. If so this fits the profile of a conspiracy which goes on routinely in our county Government. The accessory count would have only served to confuse the jury and contribute to REASONABLE DOUBT AS THAT WOULD INDICATE THAT SOMEONE ELSE PULLED TGE TRIGGER.
In my opinion, this mother and son team played the system to their advantage.and they got away with murder. The DA would look like an idiot to turn around and charge the mamasun as the one who actually did the deed. She was the one with motive, means and opportunity and throw in justification to commit the crime. The kid admits it, the jury doesn't buy it, goes home every night and gets a dose of media takes on the crime which serves to reinforce their doubts or convictions on the quilt or innocence of the defendant. Actually, the judge contributed to this by not sequestering the jury.you could bet the farm if that happened they would have never agreed to continue knowing there was no chance of coming together and quit and go home no matter what the judge said.

SCATS said...

To 3:50PM ~~ They weren't sequestered due to budget cuts ... at least that's the excuse they used.

Anonymous said...

State budget cuts.....first I heard of this.

Anonymous said...

Sequestering a Jury is pretty much not going to happen in the 7th District, and it really is because of Budget for Court staff. Add in that Court Deputies are all assigned to Day shift. and the overtime bill gets big fast.

The State made it pretty clear a couple years back that any Judge sequestering a Jury better be ready to exp;lain why no other course of action could be taken. Since the State pays the bills for the Courts, the State Office of Court Administration sets the rules.

The Jury in the Tan case began deliberation deadlocked because the DA couldn't stack the jury with people who would go along. 2 people on a Jury who actually listen to the testimony will generally either deadlock or take the other 10 to a Not Guilty Verdict. DAs want dumb jurors, Defense wants smart Jurors.

In the Tan case Gargin failed to try the included accessory Count, and Dorstop counted on the Judge covering that base in the Jury Instruction. The Judge sat on the Bench and thought to himself Gargin didn't try it and it ain't my job to Prosecute the case for the people. NO INSTRUCTION.

Just another example of Doorstop overreaching and rushing a case to the Courtroom.

Not a whole lot different from when John Parinello rubbed her nose in it with the Black man who shot the punk in Greece.

SCATS said...

To 6:37PM ~~ I heard it mentioned at least twice leading up to the weekend when the Tan jury hadn't come to a decision.

To 8:08PM ~~ Doorley wasn't DA when Rod Scott shot Chris Cervino. Green was.

Anonymous said...

The volume of ceaseless complaining and criticism is astounding. Surely there must be SOMETHING about this administration that warrants compliment or congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Doorley was a senior trial Deputy when Mr Scott shot Cervino, and she was the riding DA that night.
She became enraged when the miserable rainstorm ruined her makeup, and threatened TV crews wanting an on camera with her.

She was flipping out at the CITGO corner of Manitou & Frisby Hill because the owner
wouldn't get out of his warm bed and open the place early.

Doorley made the decision to hook Mr Scott up and charge him against the advice of Greece PD. Mr Scott was highly unlikely to disappear given his work record and family, buit Doorley insisted on Arrest then and there, starting the clock. Piss poor move from a DA. One of the main reasons DAs respond to Felony scenes is to insure mistakes aren't made and arrests aren't made prematurely. Doorley blew
that one big time!

Mr Scott should not have been arrested, and the Taxpayers should not have had to pay for that Trial.

SCATS said...

To 12:29AM ~~ While I agree with your conclusions, I know that the ADA that tried that case was a young Julie Finnochio (sp?), not Doorley.

Anonymous said...

Apparently obvious in the Tan and Scott cases - as with so many others, minority defendants and their attorneys are far more educated than the white constituency hired or appointed for prosecuting those crimes. Must be our education system is working better for minorities than their white classmates! Seems that maybe the reports of a terribly biased education system is completely wrong, poverty is not a deterrent to education, and free school meals does work!

SCATS said...

To 5:29PM ~~ What a load of crapple! Charlie Tan most assuredly did NOT receive "free lunches" and I suspect you knew that already ;)

Anonymous said...

And SCATS, where is Julie Finocchio Esq today?
Julie's over on S Fitsugh St trying to make a living as a general purpose 1 size fits all Lawyer in private practice because she tried the case Doorley coached her to try.

Right after People -v- Scott, Doorley was quietly removed from in front of TV cameras and lined up to replace Mike Green when he became a Title 3 Federal Judge. When the Fed appointment flopped, Green was picked up by a downtown firm and Doorley was DA.
Today Mike is running New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). Almost smells like Mike really was a Democrat, because Cuomo gave him that appointment.

Doorley jumped all over Mr Scott with both feet, the case wasn't a case, so it was given to Julie to get her ass kicked doing Doorley's bidding, and Doorley survived and thrived.
Just another day in the DA's Office in Monroe County.

SCATS said...

To 6:55PM ~~ Green was a Democrat, just as Doorley was when she worked under him.

Anonymous said...

Pussicat going back to the days of Lazerus the Party of the DA is like a game of 3 card Monte.

Lazerus knew he was a Repub, and his staff were Repubs too.
Along comes the election, Jack retires and his Chief Dep runs as a Dem.
Week 1, big meeting and the new DA Mr Democrat Howard Relin tells better than half
of the staff he expects their resignation because he doesn't see them as Team Players on his team. (they were Repubs)
Mike Green is a Repub, and his wife Karen is an elected R Town official.
Nobody asks Mike what his registration is, and when DA Relin decides he's retiring Green seeks the R nomination.
Green didn't get the nomination from the R side, so he became a Regustered Dem, and ran as a Dem. Karen remained a Repub, and remained in her office.

Green continued to play for Team D and "work his way up" until Scummer put him up for Fed Judge. Green made appropriate donations, ate appropriate rubber chicken, and worked for Team D while his nomination languished.

Doorknob who had been groomed to step up got the Dem nomination, and got elected while Green waited quietly in 2011. Green got left out in the cold and alone. Cuomo finally gave him the ORPS job.

From Lazerus until today the Party Monroe County DAs have belonged to is the Egomaniac Party. Relin, Green & Doorley should become partners and open a Criminal Defense Firm together. The 3 together would increase Convictions in this County by 50%.

Anonymous said...

To 5:40 SCAT's
I suspect you are smarter than your comment ;(

You know my meaning and instead chose to deflect the opinion I stated.

My point remains that the criminals are being taught to be smarter, contrary to published statistics! That reality is reinforced by the fact that failures get 55% minimum grades for the first two quarters, you're mandated to feed those same animals a free breakfast and lunch every day, and then through liberal giveaways - pay for everything they have and hope to own into perpetuity!!!

That model reinforces the current BLACK, MINORITY, and WHITE TRASH mantra of "there is no reason to obtain an education"

SCATS said...

To 5:30PM ~~ Sorry, but I take what you wrote to be exactly what you meant.