Monday, November 09, 2015

BOE Meeting, Tuesday @

Anticipated Executive Session at 5:30PM

Public Hearing for Consolidation of Polling Locations will begin at 6:30 pm, followed by the Pre-Budget Public Hearing, and followed by the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education. 

SCATS ~~ The BOE plans to boot taxpayers out of the schools for the annual May vote. They claim it is "disruptive" to the elementary kids, among other silly excuses. I wonder how well the kids at Buckman Hts. were able to focus each morning last week when the sound system at Olympia HS was BLARING LOUDLY? I bet they aren't worried about that at all!

Also, hold onto your wallets, folks! They are complaining about a lack of space at certain schools! What's next? Plans to build another new elementary school?


Anonymous said...

Urban, Suburban the tots to the City or buy back Kirk Road school. Simple.

Anonymous said...

C.'mon get real for heaven sake. How many polling places do we need to accommodate 2800 voters. For you cost conscious taxpayers, the more locations we have the more the cost. These folks get paid,not much, to sit there all day and get at times less than 100 voters show up.
A couple of phone booths on Ridge Rd ,mMt Read, Long pond and Dewey Stone would be more than enough.

SCATS said...

To 1:54PM ~~ Reducing the number of polling places is one thing, much different from booting them out of the schools entirely. And for what it's worth, they are up in arms at the polling places where "too many" voters showed up!! That brings up the question of how did we ever accomodate the 10,000+ voters in the early 1990's???

Anonymous said...

Once again, Hilton upstages GCSD with the new policy for MisAdministrators. All new hires will now comply with the Stevie Program of double chins and rippled necks.

They will also be required they can keep a straight face when speaking to an audience on the importance of proper diet and physical fitness.

Eat your heart out GCSD.

Anonymous said...

Sorry 4:34 but GCSD still maintains its long standing upper hand vs any other School District...

Our enduring and proven suburban policies of double speak and employee abuse trumps any new policy created by the low brow, short term endeavors of any other institution attempting to educate their hicks while at the same time fleecing its taxpayers!

Is your Stevie anywhere near as incompetent as ours? Ours missed getting the District certification by allowing all employees CPR to lapse? Got hurt and needs surgery for breaking up a fight?, Can't provide his employees with appropriate clothing, makes illegal demands of his employees, can't adhere to Fire code orders, allows employees to violate NYS Criminal, Civil, and Education Law? And all the while be found at most GPD crime scenes via video shot by local news outlets... And still sends his darlings to your District for their education.

SCATS said...

To 7:30PM ~~ Sounds like someone is training to become a Greece BOE member!