Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A VERY Good Question!

Greece's Very Own Counter-terrorism Expert,
Mark Concordia

Anonymous said...


Scats, another welfare recipient from Greece. Claims to be retired FBI. He's not. Paid by Greece taxpayers Sergeants' pay while doing federal work and teaching federal agents. His salary was $459,523 for his last 4 years with the feds, but he was there since 2001 according to his bio. What did we get as tax payers for well over a million dollars in pay over his last 13 years?!!    11/17/2015 2:49 PM


Anonymous said...

Go here and read his "Academic Bio"

Bullcrap to English translator says
Monroe County JAIL GUARD who knew how to find holes in the wall he can crawl into, and generally comes with Grant funding to cover part of his pay.

Rode the train in Brighton for a few years keeping a desk safe.
Real good at attending dinners & speaking

Self declared X-Spert probably with Degrees from mail order Colleges.
Hangs with the BaxMan and Mike Green- both well known self promoters who accomplish ZIP but look good on paper.

Greece didn't learn from a Sargent who got a Doctorate from a mail order College in California back in the 70s. The taxpayers even paid Dr Jim's tuition thanks to the Union Contract.

That's right folks History repeats when you don't learn from it.

Anonymous said...

At least this hustler doesn't have a Doctorate from Columbia Pacifica, conveniently located on the second floor of a California shopping center.

Like Baxman, this guy is the REAL THING.
He has a Track Record.
NOBODY ever swiped a paper clip from his desk cause he kept them all locked in the desk drawer.
You just have to look at his publicity picture and you KNOW he's organized.

OK, you also know he should have worn his red bulbous nose for the photo shoot.

SCATS said...

To 2:49PM ~~ Ever see him in a GPD uniform?? I know I never have! Always street clothes. WHAT did he actually do for GPD? ANYONE??

Anonymous said...

Assigned to the Interdepartment Drug Task FARCE. (I spelled it correctly)

NOTE his Bio from Roberts re Brighton PD; Regarding the accomplishment regarding drafting Search Warrants. By the time he arrived in Brighton that Department was fully using a computer program for ALL Search Warrants. The only input necessary was location to be searched and items being looked for.

This guy is somebody's pet. When he got too visible in Brighton and people asked questions, he got moved.
The real question is WHO is his Master?

Anonymous said...

Chief of Police of Brighton's son has gotten many promotions at GPD. Underserving since he has messed up more investigations than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

11:02, you know damn well the Royals shall not be questioned, nor shall their lack of ability or screwups be mentioned.
It's just like the Mob, be happy for your little job, and do NOT criticize the Decisions of Dorsey Rd.
Just look how well that method worked for multiple members of Phil Cs family.

Anonymous said...

Greece Police Department Sergeant Mark Concordia...Law Enforcement career based on professional fraud, and unfortunately, his Roberts bio and News 10 appearance continue to support and perpetuate that. Pretended to be, and liked to play FBI agent, but never was. Sergeant Mark Concordia consistently embellished his credentials and continues to do so. He consistently failed and betrayed the many diligent and hard working members of the GPD. Due to his assignment, his support and non-classified information sharing with his co-workers in the GPD was necessary and required to help with strategic safety planning, but was non-existent. Unless of course it was to provide federal building "intel" to, or provide assistance on, a "secret project" (such as surveillance on officers who questioned ethical dilemmas) for his close friend Merritt Rahn". As an "unbiased" investigator from "outside the department", he would later conduct "confidential investigations" for Todd Baxter, who coincidentally, is now an adjunct instructor for Sergeant Mark Concordia at Roberts Wesleyan College.

Sergeant Mark Concordia was a close confidant to Merritt Rahn. This is due in part to his friendships with current and former high-level GPD administrators, members of the Republican party, and a close friendship with a certain NYSP Major, Michael C., who has very strong ties to Merritt Rahn, and the Republican and Conservative leadership at the local, county and state level.

Anonymous said...

9:24 do you happen to know if this beauty rides a horse who owned a bar in the area of the Powers Bldg on Main Street?

He definitely lacks the brainpower to have gotten where he did on his own, and I know not a single man who can recall Concordia being part of anything beyond the media event when something went down.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the white horse. I know that Sergeant Mark Concordia has at least had close ties to the jockeys who have and continue to ride that horse. Not certain if he has personally saddled up or not. But, if I were told he had saddle sores, I would not be the least bit surprised.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely true he help fast trac Baxter in getting his degree. Baxter only had a High School Diploma when he came to Greece. Also he cant spell correctly!