Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sign Petition To Support Halloween Parade

The Greece Central Grinch of political correctness has stolen (cancelled) the annual Halloween parade at Autumn Lane Elementary School in Greece. Sign this  petition  to support an effort to get the parade back on the agenda.

Dr. Seuss's Grinch


Anonymous said...

Petition my A$$!

Bury the District Office switchboard and Autumn Lane phones with calls DEMANDING to know why this situation exists.

Fortunately I don't have a Greece Central Athletic District phone book, because I'd post the numbers if I did.

Kat said...

Sign and share petition. Call 966-2000 ask from graupman. Superintendent maybe she can do something. This is only an AUTUMN LANE. Thing

Anonymous said...

Call Graupman and maybe she'll get back to you in 6 months.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is ridiculous. My child is doing various activities in the classroom that day related to fall. My neighbors child is having a fall harvest feast and her other is doing a exercise with pumpkins and seeds that actually goes along with a lesson they are learning about in science, my child is not traumatized that she won't be wearing her costume to school nor are a large majority of the other children. They are still excited about the things they have been planning and in many cases preparing for. She knows the next day is Halloween and she will go out with her friends trick or treating dressed up. I will take pictures and preserve any memories I feel she needs. This is not a religious issue or An issue of a small group,of people that do not participate in Halloween, it is just a change the school decided to make. I do not believe it was done in malice or to deprive kids of being kids and having fun in school. They will still be having fun they just will not be marching in a five minute parade. A small group of parents seem to be the ones bothered by it not so much the children. At least two other parents from other schools have asked me why the uproar at my school over a parade. Both said they do not have them at their schools and have not in previous years. Each teacher decides what their class is doing that day. One did tell me that their son is getting to dress up but only for a short time in his classroom but they do not have a parade or assembly . The children are not being punished, I guess I do not see why the over dramatization of this since it seems the same practice is already in place at other schools. There are so many other things people should be upset about or petitioning about. Several which have a real merit. Newsflash parents, by not marching in a small parade in elementary school is not going to scar them for life nor is it going to impede them from becoming a successful adult. In fact they are not even going to remember the parade or the fact that there wasn't one in kindergarten. Save the fight and the rallying for a real injustice and I will be happy to rally along with you.

SCATS said...

To 11:30PM ~~ Re: " I guess I do not see why the over dramatization of this ..."

MAYBE because you spewed a giant RANT to support YOUR views??

Anonymous said...

Calm Puttitat, calm.
Stop arching your back and spitting.

We understand you and the black cats see this as your holiday.

Do NOT claw 11:30!

11:30 is obviously a fully compliant GCSD product who accepts the superior knowledge of the Licensed Union Teacher. 11:30 obviously should. Perhaps the Union member knows what a damn paragraph is.

Anonymous said...

Question. Are the middle school kids told whether they can dress up? The high school? And even in the elementary school and especially at middle and high the students are encouraged to dress in a certain way..eg pajama day..to show "school spirit". They are encouraged to show spirit and paint themselves up for sports rallies and games.

It can't be the costumes aspect that caused the schools to forbid the celebration since Greece encourages "dress up". Is it that it is just too much trouble and inconvenience for the teachers and staff to have to manage the kids in their costumes? Parents have one or 2 kids to manage with costume accessories. Imagine 30. Imagine the bus ride wearing costumes.

What was the reason the schools gave? It can't be that they fear a child will feel ostracized for not participating since they themselves push costuming for spirit.Greece doesn't care if a student decides not to participate in that case.

SCATS said...

To 8:13AM ~~ I can assure you that whatever the "official" reason given is strictly BS! They did this same crapple years ago at one of my kid's schools. The REAL REASON: They are cleansing our schools of ALL usual holidays aside from Thanksgiving, then foisting Hanukkah, Kwanza & other non-Christian crapple upon the young. Just wait until little Sierra comes home asking for a dreidel for Christmas!