Tuesday, October 13, 2015

GCSD's Bullying Task Force Is "BS"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2015
Bullying and misconduct is alive and well in the Greece Central School District. Gang activity has increased and the code of conduct is a joke. Students are being taunted by bullies and when they have taken more than they can tolerate and fight back they are arrested. Although, the school district states that they have a bullying task force, that is bull****. They do not want to be on the list of worst schools in America, so they overlook the bad behavior leaving your child to protect themselves. Parents should direct their complaints of bullying to the NYS Department of Education this should light a fire under their butts and protect the students who want to learn.     10/13/2015 3:41 AM


Anonymous said...

Oh come on.
Greece is built on bullying.
The Supervisor, a failed GCSD teacher, was scared of the Police Chief, so he promoted him to a nonjob & hired Rahn to be Top Cop. Then he got real scared & retired. Then the old Chief went on the School Board and bullied everybody at the schools.

You weren't here for that episode? How about the Hairburger years? Rahn and the Goon Squad kept a lid on, and Police Reports disappeared to protect politicians and their kids. A Councilman term limited out and threatened a Primary, so he got a County job. Rahn got BUSTED, and everybody prayed he'd keep his mouth shut, while the Hairburger hired a retired Trooper for a few truck loads of taxpayer dollars to bolt the friggin lid on the pressure cooker. Das Hairburger term limited out, and we got Billyboy.

Billy knows how to BULLY. Look who is running Highway. Beyond knowing Billy, what's his qualification? Don't even think about asking if you work at Highway.
Have you tried getting on the second floor of Town Hall lately? WHAT's going on behind those LOCKED doors?
You really think Billy collects close to 300k a year between his 2 jobs because he puts in a lot of hours? He gets it because people are scared of what he can do to them.

Did you miss the musical chairs with the guy who became Tax Collector? 3/4 of his family has government jobs, because he knew which arm to twist.

You ain't in the club bet your a$$ is up the creek.
THAT is how the game is played.

bud daughton said...

As a active member of this community with the Greece Neighborhood Association Inc, I find this new web page in Greece Town Government just another way of the Leadership of this community closing the door on the Residents of this community like putting locks on public notice boards in town hall and town center Libary. Also adding more cameras in town hall to get the elevator to the 2nd floor. Its time the tax payers in this Community wake up do your home work before you vote the same people back in to office on November 3rd 2015 in Greece Town Government and also in the Monroe County Legislature which we have 6 people who represent the residents who live in the Town of Greece. From my part as someone who attends all types of meetings in the Town Hall over the last 2 years I have never seen any of the 6 Legislators in our town, only when they are running for office for November 3rd 2015 Election.

Anonymous said...

Sad to say we moved to Greece a few years ago and hoped to settle there. 3 years of the bs and bullying felt like a lifetime. We've moved away got my kid in therapy thanks to GCSD. Looks like we left before things got even worse.

Anonymous said...

I think 11:15 has accidentally given us the answer to Budget shortfall.

GCSD needs to institute a tax on wimpy people who move out because they can't cut the mustard in Greece.

Learn from the Ice Hockey team. You gotta be tough to play in Greece.
You ain't tough enough, PAY to leave.

SCATS said...

To 3:11PM ~~ Believe me, everyone with a kid in GCSD pays through the nose ... and then some. The survivors should get trophies.

Anonymous said...

Wimpy because we wanted a better life for our kids? Whatever. My children's well being comes first.
I'm capable of stating my opinions without disrespecting others.

SCATS said...

To 7:47PM ~~ I think the comment was made tongue-in-cheek. You certainly aren't the first, and won't be the last, to make that move away from Greece schools.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope they didn't move to Hilton Central.
1 Music teacher there in the Court System for trying to hook up with little girls
Today the phone video kinda sorta came out where the French teacher went about 80% meltdown on a kid. The Super (about to retire to $52,000 a year pension) and the Head Keeper if the Hi School were sure it couldn't get out because they made the kid delete in front of them in the office. Man makes 200k+ a year ain't smart enough to know a kid can ship video from his phone while he walks to the office.

Hilton even has a secure almost fireproof Juvie Block down in the cellar for problem children.