Tuesday, October 13, 2015

BOE Meeting Tonight, 6:30PM

Public Hearing Re: Discovery Charter School at 6:30 pm, followed by the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education. 

Anticipated Executive Session at 5:30 pm.

Will the District Clerk convince BOE to boot GCSD budget vote & BOE elections to off-district sites? 

At what cost to the voting public's convenience?

  • Barrows claims 800 voters can't be accommodated at Paddy Hill School (What did we do when MORE people voted? In 1991 election, well over 10,000 voters cast ballots @14 locations!!)
  • Access to parking, handicap spaces, restrooms sited as problems (How do they handle this for Open Houses??)
  • Claims too many sites causes "slow reporting" of results! (This was NEVER an issue until Barrows took over! OMG, the results of the stadium defeat STILL haven't been reported by GCSD!)
  • BOE Prez. worries about public entering schools they paid for! (I thought our head of security had a sure-fire system to keep pedophiles away!)
  • District blames voters for hurting student instruction on vote day! (Sooner or later you just had to know they'd blame those low test scores/graduation rates on the folks who foot the bill!)



Anonymous said...

Well meaning Employees attempting to correct the issues stated here have been maligned by the District (subjugated, fired, and/or threatened), ignored by the moderators of this Blog, and most importantly been made to feel as if they are alone in their fight to save the students who mean to succeed.

You cannot change the current goals of the State, local, or school governments without wholesale acceptance that all are dismal failures by any measure!

SCATS said...

To 5:07PM ~~ Ignored here? You can't mean anything about voting, right?

As for the needs of Special Ed students, parents need to join together and do what was done before: SUE GCSD up one side and down the other.

Anonymous said...

The clerk can't handle the responsbility of 11 polling locations she seems to think this will be easier to handle. It's all about her convinence not about the public. She is lazy and wants as little work as possible.

Remember back to when they tried to do the polling at the three high schools, that was a huge mistake, this won't be any better. Leave well enough alone.

SCATS said...

To 1:15PM ~~ Brace yourself for a repeat of their previous debacle, but on a grander scale. They are determined (McCabe & his Puppet Grinnan) to move it all off GCSD property. Because they haven't done the proper preparations, the backlash will be HUGE!

Anonymous said...

With all the School shootings our focus should be on the safety of our Children.
Common sense would be move the voting to Churches,Fire Houses,etc.
This is 2015. Safety in Schools has changed.

SCATS said...

To 7:35PM ~~ What's next? Keeping parents & families out of the buildings too? Is it possible an employee could "snap" and bring in a gun for target practice? OF COURSE IT IS!! We can't become paranoid of all outsiders, or we're going to create an atmosphere of fear that will be blamed for future failures of the kids.

Safety is one thing. Paranoia is way overboard.

Anonymous said...

School safety is paramount.

No longer do Billy & Buffy just have to wear helmets in case the Crista built dump collapses, now they have to fret about some mean terrorist coming in on voting day and shooting the guardet at the door right between the eyeballs as he takes the dump over.

Next week GCSD will take the extra step of putting a "Do Not Drive Threw This Windo" sign on every ground floor window to discourage terrorists. This will be costly, but the Bored With Education has spoken, and 2517 signs and a case of Scotch tape ain't too much to spend protecting our chillin.

The Basketball Team will conduct tests to determine witch brand of knee pads will offer chillin maximum protection crawling threw rubble in November. Then the Bored will vote on knee pads.

There is no need for parents to worry, the Piano is in a well protected climate controlled room.

Anonymous said...

Scats what's the latest scoop on the Holiday Inn fire. The DA has had the case for over 3 months and still no activity. When will she bring it
Before the G J ?

SCATS said...

To 1:16PM ~~ Just as predicted when Baxter fled Greece, this case appears to be going NOWHERE. As usual, blame politics. We never expected that Pat Phelan would push for this to go further than it did under his father's watch. So far, it appears we're correct.

Anonymous said...

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Deh won b chutin this gawd... I cabys my 9 ebery day and nose howda chute bak... an asides I sings a meanun!!!

Anonymous said...

How about paranoid Bully Bill .......What's with the security to the 2nd floor to Town Hall ?

Anonymous said...

Greece CSD & Town politicians should watch this.

Obviously the kid ain't a GCSD student.

SCATS said...

To 11:14PM ~~ AWESOME! Thanks :)