Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Beware Greece Car Vandals

Autos Spray-Painted In Parking Lot


Anonymous said...

To hell with car vandals.
How about Mr ""Today (1/1/14) is the day my team and I commit to serving the Town of Greece. I want to take a good town and make it great once again."" a/k/a SuperBill tells Greece TAXPAYERS how much a year it costs from here to eternity for the Town employee sent down the road to protect Quirky Kirkie & the "TEAM" of incompetents?

SCATS said...

To 11:19PM ~~ Sent down the road?? For what reason??

Anonymous said...

It would be so much better, 11:19, if what you wrote was comprehensible. If there's good gossip, why couch it in blithering that makes it impossible to figure out what you're trying to say? At the very least, could you tell me where to send my box tops so I can get the decoder ring?

Anonymous said...

Has everyone had a chance to enjoy the new Town of Greece website? It's pretty...pretty vapid. Good luck trying to find any actual information there. Where are the agendas? Budgets? Minutes? It's nothing but pure contempt for the concept of open transparent government. But, what did we expect out of this bunch? Would you put up with that crap from the school district? How about if they just stop posting agendas and minutes and pull the budgets off the site?

Anonymous said...

12:12, Congratulations on being a GCSD Graduate wid a Diplomer.

Let me make it real EZ 4 U.
The Highway Dept is being turned into an environment of TERROR by Super Bills hand picked DPW Superintendent Kirk Morris.
Nobody at DPW will be allowed to have an opinion different from Kirk's dictates. If Kirk says the trucks are more efficient going backwards, you'll see Greece DPW trucks backing down the road rather than going headlights first.
You try doing things different from Kirk's dictate, you get FIRED.

Unfortunately for Greece Taxpayers, the last FIRING of a long time employee backfired, and now the Taxpayers are picking the bill up.

Anonymous said...

11:19, is the sky green and grass blue in your "reality"? The highway department is a department of "TERROR"??? You're either watching too many reruns of "Dallas" or you're taking your drama class lessons too seriously. Lay off the Pop Tarts and Mountain Dew. Let me make this "real EZ 4 U." If your supervisor or Department Head tells you what to do, those are called "instructions." Those aren't opportunities for you to "try doing things different" in contrast to those instructions. If you consistently do not follow instructions, you will be terminated. I think this is something to consider when reviewing what I suspect is your own dismal vocational "success."

SCATS said...

To 2:47AM ~~ There's a world of difference between being given a task and being CONTROLLED in completing the task. Anyone who has watched Greece for awhile realizes it's ALL about control.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. It's all about "results," not "control." The results so far include a reduction of a $5 million deficit to below $1m in less than two years, improvements to parks and recreational services, a refinement of current business and operational practices to reduce costs and increase efficiency. To achieve these rapid results, decisive decisions and swift thoughtful actions are the necessary to gain traction and make progress. I for one am impressed.

As far as the follow up point, I don't know what "being controlled in completing the task" means. When you receive instructions from a supervisor, you see those instructions to purpose. It isn't up for negotiations or discussion. It isn't elective. These instructions are best described as "orders." In my experience, following orders isn't about being controlled, but rather being a reliable and effective part of the process. If this were my business, that would be my preferred method of function.

SCATS said...

To 3:02PM ~~ So Bill is now known for his "decisive decisions"!? LOL That's hysterical!!

If your supervisor tells you to use a shoevel & dig a hole that's 3 ft in diameter and 4 ft. deep, does it matter if you dig in a clockwise vs. counter-clockwise motion? If it does, CONTROL ISSUES are the issue!

Anonymous said...

SuperBill would tell Captain Kirk to get a can of pside down spray paint to mark where Bill thinks he wants the hole.
Kirkiepoo would fetch the paint, and shoot off two cans on grass and concrete. Then he'd need green paint to X out the oles Bill didn't want so he'd pull his phone out and order green paint to be fetched. He'd also ask for somebody to find the hole catalog and fetch that so Super Bill could decide on which hole he desired.
Once Bill picked a hole, Kirkie would tell an Underlackie to cut a RFQ for the hole so the Town could go out for bids.

A week later no hole would exist, SuperBill would be raging and Kirkiepoo would be ordering an analysis of why no hole exists and threatening to fire the person who should have dug the hole neither he or Bill ordered dug. Then Kirkie would tantrum and slam doors trying to remember what he is supposed to do as Highway Department head. He'd conduct a motivational ass chewing for division heads for failing to dig the hole neither he or SuperBill ever ordered on paper, because nothing better get done without a written order.

Then the troops would be lined up in the repair shop bay in 2 seperate groups so Kirkie could pace back and forth demonstrating he's a complete fool who is totally incompetent to be around a sand box. If a God truly exists in Heaven Kirkie's phone would go off as he's lecturing and SuperBill would be screaming about where the light pole is he told Kirkie to erect on the red X that isn't crossed out.

Unfortunately, the lawnmower crew has erased all the red paint marks.

Just wait till it snows. We get a blizzard Greece well might close down for a week thanks to Kirkie. He can't even start a truck, let alone drive a manual transmission.

SCATS said...

To 1:19AM ~~ What you wrote is hysterically funny .... until one realizes the nuggets of truth in it. It hits a lil close to home then!

Anonymous said...


Nuggets my a$$, the employees of the Highway Department have already been divided into 2 groups so Kirkiepoo can deliver his motivational tirades.

You got any idea how much more marking paint is used by this "Administration" compared to Auggie? At least Auggie put a woman in the Superintendent job. She just hid in her office and let people get the jobs done. Then Dave came back to run the show till Kirkiepoo could find the Highway Department, and everybody found out what Paradise was working for a man who knew which end of the truck goes down the road first. Dave kept many good men from jumping off a bridge after the embarrassment Augie Doggie brought to Town Hall. Even the laid off Kodak workers learned how to work and have pride.

Now we got Bloated Bill and Kirkiepoo. Them two are afraid to walk in the garage unless all the truck keys are hanging on the board and the tools are put away because they're sure they could get killed and buried deep.

How many good men have retired and how many have been fired because they knew their jobs and Bloatboy & Kirkiepoo had to get rid of them?

The most intelligent paperwork in the Highway Department goes down the sewer every time an employee flushes! It oughta go to Kirkeipoo's office, he could shuffle it.