Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A-PAC Seats Listed For Sale On CL Again

Auditorium Seats$50 (Rochester)

Like new, used auditorium seats.
1000(+/-).Minimum 50 per sale. Within 2 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Are they selling the one Babsie planted her little round @$$ in?

That had to be the most expensive butt Greece ever paid for. Cost her husband a truckload of money too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Wild Bill Reelock could buy a bunch of those seats for his antique car place over by Clarendon where he stashed the 1940s vintage goodies he liked and claimed were Town Property. That way some of his chosen friends of Bill could sit comfortably and look over the stash.

Hey, he could even put some in the Town Hall to replace the crappy plastic chairs in the Board Room (worship center) and the wood chairs hauled from the old Town Hall on Ridge Road. Then the audience and old farts waiting to get their tax reductions could be comfortable. Some could be put in the Friends of Bill Senile Center too.

Anonymous said...

3:13PM Such time spent on childish gibberish. This really adds value to the blog. JOHN the PLUMMER

SCATS said...

To 7:45AM ~~ The prose you call "gibberish" is actually quite understandable, especially when compared to the poor attempt to write shown by some on here who contend to be "experts" - especially those with PD or FD backgrounds.

Anonymous said...

KittyCat, please remember Popo men and Firemen are hired primarily on the basis of their tested ability to execute orders, NOT their ability to thiMk fur themself.

You want to hawk a hairball, read Police Reports generated by the current crop with computer assistance. In ancient times of typewriters and carbon copies, cops at least used Dictionaries, and involuntarily increased their vocabulary. Computers have phased that out to a degree I believe the standard Cop could not write a report detailing spreading jelly on a cracker.

Fortunately, Public Education has kept pace and Jurors are dumbed down sufficiently to accept piss poor testimony. Unfortunately for Sandy Baby, there are still Jurors with an IQ above the Court Room temperature.

It'll get worse!
Meanwhile, Sandy Baby will do her best, and the public will accept Pathetic as a Standard of Delivery.

SCATS said...

To 2:30PM ~~ The police reports published by the Greece Post appears to have been written by a 9-yr. old who is barely literate! I blame the press for what they choose to publish without editing!

Anonymous said...

That 9 year old FOLLOWED Orders and Policy.
The reviewing Command Officer approved the "Report".

Things aren't done the way they were in the old days when Judges tossed cases for bad reports and spelling errors.

Mediocre is the new standard we are trying to reach.

SCATS said...

To 2:46PM ~~ Mediocre has already been exceeded!

Anonymous said...

Has NOT!

Greece PD is just overtopping Pathetic,
and DAMN proud of it.

Mediocre is 2 steps up the stairs from MeChief and Dad ran Brighton according to Sandra's orders.

Anonymous said...

Apparently selling the overpriced crap $#!T quality stuff ain't working. The contractors doing the work are giving it away to anyone with a truck and a wish to do the carting. I was just offered as many seats as I could haul away for free!

Anonymous said...

SuperBill should grab a bunch of those seats and install them around the New Improved Braddocks fishing hole as part of the improvement project.

What the hell, take a few out to the car museum too.

Some could go to the Board Palace too. Beat hell out of the crappy plastic chairs.

Anonymous said...

I guess the chairs didn't sell on craigslist... they were in a roll-off dumpster on side of the APAC this week. Rumor has it, the APAC is sinking & they are trying to fix the subfloor.. who did the inspection before construction began??