Thursday, September 24, 2015

It's Time To End Supt/Administrative Contracts

GreeceResident1 said...
I'm one of the 50,983 qualified voters mentioned in the post. Like the majority of the townspeople, I don't use the public education system and derive no benefit from it. The people that should be participating in the BOE election are the parents of the children in the district who receive a school tax bill and the parents of the children in the district who don't receive a school tax bill because they are not property owners.
The lesser minority of people in the town of Greece who use the school district need to rethink how their tax dollars are being used. The central district organization is inflated with middle management (e.g., assistant superintendents) who hold titles of dubious importance that serves the administration more than the student body. Quite frankly, the parents are victims of clever flimflam artists who have taken them into their confidence with superlative platitudes of leadership excellence based upon their own vainglorious self-aggrandizement.

Ask yourselves this question; how can the BOE believe the marketing pitch of a superintendent candidate who demands to be hired on a private contract as if they should be considered equal to a CEO of a private business that produces a tangible product or service? How can they grant a compensatory package of salary and benefits that exceeds the county executive or the sitting governor of New York, both of whom are public employees and responsible for many, many more persons as well as overseeing discernible vital services provided by the county and the State?

Today's system of primary education has fallen far and away from scholastic standards necessary to prepare students for higher education. It has slowly evolved into academic mediocrity and political group-think that comes from bureaucrats who justify their employment by creating a convoluted process of imparting knowledge (i.e., "Common Core") simply because it's different and not necessarily better.

The children are being ill prepared for matriculation into a university or college learning environment of serious studies and will find themselves in remedial classes that should have been completed in high school. The tuition for those classes will cost as much as the rest of their coursework and add to the mountain of student debt that will have to be paid when or if, they graduate.

Parents should demand the BOE end the practice of hiring superintendents on private contracts.They should demand the district end hiring executive personnel for functions that rarely change or only need occasional oversight (e.g., Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Instruction and Assessment, Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning and Support Services, etc.).

The cost of primary education is becoming unaffordable for property owners and will only worsen as long as they continue to allow their hard earned money to be taken by coercion at the behest of the syndicate of doctors of sophistic duplicity.     9/24/2015 2:06 AM


Anonymous said...

You begin by electing a group of fools who need something positive to put on their CV, and presume being on the Board of NoEducation is the first step in the march toward achievement. Add in a heapin helpin of self esteem in the accumulation of fools, reenforced by false complements from the Teacher Union representing dullards who couldn't teach a cat to crap in a litterbox, and you're on the way.

On the other side of the voting booth you have currently 3 generations of people with Diplomas representing nothing beyond student loan payments, who still haven't wised up to the reality the school system is a sham who really do believe the crapola proffered by the Union Members.

There ain't a hope in hell anybody yet born can straighten this mess out. GC Athletic and Entertainment District is little more than Intro to Welfare or Prison for ambitious fools.
Children arriving at the door with initiative and curiosity will be rapidly dulled down by boredom and if that don't work there are drugs to make it happen.

Charlie Hubbard said...

Very good posting 2:06
I have said many times the biggest problem with public education is 'school boards' and one needs to look no further than the 'contracts' they approve - no educational goals to get a raise. Only a fool could think our kids can be ready for the competitive world being taught by people who know nothing of competition - school boards are made up of these fools. Greece is even lower on the 'fool' scale because they are now controlled by the unions - just read the most recent contract approved on 4-28-15 - no educational goals and did NOT even know the cost to taxpayers. THAT is incompetence.
One of the best comments I have seen come from the new super in Buffalo who said 'the biggest impediment to improving education in this district are the contracts'.

Anonymous said...

Charlie there has to be more done than just the contracts.

We both remember when Rochester gave the UNION teachers 2 sweet contracts in a row in exchange for the UNION (Urbanski & company) guaranteeing increased performence & test scores.
That Board was the textbook definition of STUPID.

We're also both old enough to recall the spit storm that evolved when GCSD issued Diplomas with printed disclaimers for a few years.

Lets just establish the bottom line, GCSD is a dog that just won't hunt. GCSD is racing RCSD to be the bottom of the heap and spend the most dollars per student to get there.