Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Greece School District Calendar*

In Monroe County, the Greece Central School District is/has:

  • Among the latest to start school
  • One of the shortest of school days
  • One of the fewest days of school attendance**

**  Professional development & Regents days are permitted to be counted by NYSED boosting GCSD's days in attendance to 185, BUT everyone knows little learning transpires when students are NOT in class with their regular teacher!


Anonymous said...

Greece Central leads the County in shower time used by Athletes.

We don't gots no stinkin jocks.

Anonymous said...

That will change quickly when the Athena males and females have to share the curtained off area in the GAYPAC foyer to use as a locker!!! Just think? What might all those stellar Trojans who can't keep their hands off each other when they're the same gender together in a bathroom be doing to each other when we put Boys and Girls together!!! Will the video be provided by District cameras or cell phones?

Anonymous said...

Will the Athletic District provide the brave Trojans with Trojans before they enter the locker facility?

Will Virgin olive oil be provided, or will the impressionable youte be forced to use recycled fryer oil from Swill Services?

This is so frightening. If only Babs had gotten her Stadium none of these problems would exist.

Anonymous said...

What day is the Day of Silence in support of Homosexuals scheduled for this year?

I got some DeSupporters who want to attend.

SCATS said...

To 9:04PM ~~ You'll have to wait until next year. It was April 17th.

Anonymous said...

Seems like GCSD kept it very quiet, sort of on the down low.
Has GCSD gone back into the closet with the homosexual program?

SCATS said...

To 12:56AM ~~ Good question! Let's ask Kat!

Anonymous said...

"To 12:56AM ~~ Good question! Let's ask Kat!"

Seems like the best approach to that would be for YOU to invite her over for some bird watching, and share some catnip.
That might loosen her up and get her meowing.