Friday, September 11, 2015

BOE Prez. Role Models Panhandling

Watch the VIDEO of Greece School Board Pres. Sean McCabe collect money for Greece school children

"So far it's been pretty good. We've raised quite a bit of money." ~~ McCabe.

SCATS ~~ This is a life skill many GCSD students can draw upon well into their adult years, especially the ones who land a job in sales ... or qualify for an EBT card ;)


Anonymous said...

Isn't that just SPECIAL?

Same bunch of mooch IAFF Union Members probably could have scored twice as many new coats for kids by just asking merchants for the inventory that didn't sell after Christmas 2014.

Oh wait, that would have been a sensible thing to do.

Come hither with that boot Smiling Dummy, I'll fill it for you. Then you can invert the boot and read the emptying instructions from the heal.

Anonymous said...

Gawd I love the short bus smile on this guys face. Dont know nothin about firefightin but he are one. DOnt know nothin bout ejamacatin but hes the Bored of Ed prez. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Hez gots the Toddie Buckstar grin he do.

He reel gudd at takin orders though.
See if you can figure out whose hand is up him making his mouth move.

Anonymous said...

Read it here first.

Sean Mccabe announces after completing a thorough investigation on his own time, he can now say with complete confidence the Holiday Inn on Ridge Road burned down years ago.

If only he had been there he could have stood in Ridge Road holding a boot!

Anonymous said...

Nothing more than PR move to show the Firemen and the Teachers Unions in as good a light as possible with YOUR money. Doubt if any of the Union Hacks put any of their own cash into the boot. If the kids don't have coats is that not what the welfare system is for. Must be gearing up for contract talks polish up the hero halo and the good will machine. I wish that the people who are paying the bills knew what these two groups really thought of them.

Anonymous said...

This goob needs a new publicity picture.

May I humbly suggest he poses for it wearing the facepiece for a Scott Air Pack.