Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A-PAC Seats For Sale On Craigslist


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Who is selling the auditorium seats from Athena??

Are the taxpayers getting hosed for new seats for the monsters?

If the seats are good enough to sell, why aren't they good enough to use?    9/29/2015 11:49 PM

$50 each, 1000 avail.


Anonymous said...

My boy LeMans who works at the school as a Janitor says them seats gotta be replaced cause they got these paper strips the Janitor holds on the seat to test it. If the paper turns from blue to red the cloth and foam rubber under the cloth have accumulated too many farts, and if a fat person sits in that seat it will force stink out. His boss told LeMans stink could really screw up audience happiness, and the Admin figures unhappy people might vote NO on the Budget.

Thing is, LeMans can't tell blue from red cause he's colorblind. The Office solved that problem by marking every paper with a B or an R before LeMans got them. He's a bright kid, so he just sorted them papers into 2 piles without utting them on the seat, then goofed off for 4 work days.

Then he helped his boss count the papers for 2 more days.

LeMans is a Greece Central Honor Roll Graduate, Class of 2008.
We're very proud of LeMans.

Anonymous said...

There is a company being paid to manage projects and others paid to watch them? Maybe the BOE should ask who's watching out for the districts best interests?

SCATS said...

Looks like making the BOE responsible (via my comments on FB) caused someone to delete the ad just now! lol

SCATS said...

Maybe all 1000 seats sold for $50,000 total! Wouldn't it be nice if GCSD got that $$ back??

Anonymous said...

They will turn up for sale someplace else that the general public doesn't know about.

The BIGGER question is WHY these seats are being replaced, and WHY the taxpayers are funding this crap.

SCATS said...


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Registered Dummies will pay to store them for a few years before they scrap them, after paying a UNION Contractor to remove them.

Doesn't GCSD still have a load of handicap stage access equipment stored because some MisAdministrator didn't like the equipment.

Gee, Golell is probably waiting with open arms, and his campaign donation checkbook too. He probably has available storage units, and some vacant plaza space.
WHEN will the Town ever force him to install the traffic light he agreed to over on Latta Rd by Wegmans? WHEN will Hell freeze over?

The whole town has turned into a damn joke. Regulations only apply to those who observe them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can sell them to somebody to set up for a ring side seat at the Braddocks Bay $9.5 million TAXPAYER Dollar fiasco about to unfold.

The Army Crotch of Enginitwits says it took years for everybody to get on the same page. They must have tore the page out of the New Orleans antiflooding manual. There is not a single thing in the cureent proposal that hasn't been proposed before and shot down by some minnow hugger.

Now they're "Planning to dredge the crap out of the bay that was delivered there by Lake Ontario and creeks, and haul it ut in the Lake to become a mud version of Charlotte Pier. That hunk of concrete certainly works well to keep the river from silting, doesn't it.
Why is it the crap that had to go to a landfill 10 years ago because it was toxic is now clean enough to be dumped into the world's biggest sewer, Lake Ontario?

Maybe Super Bill can get a coffee bar in the Marina, or is that Morona.
Maybe Kitty can sell the seats to reenforce the pile of crap being dumped in the Lake.

Next election can we all cry how Greece needs a new Airport? Houses growing around farm fields destroyed the last 2 Airports in Greece.
Greece NEEDS an Airport, with a Coffee kiosk.

There should be a contest to name this fiasco.
I noinate Newoleans on Ontario.

Anonymous said...

Scats who are the MONSTERS you refer to?

SCATS said...

To 8:44AM ~~ I didn't use that word, so you're barking up the wrong tree. I'm pretty sure you can figure it out though ;)

Anonymous said...

11:12 I couldn't disagree more about Lake Ontario or bradocks bay. We have an awesome lake that is very clean most days of the year. You obviously have not been OUT on the lake. It's crystal clear most days. Charlotte is a mess and a joke don't compare that to the rest of the Great Lake!

SCATS said...

To 9:33PM ~~ That "crystal clear" water is filled with fish the DEC says we shouldn't eat. And when it rains too fast, raw sewage spills into that "very clean" lake. Have a sip of water?