Wednesday, August 05, 2015


UPDATE 8/6/15:
WHEC-TV reports that Slide the City was held in NY City last weekend. Attempts to contact Slide the City organizers, the NYS Health Dept. & Bill Reilich were all unsuccessful. Obviously, NYC had the required permits, so why was the event cancelled in Greece?

Is it possible Mr. Reilich holds a personal financial stake in this event?


Company cancels due to safety concerns & legal issues.

Hopes to try again next year.

Reilich "disappointed."

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Anonymous said...

Mr Sppedo & Rainbow could always go with the grease up Long Pond Road plan from the Canal down the the Hospital Entrance. Ought to be some great air as asses slide across Ridgeway.
Our magnificent Supervisor could get plenty of volunteers to slather the road with grease. He could even sell coffee and soothing ointments at the bottom. People would pay just to see his speedo clad abundant posterior slide down the hill.