Monday, August 03, 2015

It's Intnl Clown Week @Greece Town Hall

Supervisor Bill Reilich to present a proclamation

OMG!!  We thought EVERY WEEK was International Clown Week on Vince Toffany Blvd!


Anonymous said...

I SuperBill do hereby proclaim I and the Board of Bobbleheads are sick and tired of all the criticism of my wonderful town dictatorship. Effective immediately and until further notice no more speedo jokes, no more slipper references, or criticism of Little Kurk and his sand pail over at the playground er Highway department will be tolerated. Greece has a gigantic bloated Police Department, and some agents you don't know about and violators will be hunted down and shackled to Rainbow for a week.
ALSO, there will be no mention of coffee bars, none, not one damn bit.
Making Augie look good.

Anonymous said...

10 will get you 20 that you no doubt voted for him. By the BTW the name is KIRK

Anonymous said...

Now I be no fan of the current supervisor but to say the his leadership makes Auburger look good is out of sight. Makes one wonder as to what rubric you are using to draw that conclusion.

SCATS said...

To 10:12AM ~~ Don't be so sure ...

To 10:30AM ~~ We're only at the start of the current reign of horrors ... Let's talk in another 8 yrs lol

Anonymous said...

Reign of horrors? Examples please so far. I see nothing different than the usual goings on in a town that operates in a one political party vacuum system. Business as usual as usual thanks to the continued stupidity of the majority who vote and the continued ineptness of those who are too lazy to get off their butts and vote for change provided they are given the choice of individuals who are capable of making it happen by the opposition party if one actually exists in Greece.

Anonymous said...

I Stupidvisor Bill hereby proclaim Pickleball to be the official recreation activity of the Town of Greece. I can do that cause I built the SUPER Pickleball shed for senile citizens to play in. Because this is Greece, I even had no slip flooring installed so the old farts don't slip and fall while they play.
Next I will bring the Official Greece Coffee Cart to the pickle ballers. We don't want Greece codgers getting dehydrated. They vote!

Greece, where Democrats haven't opposed a damn thing successfully since the 1930s.

Item 2; Stupidvisor Bill will hereinafter be referred to as William the Conqueror.

Item 3; William the Conqueror is infallible, and his lackeys are perfect. Complaints about William the Conqueror or his lackeys will not be tolerated.
Just because Captain Kurk ain't legal driving a DPW plow doesn't mean the Captain can't carry out SuperBill's orders. DPW employees know fear, and if you don't like that shovel your own damn snow.
Screw with me and your sewer will be plugged!

So sayeth William the Conqueror

Anonymous said...

Do the Greece Democrats even exist anymore?

Anonymous said...

Ambulance Chaser Attorney in the Town of Greece who classifies as the Chief Town Clown.

Anonymous said...

In name only. Since the 09 ' fiasco, there was a mass exodus of active committee members. This courtesy of so called Party Leader and chairman JOE Morrelle who engineered the train wreck in order save Jeff McCann's job becuase his wife worked for Morrelle at headquarters. They needed the $80,000 salary earned by Mc CANN. All to no avail as after the Penguin won, he was out on his ass along with all the other AUBURGER cronies.

Anonymous said...

Mr & Mrs Pathetic barely raised a skeeter bite lump as Greece Democrats before he resigned. Actually Greece Dems were a constant thorn under Gordon Howe's saddle back in the Depression years, making Gordon justify every cent of the huge town budget of $70,000.

Since then, pretty much snoozeville with a heapin helpin of PC thrown in.

Moscito was their shining star, and he burned out fast.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I would go so far as describing Joe Moscato as a rising star but as a former member of the Greece Democratic Party
Executive Board, I will say this about him during the 2009 campaign . He had some great ideas on fund raising and
Campaign tactics . Unfortunately nobody listened and as result the party lost the support of the Working Famlies
Party and their considerable number of ground game workers.
When the Town Leader abandoned the other candidates to concentrate on her own County Leguslature race, all candidate
Except Joe turned their campaigns over to Morrelle and his assistant Adam Bello, now Irondeqouit Town
Supervisor. The result was predictable and resulted in the disaster that took place on Election Day.
I worked on Moscato's campaign and because he rejected the dictates of the uptown boys , he was black balled
and threatened if he continued to call his own press conferences and Town Hall type meetings he would be labeled as a
Non team player and would say as much to the press.
I was one of the many members who quit the party after we lost an election that should have resulted in
Success for some if not all candidates that year. Today they are a sad bunch of clueless people with no hopes
Of winning or even finding people to run.i guess it would be fair to say that he is burned out as it is my understanding
that he has ongoing medical issues that have severely limited his mobility.

Anonymous said...

The BIG Proclamation of the week by SuperSpeedo and his boy wonder Captain Kurkie; The Captain assembled all DPW employees for over an hour, and conveyed to them that per SuperSpeedo's directive rules and the contract with employee Unions will now be strictly enforced.
The 15 minute morning and afternoon breaks will now be timed, and 15 minutes means exactly 15 minutes, not 16 or 15½. Abuse of breaks will lead to abuse of your pay Check. Also the 30 minute lunch period will be exactly 30 minutes, not 31 or more. The same enforcement as breaks will apply. Employees will be watched.
(This could well lead to Workmans Comp claims if employees are trampled leaving the break room)

SuperSpeedo has also prohibited Town trucks from congregating at restaurants for either breaks or lunch. Town vehicles should only be seen by the public pretending to work. Absolutely no stopping at home with a Town vehicle either, no way in hell will any Town employee drive a Town vehicle up his or her driveway. The question of a Town employee needing to take an unscheduled poop when near his/her house and parking the Town vehicle as he/she runs up the driveway to his/her pooper awaits a firm decision from Super Speedo Bill. You'll get the poop when we know the poop.

Certain Super Rats are known to exist in the work force, and will rat your ass out if this new policy is violated. The Rats have planted the rumor among the workers that this crackdown has been caused by a certain terminated DPW employee causing Bill the Grate dyspepsia by filing a Grievance and the Union supporting that employee.

It is also known that an unnamed Private Detective in a black Ford with heavily tinted windows has been staking out a Town Employee's house. Who is paying for that is an open question.

Taxpayers of Greece should be prepared for less snow plowing by DPW this coming winter as they work exactly to the orders of the DPW Boss who uses a stopwatch.
Big Speedo is watching!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not posting my completely reasonable and appropriate comments relating to this topic. It's apparent you post only what is in agreement with your preconceived notions and predetermined judgments. It speaks volumes to your intellect, disposition and abilities.

Anonymous said...

3:30pm You must be a friend of SuperSpeedo because with what you described you must be his PR guy for future elections with this out there he will win big! Asking for eight hours of work for eight hours of pay, only government workers would think that's unfair. Ask John the plumber who is a hot tempered mood swinger. It's about time it's not one shovel and three watching.

SCATS said...

To 7:58PM ~~ It has been a long-standing policy here to NOT post comments that seek to make SCATS the topic, a commonly used diversion tactic instituted by those who promote retaining the status quo. Also, telling people with complaints about their electeds ... PAID ELECTEDS, at that ... to run for office if they don't support the party line is beyond tiresome to read on these pages. Again, long ago it was determined to be of little consequence to rehash such ridiculous "suggestions" for correcting the ills within the Town of Greece.

Charlie Hubbard said...

to 3:30 (anonymous)
Mr. Reilich just needs some 'school board' training. He needs to be taught that the unions run the show - 'school board' training will help him understand that.
Mr. Reilich needs to learn how to piss money away - 'school board' training will help.
This business of representing the taxpayers is something Mr. Reilich has backwards - some 'school board' training will help him understand that the unions are #1 - taxpayers are not important.
'School boards' know the benefit of approving worthless, do/nothing, give/away contracts where accountability does not exist is the way to go. Look how successful 'they' have been.
So Mr. Reilich get out there and work on being like our 'school board'.

Anonymous said...

Charlie, don't you think SuperBill's training on pissing money away from his State Leg days is sufficient?
StuperBill managed to piss away a few truckloads of silver coin when he decided the roof on his SuperPickleball court needed to be higher. More concrete, more engineering coin (to be donated back), more steel and a better chance the damn joke blows down in a wind storm shouldn't be overlooked. Some serious coin went to revise that fool structure. Speedoman even managed to keep the cost overrun covered up.

SuperBill is even forcing Town trucks to hide out of public view now.

Damn, I miss Augie, he couldn't cover a pile of dogcrap with a plastic tarp from Olies.

Anonymous said...

1:35PM John the Plumber you are to obvious. There is no roof on the pickle ball courts and you know it. You are just made because you were only allowed to cut grass at your age. Your excessive drinking cost you your job. You miss Augie because everyone now has to work. Some already work hard but those that don't are complaining.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the high end coffee shop at the library ?

Anonymous said...

Another commitment fulfilled 9.5 million to dredge and open up Braddock bay. Thank you Senator Schumer and Supervisor Reilich for working together on this. I was at the press conference and they publicly thanked each other. The Senator commented on this was a by-partisan effort and crossed party lines for the benefit of the community. After 40 years a new set of eyes and a commitment to getting it done. Project to be completed by the end of 2016.

Anonymous said...

Today's BIG announcement!
Sound the trumpets.
ElSpeedo himself spoke into a microphone.

Senator Chuickles (TV Star) is sending Speedo Millions of taxbucks to open up Braddocks Bay for boating.

Speedo announced he can remember when 300 boats were tied up at the Marina because the owners couldn't afford fuel and now there are only 30. No Kidding Speedo, 300? How often do you hallucinate?

Will the Fed be donating another dredge to the Town for politicians kids to get paid for destroying?

HOW will the dredging spoils be disposed of?
How many lawsuits will be filed as boaters rub their hands together in anticipation?
How will the Laws of Physics be held at bay this time Speedo?
Will Captain Kirk now be in charge of Roads and Bays?
Will the Town operate this fiasco?

Most IMPORTANT, will the marina (or is it Morona) get a coffee shop?

Anonymous said...

New Marina at Charlotte and now room for more boats at Braddock. Where are all the boats coming from?

Anonymous said...

According to the marina's web site, the operator of the skeeter breedin swamp was responsible for dredging as part of their lease, and did dredge at least twice. There are supposedly 300 slips there for boats, rented by the foot. Figure $15.00 per foot per month, so a 20 foot long hole in the water costs $300 a month to sit tied to the dock.

Seems like anything shorter than 20 feet you can put on a trailer and haul home or to a decent place. So, 300 slips at $300 a month per slip comes out to comes out to $90,000 a month (unless you went to Greece Central) not including fuel sale profit and other income.

So, because a business that brings in $90,000 a month failed to meet its obligation to keep the place dredged, the taxpayer is now going to spend 9 million to dredge the swamp out so the lease operator can go back to making $90,000 a month.


How much of the 9 mil goes back to politician campaign funds for both parties????

Notice something else, according to the Corpse (Obama pronunciation) of Brain Dead Engineers, the crap dredged from the swamp will be dumped er I mean deposited in Sewer Ontario to become a wall preventing sand from being pushed back into the Bay by Sewer Ontario.
Gee, not all that long ago Stupidvisor candidates were yapping about dredging the same swamp and having to haul the slop to the Landfill in Churchville because the slop is too contaminated to dump in the same damn filthy water it was sucked out of.
Why am I suspicious?

Then, this Spit extending into the Sewer Ontario is going to stay where it is dumped exactly why? Isn't this a soft version of the concrete wall over on the West side of the River that collects slime and seaweed?

Will there be a BIG sign with ElSpeedo Grande and Scummer's pictures on it claiming credit for this wonderful project?

Will some of the money be used to finish the golf course at Long Pond and the Parkway the State started back in the 70s and donated to the Town as another abandoned project after Friends of Politicians hauled all the topsoil off?

Why can't people who own holes in the water just move their damn hole over to another marina owned by the same company?

What about a coffee shop with pizza and baked goods? There is that huge abandoned house there the Town owns and spent a ton of tax money on pretending to make a Police Precinct House.
We need something to attract cops to the Northwest end of town, and boat docks ain't going to make it happen.

Gee, maybe Me Chief can get a big Police Boat like DaDa Chief had.

Anonymous said...

Anybody else wondering?

What did Super Bill give Shumer the camera hog for the Bay money?

Kind of strange for a Big Dem to hand millions to the Repub County Chairman without getting something in exchange.

Who did Bill shove under the bus?

SCATS said...

To 1:15PM ~~ We agree. It does seem very odd ... especially in Greece NY!

Anonymous said...

Just another of El Speedo Grande's slippery deals.

He gets lube delivered to his car museum by the barrel.
I wouldn't be surprised to find a Not for Profit Corp for that collection.

Anonymous said...

I am just happy the town has many positive successes we as residents are happy about. A tight ship is being run and providing many amenities to the residents. 20 more years of the Supervisor. Like all my neighbors happy as can be. I enjoy my job very much. Love my family and life is good in Greece NY.

SCATS said...

To 8:59PM ~~ Please share with the rest of us. WHAT "positive successes" are you talking about? Are there some negative successes too?

Happy in your own little world, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Well I would be happy to if I may.......
The towns budget was cut from the year before by one million dollars. I go to the meetings and pay attention, Reduced the amount taken out of the reserves from 5.3 Million in 2014, Augberger's last budget to 2015 less than 1.5 Million and in 2016 commitment is zero.
Cut over 20 jobs at town hall and reduced payroll by over 2 million.
Added winter ice skating, pickle ball courts, spray park and pavilion to replace an old tent.
Next year a new lodge near the old one at park. New sign board to alert us all of meetings and events happening at town hall. New camera system installed in town hall room and planning board/zoning board room to share with all residents for a more open government. Everyone is entitled to there own opinions but not there own facts. These are the facts and all can be easily checked.
If you attend the meetings regularly you get the facts not rumors. I invite everyone to attend to hear the excitement in town.

SCATS said...

To 11:02AM ~~ LMAO!!! Do you REALLY believe they are putting up cameras, signs, etc. to have a "more open govt?" SERIOUSLY??? It is a FACT that they refuse to use what means they ALREADY HAVE (and have already paid for!) to be "more open." Take the town's website, for example. It's been redseigned, yet again, under Reilich. However, it's also been essentially stripped bare of the few items pertaining to a "more open govt" that existed under Auberger! They don't even bother posting the meeting agenda in advance. WHY NOT? The PD used to post the info on the arrested, arraigned, etc. No longer.

We've been told that lots of things came our way because of grants. Guess what? After the grant is used, WE WILL PAY TO RETAIN, MAINTAIN, ETC!

Clearly, the "facts" are less clear than the current politicos will admit ;)

Anonymous said...

Open Government !....You can't even get to the second floor with out being looked at thru a camera and then MAYBE being buzzed in

Anonymous said...

what ever happened tq the parks survey online whats the completed cost of the development at 1 toffeny

Anonymous said...

What about those two unmarked, town owned black SUVs.
What rules do the drivers of these vehicles have to follow ?

Anonymous said...

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Town of Greece will soon enact major safety Laws concerning ceiling fans.

SuperBill flung his speedo at his running bedroom ceiling fan where the garment became entangled and caused the fan to self destruct. SuperBill was it by falling pieces of fan blade.

To protect Greece residents from a similar fate the Town will soon require a Permit for each ceiling fan and the Town Inspector will check each fan annually. Naturally there will be a charge for the inspection. Safety of Town Taxpayers is too important to leave to unskilled and unknowing dolts. Professional dolts must and will save you.