Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Taste Of Retirement For $25 *

Greece Chamber of Commerce
Taste of Town details
The Greece Chamber of Commerce is once again hawking their over-priced tickets to the annual 'Taste of the Town' event planned for this weekend. At $25 per ticket advance sale, $35 each the day of, one would hope for some decent food. 

Sadly, that's not the case, despite the GCC's website claim: "The Greece Chamber's 2015 Taste of the Town will feature 16 of some of the area's favorite food vendors."

"Favorite food vendors"?? REALLY?? How many of us frequent Fleming Point, Legacy, The Villages at Unity or Grande Ville retirement homes to satiate our desire for a night out to dinner? I know we don't!

How did this event go from 25+ vendors the first year to just 16 this year, with 1/4 of them being senior housing communities? Apparently, adding all those restaurants at the mall certainly hasn't boosted participation in Greece community events by those with the COMIDA taxbreaks!

Worse yet, GCC has arranged for a treat for Fido provided by PetSaver ... for carry out ... in a "doggie bag." They are also counted in the 16 "favorites" leading us to conclude: This event has gone to the dogs!

We've decided we'll be cooking on the grill this Sunday and saving our $25 for some REAL FOOD ;)

* Dentures optional


Anonymous said...

comes to mind.

Who plays Blutowski? Stupervisor Speedo or Taxboy Ricky?

Anonymous said...

For $25 bucks, we're better off going to a restaurant for a real meal, instead of "a taste."

Anonymous said...

11:26 Dude, ya gotta class up not act up.

This ain't no Ice Hockey Team (thug) event.

25 bucks, suck it up, think good for your diet if not your wallet.

Drive over to Pittsfart and learn how to act all snob.

It's for a good cause, cause somebody wants the coin you worked to get.

You eat that nursing home swill, you'll jump in front of a garbage truck before you let your kids warehouse you in one of them tasteful dumps.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Taste of the Town not advertised on the new VERY EXPENSIVE electronic sign ? ..They are using a canvas sign only a few feet from the new electronic sign. Maybe they wanted people to be able to read it. No one can read then new sign

Anonymous said...

Because one of Stupidvisor Speedo's friends or family members paints canvas signs?

Because the canvas sign tunes your brain to swing by Aldi to pick up a bulk pack of toilet paper you'll need after you dump the swill down your neck?

Because there's no money in the budget for professional advertising?

Because the moving sign truck ran out of gas?

Anonymous said...

Y'AL got it wrong. It's not about the food its Greece Republican politics at its best. It's about the residents that live
At those locations and fund raising . Residents who are republican and VOTE.EVERY YEAR. You say that can't be
True because most are immobile and don't drive. Don't have to as on Election Day , a caravan of mobile homes
And vans pick them up and drive them to the polls and volunteers push their wheel chairs and usher them inside

SCATS said...

To 12:37PM ~~ Great question!!

To 5:40PM ~~ Sadly, you are likely correct :(

Anonymous said...

The Town lit sign is for town events. This is an outside organization hosting this event. If that were not the policy every bridge club meeting and insurance investment seminar would consume the sign.

SCATS said...

To 9:36PM ~~ That sign is a hideous addition to the landscape! I bet the neighbors aren't happy with it.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The sign is a good way to promote town events and resources The C of C event is important, fun and serves a determined purpose for that organization. I recommend you attend it. It might serve many here well to be in the company of people who are making efforts to serve their community in a meaningful way. The desperate and generous criticism consistently offered here is staggering and indicative of a lack of ability or willingness to offer ANY measure of policy, program or effort that can be evaluated with the same "thoroughness" applied to other organizations or local administrators.

SCATS said...

To 5:10AM ~~ Do you think the majority of Greece residents routinely pass by that sign? I don't! It's about as out-of-the-way for most traffic as can be. So far, I've seen NOTHING promoted on it, not even cancellation of Slide the City, another ridiculous idea!

As for the C of C, their memberships are over-priced and impacts are underwhelming for a Town this size! SOMETHING must be wrong within their inner circle to wait until 5 days before an event to promote it! Something more is wrong for the major restaurants in town to THUMB THEIR NOSES AT PARTICIPATING! And I'm not talking about the big franchises/chains, either! Why aren't Long Pond Family Restaurant, Lamplighter, Oriens Cafe & Red Fedele's participating??? They are C of C members!!!

If an event isn't supported by the groups own members, how can you expect the rest of us to get excited about it? I'm donating my free dog biscuit to the GCSD Free/Reduced lunch program to show my support.

Anonymous said...

I bet the electronic sign is against the Town's own zoning laws. Oh that's right Bill doesn't have to follow his own rules.

Anonymous said...

Lamplighter was sold.

SCATS said...

To 9:10AM ~~ And your point is??

It's still listed as an active C of C member.

Anonymous said...

to 5:10, your comment about the mission of the C C are comical at best. Why do you think Carlos stepped down as President and replaced by a local Republican stooge, Skip Beaver who only lasted a couple weeks due to scandalous conduct? Why then at the same time, many influential local business men abruptly withdrew their memberships? The answer was then as it is now and can be summed up I n one word POLITICS.
CARLOS and many others felt that the C C was getting to involved in local government politics including Town leadership elections and School Board elections instead of attracting new business to Greece. So please, don't insult the intelligence of those of us in this town that actually know what's really taking place .

Anonymous said...

So, how many came to the Taste of the Town ?