Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Slide The City Delayed Until August

13WHAM reports: "Shortly after announcing his plans to reschedule "Slide the City," Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich defended the idea of having a 1,000 foot water slide temporarily placed in the town, despite concerns that have been raised. 

"What we're trying to do is improve the quality of life for Greece," Reilich said. "We're setting it up in a way that's safe for the people and will have minimal impact on the road." 

This comes after Slide the City received criticism in some media reports following its arrival in Pittsburgh, where some reported 3 hour lines, disorganization and injuries. 

Reilich said that, although some of the events have been criticized, he's picked a different company to oversee Greece's slide day on August 22nd. 

"This company is much more organized," he said. "That's why we selected them." 

As for pushing back the slide date, Reilich said New York State is still trying to figure out rules and regulations, as well as how to classify the event for safety precautionary reasons. 

"That's driven by the fact that the State of New York has decided to put extra regulations on the company doing it," he continued. "They're not used to dealing with this type of event, so they're classifying it a pool. 

Slide the City was originally going to take place on July 18th, but has since been rescheduled for August 22nd. 

Tickets for Slide the City range from $15 to $60 depending on slide usage.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure whoever created this had good intentions, but it's a disaster waiting to happen if it comes to Greece.
The new spray park has opened, right? That's enough water fun for Greece residents I think.

SCATS said...

An idea for a new town slogan: Come to Greece where the politicians will make sure you leave all wet.