Thursday, July 16, 2015

Schools Spending More On Fewer Students

This has been one of SCATS' pet peeves in Greece for years!


WHEC asks the question and gets tossed out of the BOE meeting in Webster! See the story!

Greece enrollments & budgets from 2010 - 2015:

12,580          $195,486,351

12,296          $193,619,666

11,923          $197,589,392

11,730          $199,074,055

11,478          $205,511,990

11,302          $210,162,828

-1,278          +$14.6 million

Cost per pupil increase from 2010 to 2015: $3,056

Tax rate increase from 2010 to 2015: $1.75
* SCATS believes opening enrollments in Sept. will be BELOW 11,000 pupils based upon year-end figures.

** SCATS believes our BOE's refusal to follow policy by knowing the COST before approving contracts, etc. fuels these increases!


Anonymous said...

SCATs could it be that Charliie, contracts are useless and worthless Hubbard is a part of the SCATs management team? Sure looks that way

SCATS said...

To 2:09PM ~~ Appearances can be deceiving. But hey, when he's right, he's right! Just like Berkeley Brean is right.

Mr. Hubbard's name is one of OVER 70 purported to be part of "SCATS' mgmt team" lol

Keep guessing.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing. You have fixed costs and variable costs when running a business (or a school district). Fixed costs rise regardless of volume. It is perfectly normal for the net between rising fixed costs and falling variable costs to be a positive number, sometimes a large positive number.

To assume that all costs are variable is silly.

SCATS said...

To 2:14PM ~~ Sadly, we NEVER EVER see an economic break from our schools! Spend, spend, spend!! They do it well, like a shopping addict. If we fund a multi-million dollar project that BOCES reimburses at 80%, we NEVER EVER SEE THE "REFUND"!!! Why is that??

Greece Central = MONEY PIT with alarmingly poor outcomes. Period.

Anonymous said...

I just love 2:14PM reply. Spoken like a true educational flunky. The real reason school spending keeps going up even though student enrollment is way down is UNION CONTRACTS period. The educational folk will complain about "unfunded state mandates" for rising costs but when you ask them for a list of these mandates and the corresponding costs they cannot produce any list at all. Believe me I have tried!

Salary, benefits and pension costs take up 70-80% of each district's school budget. The super and school board negotiate and sign off on the union contracts AND the school board who is an elected body has no clue how much these union contracts will cost us taxpayers over the course of the contract. And even if another contract is not negotiated before the old one expires the current union contract stays in place with no loss of salary or benefits. Also, in most union contracts, We, the taxpayer get to foot the bill for 80-100% of their health care. This is not mandated by law but given away by our local elected officials. The demands and hubris of union employees is breaking the backs of the taxpayers for whom they work for.

So, when you see your local school spending go up while enrollment is declining, the supers and school board members can point the finger at a variety of other things but the real truth is the costs of those union contracts they sign off on.

Anonymous said...

2:14 First if you work for the school district and pretend to know economics, please don't because if you did you be in business not sitting in a classroom. Truth is reduce your fixed cost by reducing the numbers of teachers and administrators if your student population is shrinking. Heck in the last 12 months town hall eliminated 19 positions, take a lesson from them.

SCATS said...

To 6:02PM ~~ AMEN!!!!

Anonymous said...

SCATS should also change pics on the website. Babs is gone! Get with the times!!!! FIND A NEW PICTURE!!!!! AHHHHHH!

Charlie Hubbard said...

Make no mistake the biggest problem with public education IS school boards. I encourage all to read policy 6431. It was NOT followed by the board when the approval of the teachers contract was approved by the board on 4-28-15 - the board DID NOT KNOW the cost of that contract and of course NO educational improvements were included - this is how school boards operate - worthless!!!

Policy 6431 was put in place in part as the result of the school board in 2004 giving LIFETIME FREE MEDICAL to a departing superintendent - a 51 year old man now working in Virginia and Greece taxpayers are to this day paying for ALL of his medical insurance. The school board had NO idea of the cost. THAT is the type of incompetence and lack of respect school board(s) have given to taxpayers. It was bad in 2004 and based on what I witnessed 4-28-15 it has gotten worst.

Anonymous said...

7:01 fixed costs are by definition, fixed. Not changeable. As in contractual obligations. As in labor contracts. If you agree to pay a certain number of employees a certain amount of money over a certain length of time, you have to do it regardless of changes to actual volume of business.

SCATS said...

To 7:42PM ~~ Yeah, yeah, yeah ...

Charlie ~~ Of course you are correct. Too bad common sense has become an oxymoron.

To 8:54PM ~~ While the coat of each may be fixed, THE NUMBERS employed don't have to be ... within certain limits.

Anonymous said...

How long till SCATS shares a saucer of cream with the Big Kat and falls under her spell?

Kat does look far more human than the Darling of Newfane.

Charlie Hubbard said...

So we have a superintendent and a school board telling a member of the press they must leave a 'public' meeting - and get away with it. Anyone seen concern from other members of the press? That super and every member of that board should be thrown out - they 'should' be an embarrassment to the people of Webster - but - this is public education - for the children. The example these people are setting for our kids makes me sick.
I have written many times about the danger of ANY representative board doing the peoples business in 'the back room'. Keeping info 'from' the public or thinking only 'they' are smart enough to understand it all (believe me they do 'think' that) should concern us all.
When I went to the 4-28-15 Greece school board meeting when the teachers contract was approved (the biggest part of spending and the only opportunity for true accountability) I was hoping to hear why members 'liked' or did 'not like' what was being voted on - NOTHING. I'll say it again - worthless!! NO content of the contract talked about. There was a brief concern over a board member voting on a contract that included his wife - but - just like Webster this is what public education has come to.

Anonymous said...

This one just like the last one will prove to be about as genuine as her hair color. Her first hire should tell you all you need to know.

SCATS said...

To 3:52PM ~~ Are you referring to Burke?