Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Garretson Speaks ...

WROCThe head of the local democratic committee is stepping down at the end of the month.  Dave Garrteson cited health and family reasons.
Garretson took over as chairman in September.

Garretson leaves the party with more than 61,000 in the bank. ($61,832)  The local republican party has more than a half million dollars. ($503,906)

Dave Garretson's full statement:

“After careful consideration, I am stepping down as Chair of the Monroe County Democratic Committee. I came to this difficult decision due to personal concerns regarding health and family. I will continue to serve until the end of the month. I will consult with MCDC's Executive Committee later this week to determine the particulars of a special meeting to elect our new Chair.

“My commitment to the Democratic Party remains steadfast, and MCDC is in good shape. We have a strong slate of candidates who are campaigning to provide a new direction for our community. We need County Government that works for everybody, not only for the select few.”

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