Friday, June 05, 2015

Why Do Town Trucks Ignore School Speed Zones?

This is a pet peeve that's been noticed for a very long time!

This afternoon, I passed by Athena when the yellow "School Zone" lights were flashing.

I counted THREE Town of Greece trucks/vehicles whiz right on by without slowing down at all!



Anonymous said...

I got a scoop for you, no one except you slows down in those school zones in this town.incidently I saw a GPD car working radar last week in the entry way at Lakeshore on Latta Rd in the 25 MPH zone.

Anonymous said...

Because like almost everyone in Greece , they know that Traffic enforcement (speeding , running stop signs) is a Joke in greece. I have personally seen on many occasions someone excessively speeding in front of GPD and running a stop sign with the GPD car obviously aware of it and they do nothing. The town knows it

SCATS said...

To 3:39PM ~~ It's no scoop, but it is the law.

To 5:32PM ~~ I've seen some outrageous actions on the roads in front of the cops too. It's truly amazing what some people get away with. Dangerous, too.

Anonymous said...

Since we're on the topic, I see several town employees in cars and trucks on their telephones. Town employees should be required to pull off the road to text or make a phone call.

SCATS said...

To 8:44AM ~~ Maybe they are pretending to be cops?? lol

Anonymous said...

Regarding 3:39 comment: Are you talking about Lakeshore Elem school? I'm there ever day and have never seen a Greece police car there with radars. I have however seen the gray GCSD *security* car parked at the park next door. Kinda off Latta, almost like it's hiding behind trees. Always wonder what he's doing there.
I for one DO slow down when the signs are flashing. So make that 2 of us, Scats and myself who obey traffic laws. For the safety of everyone.