Tuesday, June 09, 2015

BOE Meeting, 6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into Exec. Session at 6:00PM to discuss the proposed sale of real property & the employment history of a particular person. In addition, it is anticipated the BOE will go into exec. session at the conclusion of the regular meeting to discuss matters made exempt under federal law, the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)

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Anonymous said...

Come on, people. The property has been sitting vacant with no takers. As taxpayers, we are paying to keep up an empty building. We want it used and want more people in the area. This is win-win. I say sell it for whatever they'll pay. $775,000 sounds like a lot for a property that no one wants!

SCATS said...

To 3:30PM ~~ You're sounding a lot like people trying to buy homes in Greece for $10K+ less than the assessments! In truth, MANY homes aren't even put on the market for anything close to their assessed value and when they do sell, the assessment isn't lowered! Can you say "doubly screwed?"

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone on the GCSD BOE, or maybe the retired GPD senior officer who I hear is now currently Head of GCSD Security, or any security supervisor who might describe a legal precedent that states how a District vehicle that is unregistered, uninspected, and uninsured arrives at the plaza on Long Pond near English today from a school location without violating the Law? I would think that District liability, desertion of post, and operating out of jurisdictional bounds would be grounds for immediate termination!!! Especially if said operator was found to be knowledgeable of V&T Laws (I suspect in an earlier career, he swore some professional oath). Anyone in a position of leadership who violates the trust of his employer, his charges, and his peers while willfully violating the Law and putting the safety of the children he has been hired to protect at risk is A RISK THE EMPLOYER CAN NO LONGER TOLERATE.

Anonymous said...

I thought the wearing of uniforms outside of one's operational territory was forbidden!

If not, can I also drive on the sidewalk in my personal vehicle, if I'm wearing mine? I mean, so long as I'm claiming to be working.

That would be an awesome shortcut.