Sunday, June 14, 2015

Auberger's Tangled Web With Greece PD

D&C File Photo, 2009

Democrat & Chronicle's Investigative Report : Reveals John Auberger Played A Central Role In Greece PD Scandals

  • "The decision to hire people was made exclusively by Auberger and we would be told who we were going to hire."  ~~ former Deputy Police Chief William Mackin (2013 deposition)
  • Evidence in the civil suits showed that "one, (Pignato) should not have been hired and, two, there was sufficient evidence for him to be fired in his first four or five months." ~~ attorney Norman Palmiere, who represented the two women.
  • ...  the civil suit records — made public after the Democrat and Chronicle opposed a sealing request from some lawyers involved in the litigation — portray a town that, during the Auberger tenure, was fueled by cronyism with a rubber-stamp Town Board.     
  • Auberger declined to comment, referring questions to attorney David Spoto, who represented the town. "As far as just rehashing that whole thing, I would prefer not to." ~~ Former Town Supervisor, John Auberger

"Auberger said in past interviews, in trial testimony and in his deposition that he remembered meeting with Parrinello about Pignato, but did not recall whether Pignato was there.

But, in his deposition, Loszynski said Auberger denied to him that the meeting ever happened.

"I briefed (Auberger) every Friday," Loszynski said in the deposition. "It came up in the briefing. And there were so many rumors taking place. I said. 'John, did that meeting take place?' And he said, 'No, it didn't.' "

In a telephone interview, Loszynski confirmed that Auberger denied to him that Auberger met with Parrinello and Pignato.

"I confronted him and he said it did not occur," Loszynski said. He said he did not pursue the issue because it did not directly impact the investigation into the police force."

Greece Lawsuits Settled For $900,000 To $1,000,000

  • Nicholas Joseph, another Greece police officer who ended up in prison for crimes, had his own “horse,*” according to the depositions: former Rochester Police Capt. Robert Wiesner, the husband of Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks.
*Someone who was encouraging the town to hire a certain police recruit


Anonymous said...

so if Weisner was behind a hire, doesn't that call into question Lozinski's role in
this matter wasn't he Weisner's friend

Anonymous said...

"The Silence of the Lambs" is evident.

SCATS said...

To 2:14PM ~~ I think it shows that Greece residents are so used to crime & corruption among their electeds that nothing will awaken them short of HUGE tax increases. It's really very sad.

Anonymous said...

The current administration has been "crime and corruption" free.

SCATS said...

To 6:25PM ~~ Riiiiiight!!!!! And I'm Santa Claus

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you're Santa Claus. I think it unlikely given that the character Santa Claus does not exist. That being said, I'm not aware of any pending litigation or criminal complaint against the current administration. That is the standard I am using to declare the current administration "crime and corruption free."

SCATS said...

To 9:49AM ~~ How dare you tell me I'm not Santa!! I've identified with being Santa since I was a tot. I go to great lengths to dye my beard white. I routinely wear red, too! Behind closed doors, I practice my Santa laugh - "Ho! Ho! Ho!". I'm telling you, I am Santa!

BTW, your "standard" is pretty shakey, wouldn't you say? Just because YOU aren't "aware" doesn't mean it ain't so! That's especially true in the Town of Greece! Were YOU "aware" when Auberger was bedding the murder victim? No??? Didn't think so ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't know what "shakey" means. Pending litigation or a criminal complaint against an administration would be public information. The details might be held secure during the course of proceedings, but the knowledge of its existence would be public. The "bedding of a murder victim" you refer to does not qualify as "criminal or corrupt" government conduct. It might be considered questionable judgment, but questionable judgment does not qualify as corruption and is not a crime. Furthermore, questionable judgment is a net that catches us all at one time or another!

So, I stand by my initial statement that the current administration has been "crime and corrupt free" by the standard previously described.

As far as being Santa, I think David Koresh held a similar sentiment about a mythological figure and it ended badly. In addition, I think crushed red velvet suits went out of style in the 70s.

Anonymous said...

SCATS So then you openly admit you have nothing to back up your claim. And maybe you are Santa since I can not prove you aren't. You could also be Jack the
ripper as well since I can't prove that either.
So even if someone has done nothing wrong your logic says" Do not give them the benefit of doubt lets just say they are no good. You are warped.

SCATS said...

To 1:26PM ~~ Oh puh-leeze!!! When it comes to "public information" few citizens know ANYTHING unless it's reported by the media! Often, local media appears to choose to NOT report, just as they choose to NOT ASK FOLLOW-UP INFO, or refuse to ask the central questions to a situation! We're well aware of how anyone in the press who goes against the status quo will be EXCLUDED next time there's "Breaking News" and a press conference is held in HQ, DO, etc.

Look at the story this thread started with! Look at what it took, not to mention how long it took, to get the TRUTH about the cost of the lawsuits! Look at what the powers that be attempted to have deep-sixed so it wouldn't become public! They even had the venue changed for the civil trials. WHY? TO KEEP IT OUT OF LOCAL NEWS!! Aside from the long and late D &C story, it worked!

As for the current admin. there's been essentially NO FOLLOW-UP INFO PROVIDED on ANY significant story/event that's occurred! So far, two very public "welfare checks" have ended in gunfire by GPD killing one man and nearly killing the other! WHERE'S THE FOLLOW-UP??? My God, Bill won't even make the agenda for the TOWN BOARD MEETING public beforehand! (It's after 4pm now and there's a meeting tonight!) WHY NOT? BOARD MEETING AGENDAS ARE PUBLIC INFO!!!

I bet if you were to stop the first 10 people who passed by you on the corner in front of the County courthouse and asked them to tell you how to obtain "public info" that NONE COULD TELL YOU! They wouldn't even know what constitutes "public info" under FOIL. On a really good day, maybe one might know something ...

PS ~~ You are now on my official "Naughty" list and lumps of coal will be deposited by my elves in your socks on December 24th. Ho, ho, ho!

Anonymous said...

Dear Santa back on topic. Until Greece people see that the democratic system only works with built in checks and
Balances, Greece will continue to be a breeding ground for wrong doing and corruption by public officials. Until they
See that one party rule does not represent the greater good for this town and take action atthe polls and elect some
Members of another party and end the absolute control of the 5 member board controlled without question, this
kind of stuff will continue to happen unchecked.

SCATS said...

To 3:52PM ~~ Please re-read! I made no such admission.

To 4:17P ~~ ABSOLUTELY 100% SPOT-ON!!!

No Checks + No Balances = Closed, Clubby & Corrupt!

Anonymous said...

the notion that reilich had no connection of any wrong doing in the town of greece from 1996 to 2013 is something that might be looked into

SCATS said...

To 5:42PM ~~ Given that he was and still is the Head of the local GOP, and given that Auggie, Maggie, her hubby and others all had their fingers in the cookie jar, it seems illogical to worry that he knew nothing!

Anonymous said...

Miss Auggie Dawgie yet?

The current clown will make Auggie look like a Saint in a couple more years.