Monday, May 18, 2015

Will Apathy "Win" During Tuesday Elections?

Will a new record low turnout be the headline?

SCATS suggests a "NO" vote on both propositions, bus purchase and budget. 

SCATS suggests NOT casting any vote to endorse any BOE member.*

* It won't matter anyway, since just 3 people are vying for 3 seats. Let them win with few votes and maybe it will help to keep them humble ;)


Anonymous said...

I will vote no on both.

Good riddance to Babs. Her record of accomplishment is quite slim as is envision 2017. Wish I could create a plan for 2017 and leave two years before its done as well.

Finally per a post on one of the other threads, the attack on Mr Hubbard was uncalled for. He served. How many of you have?


Anonymous said...

I'm writing in C. Hubbard!!