Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Narrow Margins In Approved Props

By a vote of 1,878 to 1,587, Greece Central School District voters approved a $217,724,729 spending plan for the 2015-16 school year. The budget increases by 3.6% and carries a projected tax rate of $23.77 per $1,000 of assessed value.

By a vote of 1,818 in favor and 1,637 against, voters also approved a bus purchase proposition that authorizes the district to replace 25 buses and one 8-passenger vehicle at a cost not to exceed $2,538,565. Of that amount, $826,000 will come from the district’s previously established bus purchase reserve fund.


Anonymous said...

When the question was asked if 25 busses will be taken out of service if the budget is passed, no clear answer was given. So this tells me they do not intend to take 25 units out of service. In turn of this passing I would only hope the school transportation department would stop using new or any busses as employment billboards. They are ment for transportation not advertisement.
This transportation system in Greece is a broken system.

Anonymous said...

Things are looking up. Roughy 600 more Greecers showed up to vote than last year. Lol A continuing example of the pathetic loser mentality of Grease. Townies.
The population of Lyndonville is more than the numbers that voted in Grease.

SCATS said...

To 6:36AM ~~ They've been using buses for billboards much of this school year. They've also been advertising for drivers in the Greece Post nonstop. I wonder how much $$ they've spent on their 1/2 and full page ads? They only got this prop thru by 181 votes! The noose is tightening.

To 9:43AM ~~ The margin of the "win" keeps narrowing.

GreeceResident1 said...

The Town of Greece total voter enrollment verses the lack of participation in voting on the recent budget proposal clearly demonstrates the citizens do not support the Greece Central School District. Therefore the school district should be discontinued and the declining population of students seek admission in one of the for profit charter schools available to the public.

It is not apathy or a lack of concern for “the children” of other people or the disbelief in the doctrine of community unity as is generally claimed by the partisans of nanny-government or the school board or the district administration. It is a complete rejection of this school system, its leadership and their racketeering for personal aggrandizement and self-enrichment, the curriculum, the quality of the teaching staff, unsatisfactory student academic performance, poor graduation statistics, the over-spending on non-scholastic activities (e.g., sports, pro-school advertising, underutilized and expensive transportation, etc.) and the overwhelming and irrefutable fact the majority of the townspeople do not use the school district or benefit from it in any way, despite Albany's enticement of income tax deductions or credits or the liberal use of the heavy handed club of State constitutional mandate for the institution of public education.

The passage of the budget demonstrates the failure of so called American electoral process when a small minority of worshipers of academic flimflam successfully control the purse strings of the registered majority because their absence was not counted as a "no vote" which in a true democracy, would have been.

SCATS said...

To Greece Resident 1 ~~ I've never heard it stated any better or clearer than that! TY :)

Anonymous said...

That's because one of your members obviously wrote it. Smacks of SCATS philosophy 100%.

SCATS said...

To 10:37PM ~~ Other than venting your anger, your point is??