Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tuesday Special BOE Meeting, 7PM


Now we know where the extra State Aid $$ will be spent!
Instead of reducing the budget cost to taxpayers, more $$ for fogging the mirror 180 days/year.

PARENTS: Are you aware the district has cut your children's education by several school days? 

Students in grades K-8 will now be done with school on Tuesday June 23rd (a half-day), instead of Thursday June 25th.


geo hubbard said...

Goal 1 of District’s Five Strategic Goals:

“Accelerate Academic Achievement... for all students by providing access to rigorous curriculum and aligned instructional materials and assessments at all grade levels and all subjects.”

So says strategic plan, “ENVISION GREECE 2017”, page 23.


Are graduation rates accelerating?

SCATS said...

No, George. But it will get the kiddies out of teacher's hair earlier, and that is priceless!

Anonymous said...

I don't find mention of length of school year.

Where is it?

SCATS said...

To 10:43AM ~~ Who knows. In recent years, our BOE adopts a calendar they then change half a dozen times over the course of the school year. They are always catering to someone.

Anonymous said...

Is MOA for new contract telling for future budgets?

Ave STEP increase is 3.86%... high 7.50%.

Anyone get different answer?

Anonymous said...

To: Geo 10:36pm

Grad Rates
2013-14__86% per NYSED, no GCSD report yet.

No acceleration so far!

SCATS said...

To 4:09PM ~~ Thus raises for them all!

geo hubbard said...

To: 4:09pm thanks

I also found some figures in GCSD BUDGET NEWSLETTER – APRIL 2015.

Page 5 says under Measuring Success bullets: “August graduation rates have increased 4% in the last four years.

Ques?: Anyone know specifics for any of last 4 or 5 years - school year and corresponding grad rate? Also, identify source?

Need to be alert to 4yr/Jun vs 4yr/Aug grad rate figures.

Comments invited.

geo h. said...

1. GCSD says August grad rate increased 4% last 4yrs... but isn’t specific about the rate/date for the start... or the end.

2. NYSED grad rates for 17 Monroe County schools are listed below.

3. QUIZZ: Where does GCSD fit (lines a, b,... p) at the end of 4yrs... finishing 4% above where it started?

Graduation Rate
4Yr/Aug Cohort

4. Or do you believe the finish year should be 2012-13?

Comments invited.
Geo H.

SCATS said...

According to the GCSD document titled "Results Book 2013-14, pg. 21, the "Total Cohort Graduation" rates were:
Percent Class Year
79% 2009

85% 2010

84% 2011

85% 2012

86% 2013

Since it says TOTAL COHORT, we assume it includes the Aug. grads.

Bt looking over several different GCSD documents, it appears they are OVERSTATING their actual increases in the graduation rates. Who is surprised??

Charlie Hubbard said...

I went to the school board meeting Tuesday night which would more accurately be described as the district/union love in.
The board approved yet another teacher contract with ZERO accountability to attain salary increases - more of the same - no financial info available - again more of the same. The losers are the taxpayers - more of the same.

Let me make this as clear as I can - taxpayers are NOT respected by this district and the board. I voiced concern about the district AND the board not knowing the cost of having a special vote in March - THAT was a lack of respect to taxpayers. It was more important to be loved by special interest taking taxpayers for granted. Were it not for a vote being required by law the process of borrowing money for that stadium would be underway now with near $30 million in reserves which by the way is a result of over taxation.

Taxpayers must send the message with their vote that they deserve to be respected. This district wants approval to spend and levy the taxes to increase spending by over $7.5 million for 150 'fewer' students. Taxpayers are being taken for granted and are definitely not being respected.
It is time to take a stand - vote May 19th.

Anonymous said...

To: SCATS 2:26pm

You say 86% in 2013. I always suspected you were a shill for GCSD!!

2013 go back 4yrs is 2009. Your table shows 79% for 2009.

From 79% forward to 86% is 7%... a lot more than 4% as GCSD claims.

You’ve got me confused, or are you confused?

Anonymous said...

Shades of Prop2 stadium all over again!!! Confusing numbers to mislead voters.

Bottom of list 86% graduation rate... budget increase... new high priced GTA contract.

Like stadium, budget should be defeated!!!

SCATS said...

To 4:10PM ~~ Confused about what?? I merely posted GCSD's numbers from ONE document with a link to it. As I said, it appears they are OVERSTATING their graduation rates WHEN YOU COMPARE various GCSD documents!

To 4:34PM ~~ Yup, first they confuse us, then use our "confusion" as the reason we need to pay for a special vote!

BTW, Monday night the candidates talked about revoting the stadium within 3 years!!

Geo H. said...

So, SCATS... are you picking lines o or p for 86% down at the bottom of list...

or since your 86% is for 2013, are you saying not to use the list as shown above labeled “Yr 2013-14”?

SCATS said...

To George ~~ I didn't pick. I merely gave one example of what GCSD claims.

Geo H. said...

Table below... NYSED cohort 4yr/Aug grad rate for 17 Monroe County S.D.s (Brighton thru Wheatland) for successive years. Data sorted on Col B.


Comments invited.
Geo H.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear Gale O'toole throw president Mcabe under the bus last night PUBICALLY...What dysfunction. SCATS where is your coverage on the contract passing last night? Not one article or mention?

SCATS said...

To 10:45PM ~~ What is there to say? Did you expect it would NOT pass?? This BOE is nothing but a bunch of union-backed bobbleheads and three more (well, two) will be joining them soon.

SCATS said...

BTW 10:45PM ... please tell us what she said. TY.

Anonymous said...

Reading all these numbers about graduation rates is meaningless info. The percent of students who graduate DOES NOT equate to students who have the skills and knowledge to go out into the world to make a living or even go on to college and succeed. Next we will get numbers that tell us the number of GCSD kids who go on to college. So what. That does not mean they finished college. Many of these kids end up in remedial classes because they can't handle the college courses and then leave after one year.

Public education is a mess. It is nothing but a vast money pit taxpayers are forced to fund and get a product that is useless to the community. I see these kids every day and they are dumb as rocks. Just because one graduates with a HS diploma does not mean one has any smarts!

SCATS said...

To 6:22AM ~~ AGREED! However, the purpose of this discussion goes to the fact that GCSD likes to promote "good news" in hopes it will help pass their budget. If they put out conflicting figures, let's make them work to show us where the money went and what the "reality" of grad rates in Greece are.

Charlie Hubbard said...

to 10:45
I was at the district/union love/in Tuesday night and heard Ms. O'toole's concern over the board president voting on a contract that gave financial reward to his wife and 'his' household. This is not a 'law' problem - it is how ever an 'ethics' problem but then again this is how school board business is done. I ask any reader - would you recuse yourself from voting?
This is just one of many 'ethics' problems being performed by this board - example - does anyone think it would be responsible and respectful to the owners of the district (taxpayers) to tell them what educational value and the added cost to taxpayers of this contract PRIOR to voting? - well they didn't - they just did what their boss (the superintendent) wanted, violated their own policy, and focused on making yet another special interest happy - to he## with the taxpayers - but then again this is how our school board operates.

Anonymous said...

the board had the info about the contract and its numbers, increases, costs to district, etc. where does it say they have to tell the taxpayer this info. We elected them to review the data and decide for us. I think it is ignorant to think that they didn't know just because they chose not to share the info.

Anonymous said...

On your A B Chart above two questions:
1. What does "Data Sorted" mean?

2. What letters represent Rrockport, Gates-Chili and Rush-Henrietta?

Thank you

Doug Skeet

SCATS said...

To 11:59AM ~~ You know this how?? This board is NOT known for being either competent or transparent. Is there any reason why the public should NOT know the numbers?? I'm pretty sure that info is public ;)

Charlie Hubbard said...

to 11:59 (anonymous)
Read policy 6431
After the meeting I asked the finance director for the info - he did not have it.
I asked the board clerk - she did not have it.
I asked one of the board members and they did not have it.
Again, read policy 6431 and then tell us why copies were not sitting there for any and all.

SCATS said...

Charlie ~~ TY for providing the policy # . I just read it and the BOE was supposed to discuss the cost in OPEN SESSION, the cost was supposed to be entered into the meeting minutes AND attached to the contract/addendum for the public!!

What can be done to make these fools follow their own policy???

Charlie Hubbard said...

Scats; as I see it there is only one thing the community can do to get these people to start doing their job, to start showing the OWNERS of this district (the taxpayers) the respect they deserve.

geo hubbard said...

To: 12:26pm…Thanks Doug… I go to all the work of digging out and posting the numbers… and you ask brother Charlie the important questions. I’ve lived most of my life in his shadow… mom always did like him best!!

So, you say:
"Anonymous said...
On your A B Chart above two questions:
1. What does "Data Sorted" mean?

2. What letters represent Rrockport, Gates-Chili and Rush-Henrietta?
Thank you

Doug Skeet
4/30/2015 12:26 PM"

1. “Data Sorted” means the numbers in Col B are ordered from largest (97%) to smallest (84%) for ease of examining the magnitude, range, distribution etc…. without regard to district of origin.

2. My intent was to avoid a p***ing contest of GCSD compared to other districts by name. I have no desire to embarrass students… or faculty etc… with such comparisons, but I think BOE would take notice for purposes of setting goals/targets in future.

3. According to MCSBA 2014 data, GCSD has highest median salary (16% above average of 17 suburban SDs), but scores near the bottom for grad rate.

4. If GCSD pays more to be near the bottom, then a pay-for-performance alternative might be to pay less and be satisfied with lower performance!

5. On what basis can BOE justify high budgets?

Comments invited.
Geo H.

Anonymous said...

SCATS!! BDW put in her retirement today!!! July 1 she is leaving!

SCATS said...

To 5:17PM ~~ Now THAT is 'good news'!!

Charlie Hubbard said...

A quick example of the disrespect being shown to taxpayers.
In the teachers contract is a section called 'release time'. It allows for the union to appoint someone to do 'union business' rather than teach and at taxpayers expense. The old contract allowed for the 1.0 full time equivalent plus all benefits. As a board member I always questioned why taxpayers should be responsible for paying this bill? No one ever had an answer other than we have 'always done it' and it was one of the goals in negotiations to rid the contract of this item.

Now the new contract - this 1.0 equivalent is now 1.8 - an 80% increase to do 'union business' and yes at taxpayers expense. We do not know the dollar amount because none was given prior to approval of the contract.

This is yet another example of the disrespect being shown to the taxpayers in this district and yet another reason to vote NO for any spending increase on May 19th.

Anonymous said...

To: Charlie

Why are you talking about disrespect?

This sounds like misuse of public funds.