Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Frank Oberg Doesn't Understand "NO!"

Oberg Wants Stadium Revoted

At this evening's BOE meeting about the budget, BOE member Frank Oberg expressed dismay about the outcome of the recent vote on the stadium project. 

Oberg stated that he "doesn't understand" why so many came out in the numbers that did to oppose it! 

Oberg urged the BOE to consider a revote on it as soon as May!

SCATS ~~ This response is predictable! "No" never really means "no" in Greece Central. Never mind that a significant number of voters appeared just to express their displeasure with this project!

Some food for thought, Frank ... 

  • Could it be the lies told by the 28 member committee about the State Aid reimbursements?
  • Could it be the lack of transparency in the numbers used by Greece Central?
  • Could it be the community recognized a TRULY BAD FINANCIAL DEAL when they saw one?
  • Could it be that even the in-school voters don't value this white elephant?
  • Could it be the taxpayers don't want their children paying on the project well into their adulthood, especially when the $$ to build it was already on hand?
  • Could it be the Greece community just doesn't value sports as much as the noisy minority thinks?
The answers to ALL OF THE ABOVE ~ "YES!!"

The community spoke, loud and clear! By a margin of almost three to two, they shouted "NO!"


Anonymous said...

What part of NO does Oberg not understand??? We do not live in Texas where 20,000 people show up for a High School football game. We don't need an 8 million dollar stadium. The school district does a poor job of managing any capital projects. We are still paying millions and millions of dollars for the Taj Mahal at Athena. I say let the town of Greece take on the stadium project. They do a better job of managing our tax dollars and will do a much better job of maintaining any stadium. Put it on town owned land. And keep the price tag under $3 million!

Anonymous said...

The results of the exit surveys were?

Anonymous said...

We need to organize to stop any revote.

Albert Ficus

Anonymous said...

Frank you are a good guy but respect the process. People voted it down by a lot. In my view the location is wrong, the timing is wrong and, the use of questionably safe materials is wrong. If Greece wants a stadium what is wrong with Canal Ponds? Plenty of room, traffic not an issue, all of the schools have equal standing and access. The best soccer in the world is played in England on grass. The Green Bay Packers play on grass. Pro Lacrosse Players prefer grass. Perhaps the town and county could get involved as I don't think that anyone really wants to go to the stadium near Oak street if they had a choice. Lets get the schools in shape and do the mission (education) critical stuff first then worry about a luxury. To me it is like buying a 70 inch Television while the roof needs replacing and is leaking.

Anonymous said...

Could it be Frank was really asking the board to reconsider putting it up for another vote when the voters had clearly said no?

SCATS said...

To 6:40AM ~~ EXCELLENT QUESTION!! We suspect that if the surveys supported DO's wishes, we would have heard about it. DO didn't even bother to post the final tally for the vote!

To Albert ~~ Please lead the charge AND also run for BOE!

To 11:34AM ~~ His "good guy" days are LONG GONE! He changed colors long ago. Your idea of Canal Ponds is a very good one!

To 3:39PM ~~ CLEARLY NO!! He stated it was worthwhile to consider ANOTHER VOTE on the issue.

Kurt Jensen said...

Scats, who is running for the BOE this year? Who is up for reelection? Any word on any incumbents seeking another term?

-Kurt Jensen

SCATS said...

To Kurt ~~ The 3 seats up this year are Grinnan's, VanOrman's & Crandall's. So far, we've heard Grinnan was getting petition signatures.

Anonymous said...

Would a revote be for all 3 items?

Kurt Jensen said...

SCATS...Very interesting. What about Crandall and Vanorman....No reelection bid? Also, have you heard any chatter about anyone else running in the community? Albert Ficus what about you....Running for the BOE this year? I find it interesting that only Grinnan has taken out his petition....When is the deadline for election? We may have yet another year with poor voter turn out and not many options to elect.


Anonymous said...

Plot thickens... and will get thicker if stadium is revoted.

Will public see the WHAT (stadium), or the HOW (debt) BOE does business?

SCATS said...

To 7:53PM ~~ Of course not! Why risk a negative outcome on something they've already been granted?

To KJ ~~ To be clear, we haven't heard about the others. It is possible they do have petitions out. It is also possible this will be another year for a write-in campaign. A call to the Board Clerk's office will give you the deadline for retruning petitions and the date when the info on the candidates becomes public.

Anonymous said...

All, I am not interested in the formal campaign process (petition, campaign signs, mailers, etc) but, as in the last election, would run a write-in campaign if we don't have enough formal candidates.

In terms of the stadium funding, suggest we all flood the BOE members with emails AGAINST any stadium revote. Here are their emails:


Keep the message crisp. Something like "I understand the potential of a re-vote on the Stadium funding was discussed at the BOE meeting on 4/7/2015. The Stadium proposal was soundly rejected by voters last month and request you do NOT support any expensive re-vote. The will of the voters of the district was made clear by the results of the last budget vote".

I would also email same to Meaghan McDermott at the D&C so she understands and can report on what's going on in the district. mcdermot@democratandchronicle.com

Also we should attend the BOE meeting and say same in the resident's forum.

Albert Ficus

Charlie Hubbard said...

Might be a good time to start looking at 'reducing' the number of board members - 5 is plenty. Having 9 members adds nothing of meaning.

SCATS said...

To Albert @6:07AM ~~ We just want to correct a couple of details about your understanding of things.

First, there was no "DISCUSSION" regarding the stadium, as far as we're aware. It was simply one man's remarks made at the end of the meeting.

Second, there is no additional cost of a REVOTE by putting the item on the ballot with the upcoming annual budget vote & BOE member election in May.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough on the clarification on discussion.

On a re-vote...they will need to re-create website materials and will need to send a mailing telling folks about the re-vote as well as giving their spin and why it needs to be approved this time. There will be a cost to all that.


SCATS said...

To Albert ~~ The cost should be nominal since they can recycle the propoganda from before and attach it to the Budget Info.


Anonymous said...

A revote would only make sense if the project was down sized. Exit questions may have provided the reasons it was voted down. It's only a guess, but maybe the
turf was the reason, so a revote without turf might be more plausible.

SCATS said...

To 6:29PM ~~ Changing from artificial turf to grass doesn't really downsize by more than $100,000 if that.

I tend to agree with those who stated a truly neutral field on town or even county land is a better way to go. GCSD just doesn't have a good track record in managing big $$ projects.

With enrollment continuing to fall, how do they justify another $7.6+ million budget increase??

Anonymous said...

I wannnn my Sta De UMMMMMM

You understand?

I deserve a Sta Deeee UMMMMM.

I can't get a damn piano, got one already.

I ain't asking for a TV studio

I wana StaaaDDDUMMM!

You want downsize?
10 less parking spots, and you can have used assoturf from that football dump over by Buffalo.

Build my dammmmm StaDeeUmmm!

BabsBowl YES

Lights YES

I still look good in artificial lighting
I won't let the makeup model sit with me.

Build Babs Bowl.

Anonymous said...

Like I said a few weeks ago, the 10:18 poster is kind of a sad situation. I completely disagree with the idea of building a stadium as well, but the idea that he/she wrote that thinking it was remotely funny is offensive.

SCATS said...

To 9:40PM ~~ Exactly what offends you about it? Unless you are Babs ... ?

Anonymous said...

9:40 can't be a Greece Central Sports District Graduate, he/she/it knows how to use commas.

I don't get Babs Bowl in 2015 I'll renew my contract and stay here preventing education.

I don't need the makeup model to do that either, I have bus loads of teachers who can eliminate education.

Build Babs Bowl!

Vote for that nice Frankie fellow for BOE too!

All hail Mistress Babs!

Anonymous said...

3 to 2 easily overturned with new vote.