Tuesday, March 24, 2015

VOTE TODAY 6am-9pm


Proposition 1 - NO!

Proposition 2 - Hell NO!

Proposition 3 - Ain't NO WAY in hell!


Anonymous said...

I want my stadium.
Vote Yes Yes and Yes.
I deserve a stadium
The last Super got a friggin piano and a TV Studio
Nobody uses them

I deserve a stadium
Sweet young boys in sexy costumes will use my stadium
NO PUTTITS will be allowed in my stadium to use it for a litterbox.
SCATS won't be allowed in!

Athletic Supporters will love my stadium.

Build my bus wash too.
You don't want your live trophies riding filthy buses.

Think Temple to Babs
Vote YES YES AND yes again.
All hail Empress Babs

Babs Babs, she's our gurl.
Vote YES
So Babs don't hurl.

Anonymous said...

Just Voted

All three are ahead 1-0

Anonymous said...

I am voting NO, NO and HELL NO today. This whole stadium thing is ridiculous. The school district can't even graduate kids that can read and write but they want us to spend MILLIONS of dollars for a freaking stadium???

This project should be a town project. Get some donated land in a neutual area and build it with both the town and school district sharing the costs but let the town run it and maintain it. The school district does a poor job of keeping up maintanance on their own buildings now. We are STILL paying for the debacle at Athena and the grand piano!

Anonymous said...

I see what in my opinion is an effort to suppress the vote.

I vote at West Ridge School (Which for some strange reason used to be on Chesterton Rd). It is Now on English Rd, and to get in you have to push a button and wait for someone to come and unlock the door.

How the He*L can you call a building on English Rd "West Ridge"?

Anonymous said...





Albert Ficus

SCATS said...

To 6:30AM ~~ ONLY at YOUR polling location ... if then.

To 8:06AM ~~ You are 100% correct! And when GCSD tries to build or repair something, they make a mess of it, waste money and have no clue what they did wrong.

To 8:34AM ~~ And they worry about "confusing the voters" by holding the budget vote with a vote like this!

TY Albert!

Anonymous said...

I would like the school district and our elected representatives (School Board Members) to tell us how much outstanding debt they have on the books from all the other "special" votes we have had in the last 10 years. Please include all the interest and when all this debt will be retired. Bet you they won't have a clue. My great grandchildren will be paying it off no doubt!

I voted NO, NO and Hell NO!

Anonymous said...

I just left Buckman Hights after I voted and people are streaming in there now. Old and young. And to make it look like we don't spend enough money on our poor little kiddies, they set up the voting room in a music closet. Gotta love the games the district plays. I voted no, no, no.

Anonymous said...

To 3:36
Athletic supporters are meant to carry a boys/mans balls...nothing more or less, Ha.

To the rest,

Seriously though, we now have cause and evidence to dispute and reject the vote. MANIPULATION OF VOTERS DUE TO ACCESS CONTROL BY DISTRICT EMPLOYEES.

As a concerned citizen/employee willing to exercise my right to vote, I was denied access to my assigned voting facility, while of course using my personal time at lunch to do so.

Wearing District clothing, and ringing the assigned "don't let in any child predator access button" 3 times, I was still denied access. I tried to swipe my DO issued ID and still couldn't get in. My thought is it's cause I'm a gray hair looking to vote NO! But fear not I'm really smart and think what's next? So I wait for the person manning raptor at the NEW WEST RIDGE to see a younger voter approach and I can hide a little, to confuse the operator of the access button, and sneak in on the allowed persons coattails. And lo and behold, I win, and I'm sliding in behind. It's really great to know and be smarter than the caliber of people Chatterton hires for minimum... And they're commitment to anything other than income!!!
So much for security, safety, voting, District transparency, and fairness.
Bring a Lawsuit... this vote violates all state and federal statutes of fairness, accessibility, and openness!

SCATS said...

To 6:13PM ~~ You should B*TCH to the District Clerk ASAP!

NOTHING surprises me in Greece Central. This is definitely a DO or die vote for the stadium. Selke won't last much longer.

SCATS said...

To 5:04PM ~~ I think they did that once about 20 yrs. ago to get a union-supported write-in vote elected. They even had his name CORRECTLY SPELLED AND ON DISPLAY! Complaining did NO good.