Sunday, March 22, 2015

The TRUTH About Propositions 1, 2 & 3

PROPOSITION #1 ~ Building Repairs/Renovations

This Proposition contains a multitude of "wants" (not "needs") ... from the District's Wish List, to be paid for by Santa Chump, The Taxpayer.

  1. Many of these "wants" are actually related to the grounds surrounding facilities, not the buildings themselves.
  2. Many of the projects are specifically related to sports programs ~ example: dugouts
  3. The "wants" list includes $415,000 for playgrounds
  4. A whopping $225,000 of that playground fund is targeted for Pinebrook! (Gold-plated!?)
  5. Storage buildings at 9 schools costing $60,000 each add another $540,000 to the "wants" list. Do we know if we will be closing ANY of these schools soon due to enrollment drops?? No, it hasn't been considered!
  6. At least 10 bldgs. are to get pricey parking lot, access road or bus loop repairs, expansions or new construction. 

PROPOSITION #2 ~ Athletic Stadium w/Toxic Turf & Lights

This Proposition is/was promoted using numbers that left much to the imagination, if not outright lies told to the 28 person pro-sports committee who parroted the misinformation all over town. 

This proposal is based upon 
  1. District office told the committee that State Aid would reimburse 78% of the cost. This has been PROVEN TO BE A LIE!
  2. The actual State Aid reimbursement will be a mere 23%!
  3. The project's BASE COST is $8.5 million
  4. Factually, GCSD could finance building the stadium using funds they already have on hand!
  5. Under this Proposition, the TOTAL COST balloons to $12.5 million!
  6. Of that $12.5 million TOTAL COST, $4 million is INTEREST !!
  7. That $4 million interest expense AND the paltry 23% State Aid reimbursement rate were both kept hidden by GCSD!

Would you buy a $25,000 car and pay $12,000 in interest on the loan when you already have the money in your savings account?? 

No?? Then why in hell would you approve this Proposition to build a stadium with a toxic turf field and unknown maintenance costs?? 

You know you wouldn't!!

Proposition # 3 ~ Land acquisition at 1862 Latta Road

This proposal is to expend $207,450 from fund balance money to purchase real estate Greece Central has drooled over for decades. The problem is, they want to build a bus wash facility on it and do not know if/when the taxpayers might ever OK such a costly proposal. In reality, we should be reducing the number of buses we own/maintain as enrollments shrink, making this less necessary in the future.

We believe they intend to use this property to PARK STADIUM ATTENDEES, since Arcadia's parking lots accommodate only +/- 500 cars.

When you vote on TUESDAY MARCH 24th, please remember:

Approval of Props 1, 2 & 3 
will add approx. $20+ to the average home's property taxes ANNUALLY* 

* before exemptions


Anonymous said...

FYI there are many needed items in the propositions. Like new windows at Athena, current windows are original and leak badly, new roof, etc.
Interesting fact for sports, 3 of Athena's winter sports teams just received a Scholastic Sports Honor for having a collective average of 90 or better (both varsity basketball teams and hockey). Many of the fall teams also received this honor. I guess kids in sports get good grades after all!

It comes down to investing in your property, much like people do when they upgrade their home. No one will move into Greece over Hilton or Spencerport if we continue to let our schools crumble and get outdated. So if you want to whine about a small increase in taxes don't complain when you can't sell your house in a few years.

SCATS said...

To 4:32PM ~~ No one said there were no "needed" items. However, it is disengenuous at best of GCSD to promote Prop 1 as "Building Repairs" when much of it is NOT for buildings, but for grounds!

What does your "sports fact" have to do with anything?? It's a diversion tactic. I'll bet 90% of the kids in the marching band can make the same claim! So what?

As for investing in your property, it is a well known fact that over-improving what you have for its location is a VERY BAD FINANCIAL DECISION. That applies to Greece Central too. Currently, MANY WHO LIVE IN GREECE CAN'T SELL THEIR HOME FOR ITS ASSESSED VALUE! The complaints started awhile back.

Anonymous said...

The $225,000 for a PLAYGROUND just boggles my mind! That's excessive especially for a playground that isn't even used most of the year ! And why Pinebrook? The playground at my kids school is falling apart. It would be nice if playgrounds were updated, sure, but there are many ways in which money could be spent more wisely.

SCATS said...

To 4:33PM ~~ This is the first time I've EVER seen the district advertise they would fund & build a playground. In the past, it was up to the school PTA to git 'er done. Parents would show up on weekends to erect the equipment on their own time, after raising the money.

We suspect this is merely another attempt to try to get parents out to vote yes for a pretty hefty tax increase. Just wait until you see what's coming with their budget proposal in May! KA-CHING!!

Anonymous said...

Pine Brook has a high amount of special education classes. I have heard that they are getting handicap accessible equipment for those classes. I would assume that equipment costs more than regular playground.

Anonymous said...

WHY do the present windows leak badly?

Will the new windows leak better?

Why isn't the Sport District going back on the window manufacturer?

Why did we get better life from older windows in old buildings?

Why can't GCSD educate?
Why does Babs get paid more than Crook Cuomo?

Can we trade a piano for windows?

Why don't I trust GCSD?

SCATS said...

To 6:58PM ~~ Give me a break! EVERY elementary school has handicapped kids. They are to get almost $1/4 million! That's enough to build a VERY NICE HOME in GREECE!

To 6:58PM ~~ Probably because you've paid close attention & know what's going on.