Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Natives Have Spoken ...

(2305 - Yes; 3079 - No) 

Land Purchase 
&(3165 - Yes; 2210 - No)
 Bldg Repairs 
(3249 - Yes; 2241 - No)



Anonymous said...

Smart move on the building repairs & land. purchase. Long overdue on both issues.

The sports facility defeat may actually be a good long term decision. The facility really needs to be built & located in the Olympia complex where there is sufficient space, parking, & access. The Arcadia site was just a band aid anyways. Next time do it right at Olympia.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Not all were stopped but I have to say if one had to be selected to be stopped, glad it was the stadium. I honestly saw no real value to that in light of the other pressing issues the school district faces...shrinking enrollment, schools like Odyssey doing down the drain academically (75th in nation to unranked in 2 years...school reputation way down in the eyes of colleges), behavioral issues like the filmed fight at Olympia and the video abuse at Athena by the SAME folks who were involved with Karen Klein, and the safety issue of the unauthorized person on the bus.

You have to fix these basic, core issues in a school district before you ask for a sports stadium!

Also I get a bit tired of the Board positioning that certain items have "no impact on the taxpayers". I think a bit broader perhaps but any support from the State or the Feds comes from my tax money too. So I pay for ALL of these spending resolutions no matter where the funds are budgeted from.

The School Board and the Superintendent should see this as a wakeup that they have no mandate. The voters are tired of a focus on the wrong things. I am at least.

Albert Ficus

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the bigger story than the stadium being shot down, is GCSD being shot down by the urban suburban program. Not officially of course, but there's a reason this program's administration is courting seemingly every suburban district in the county, but has elected to take a pass on Greece. Throw in the fact that Greece's enrollment has been plummeting (I.e. they need students), and they actually border the city, and one has to wonder why. My thought is the disfunction and overall poor performance of GCSD has left advocates for city students saying "Thanks, but no thanks".

Anonymous said...

Glad I live and have a kid in Penfield schools.

SCATS said...

To 6:52AM ~~ You do realize that the idea of a lighted field has been REJECTED at Olympia before? There is neither proper access (one entrance) nor "adequate parking" on the Olympia campus! They intended to run shuttle buses up & down Maiden Lane!

To 8:22AM ~~ I think you nailed it with several great points! Two full weeks of BAD PUBLICITY certainly didn't help either.

To 8:59AM ~~ I didn't realize that was the case. I heard a BOE member mention that Greece should look into it as an alternate "revenue stream."

geo hubbard said...

To: 8:22am/Albert Ficus

Dear Albert... who are you... where are you... have you ever considered running for BOE?

Anonymous said...

To 8:59AM.....Greece already has an "Urban Suburban" program. It is just not "official." The district has been turning a blind eye to all the city kids going to our schools. WHY?????? Because enrollment has dropped dramatically in the last 10 years and the more kids that show up the more state aid they get! Why do you think all the other suburban schools are now "officially" offering to take city school students? It has nothing to do with giving city school kids an opportunity to learn. It is all about the revenue stream. People are leaving NYS and the kids that graduated from our Monroe County High Schools go to college and don't come back. WHY??? No freaking jobs because of NYS TAXES, specifically SCHOOL TAXES!

This stadium needed to be voted down. It is not important in the end. Let the town build it on some of their vacant land. At least they are better at saving up money and paying cash at times for improvement projects. And they will manage the stadium better than the school district!

Anonymous said...

yep, now our tax dollars (state) will pay for a different school district to have a stadium. We have actually already paid for Hilton's, Spencerport's, etc. The money will go to another district and you are right, it was our money. So, in my opinion we were stupid not to spend it on our own district. And before you say it, no this money can't be spent on teachers, books, etc. Take that one up with the state, they set limitations on what capital improvement money can be used for. So, good to know Greece residents have helped pay for other districts new buildings, pools, turf fields etc and we are too stupid to get our own. Just another reason why my house will be sold within the next 5 years and my grandchildren won't attend Greece schools. They will go to a district that has taken advantage of the funds the state offers for improvements.

Anonymous said...

6:06PM AMEN to that!

SCATS said...

To 7:47PM ~~ Take your belly-aching up with our BOE. They misled everyone (lied??) with the State Aid reimbursement by claiming it was 78%!! It turned out to be 22%! In the end, we "saved" Greece from more embarrassing headlines in the future. You & I both know it's only a matter of time before a Greece stadium would be the location of our next black eye. Until we settle/deal with some bigger issues, we need a stadium like we need another bully in Athena's restrooms.

Anonymous said...

To: 7:47pm

So Spencerport and Hilton have stadiums... tell us more?

And NYS paid for them... how much was that?

SCATS said...

To 9:20PM ~~ I'm reminded of when I was a kid and wanted what all the other kids had. Complaining to my parents was useless. I'm reading lots of similar comments today on social media ... "everyone else has one but Greece" ... "smaller schools play under the lights" ... "Greece has cheap people" ... WHAH! WHAH! WHAH!

Anonymous said...

To: 7:47

Voters vote on the propositions as presented in Greece... not the propositions talked about in other districts.

An $8.5M stadium costing $12.5M with 23% state aid... and Greece is STUPID??

You drank the cool aid... and it still tastes good... oh so good,

Anonymous said...

To: 10:40pm

You left out an important point.

An $8.5M stadium... costing $12.5M (hidden)... with 23% state aid (hidden)... PUT BEFORE VOTERS IN MARCH!!

GCSD has an ethics problem!!!!

Anonymous said...


I am grandparent of 3 who have either graduated from or are in Greece high schools. They keep me well informed as to what they see going on there.

I live in North Greece close to Hilton but in the Greece School District area.

Actually I kind of threw mine name in last BOE election as a write-in since there were not enough candidates who initially stepped up for the openings.

I used my full name which is Ilan Albert Ficus (but I go by Albert). I even went as far as having my computer robo-call a message to a small group of parents who I thought would support me. My assumption was that in the write-in area just a hundred or so votes would do it as there was, at the time, more slots than folks running (which later changed). I think this board thought that my call list was obtained in some dubious manner. Far from the case...it is very easy to get free call lists...you can Google to get them. I used one and filtered on the folks I wanted to call.

I really did not want to do the full election thing with signs by the road, etc. Right after I started my efforts, Oberg jumped in and that was that. He won the write-in.

If folks want to write me in - fine I would serve. We have 3 openings again this year and would engage like last election if there not enough candidates to cover all the openings.

But I am not going to do the political full election thing with having to go get signatures to get on the ballot and print election signs.

Politics turns me off.

SCATS said...

To 5:11AM ~~ Ethics problem? Isn't that kind of amusing since our BOE sign a Code of Ethics pledge when sworn-in?

To Albert ~~ Excellent idea! TY :)

Anonymous said...

I would have preferred that all 3 items went down - not because I thought they were all bad - 1 & 3 both worthy. However these proposals should have been presented in May as part of the budget vote. School maintenance should be a part of the annual budget, not a capital improvement that needs to have money borrowed. This cost us around $100,000 to have this special vote. The field and the land acquisition are rightfully outside the budget process and be separate proposals at budget vote time.

SCATS said...

To 4:15PM ~~ We agree it should have been voted on in May. We disagree that Item 3 is "worthy." The necessity of building a bus wash facility remains to be seen. We believe they hoped to somehow use this land to accommodate stadium attendees, since Arcadia lacks sufficient space. We also estimated the cost at $100,000 ... WASTED.

Anonymous said...

The games started before the Stadium was built.

The Sports Goosers tried to game the voters by talking up a BIG offensive star wearing # 78… a transfer from Albany they said.

The Admin Bookies tried to game the Goosers by making a new passing rule – Prop2 could not pass before Prop1 passed, but in return Bookies offered to game voters on behalf of Goosers by offering cheap season tickets that would not go up for 15 years.

Then mid way in the game, BIG # 78 was found to be ineligible and TINY # 23 became a substitute... on the roster, but never on the field in public view.

Meanwhile, BOE were picking their seats.

In the end, voters were not fooled by the hidden ball trick on costs and financing.

Tall lights and artificial turf could never beat the suspense of an insider game in Greece... all played by adults for the kids!

Anonymous said...

3:23 I'm pretty sure I've read other submissions by you in the past, and just want to tell you it's lame and annoying. Through your cryptic descriptions, it seems you hold inside information, but several of the references are so vague/absurd some of us in Greece can't even follow them. Add to that the fact the blog is visited by many outside the district, and submissions like your might as well be written in Chinese. Maybe other disagree, but your attempts at being humorous typically fall very short.

SCATS said...

To 8:40AM ~~ I find most of them to a breath of very much needed fresh air! In the example above, the numbers 78 & 23 refer to the switched (mid-campaign) State Aid reimbursements on the stadium prop that were spewed by Greece Central's athletic supporters leading up to the vote last Tuesday.

george hubbard said...

1. Post 3:23pm turns to sarcasm to make, in my opinion, several very important points... leading to one overall conclusion – there was too much ‘consumerism’ in the capital vote!

1a. The March 24th vote (and publicity preceding the vote) reached a new high water mark in becoming too much of… a ‘consumer purchase’ event – ‘sweeten the offer… to make the sale’.

1b. Let me step back. NYS public schools are [broadly] modeled after a corporate structure… BOE is the Board of Directors (sets policy and objectives), Superintendent is the CEO (executes policies & objectives), and residents are the owners. There are other similarities, and obvious differences.

1c. Greece voters were treated more like CONSUMERS than OWNERS of the district... when it came to the flow of public information. Some was obscure or hidden, and some was down right misleading. OWNERS deserve better.

1d. If I understood correctly, Post 3:22pm nailed it by saying the voters were ‘gamed’ to influence their vote.

2. It is up to BOE to set expectations, and impose consequences when expectations are not being met. I don’t see this happening.

3. Good campaign issues here. Who are BOE candidates for May vote?

Comments invited.

Geo. H.

SCATS said...

To George ~~ Yup, we were "gamed" alright! AND LIED TO! In fact, I was fairly certain this was supposed to be Phase 3 of the Excel projects ... the LAST ONE. But they published in their 8 pg. glossy propaganda piece that this was "Phase 2 of a three-phase capital reconstruction project ..."
( 1st paragraph pg. 4 http://www.greececsd.org/files/50413/cip%20newsletter%20final.pdf )

Yet their own website states: "Greece Central School District voters approved the EXCEL II Project in December 2011."

( http://www.greececsd.org/district.cfm?subpage=36207 )

The ONLY thing you can trust about GCSD is that you really can't trust them at all!

Anonymous said...

Who are BOE candidates?

SCATS said...

To 10:34PM ~~ I heard only 1 current BOE member took out a petition. Not sure when all petitions must be turned in by ... anyone have any info?

Anonymous said...


To your point, Prop #1 was called BUILDING REPAIRS and Renovations - cost $35M plus $13.6M (39% more) for interest.

Why are repairs being done with debt?

Why aren’t repairs budgeted in annual operating budget and paid with cash?

SCATS said...

To 12:23AM ~~ Because the GCSD is still doing business as they began doing it in the mid-1990's ... when budgets were being voted down repeatedly, they eliminated all but $100,000 in repair expenses annually in an effort to keep taxes low. They stripped down lots of things back then and haven't really looked back, despite 2% tax caps, the STAR program & other changes.

Anonymous said...

To: 8:40am

So, here is a less cryptic description... and no inside information... numbers as showed on SCATS weeks ago and they checked out.

Stadium sticker price $8.5M... total cost $12.5M... local share $9.7M, state aid $2.8M.

Local share was more than sticker price... state aid didn’t even cover the added $4M bond interest.

3:23pm anonymous

SCATS said...

To 2:19PM ~~ Thanks for the vote of confidence ... I think!

Anonymous said...

Who is the one up for renewal BOE member doing the petition if we could ask?

SCATS said...

To 10:56PM ~~ My understanding is Joe Grinnan.

Anonymous said...

To: 2:19pm/3:23pm

$2.8M state aid is NOT 78% of Stadium cost, it’s only 23%!!

Where did Stadium committee get the 78% state aid number being tauted before vote?

SCATS said...

To 5:28AM ~~ Supposedly, they were fed that number by District Office folks ... just a lil "oopsie" ya know? lol