Friday, March 13, 2015

Petitions Seek Punishment & Reward

Petition To Expel Athena Culprits HERE

Petition To Send Victim & His Family To Disney HERE

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Anonymous said...

OK KittyCat lets get down to Pounce.
Did Aunt Babs jam you up for selling those high protein mini tootsie rolls to the hockey players? Did any of my people step on your tail about that? NO, they did not.
Did Aunt Babs offer you a nice velvet cat couch in the executive box at the new Babs Bowl?
Was anything said about you having to split the tootsie money with me?

NO, not one damn word.

How about you and me come to a little agreement, you knock off all the nasty coverage of some kid who drank some diluted pee out of the porcelain punch bowl, and you get extra treats as District Executive Mouser. We all know that kid is going to drink more and worse when he pledges a Frat, so what's the big deal?

I'll even make you an offer, we'll sit a desk on stage at Athena and assemble the students and teachers. Then we'll get the 3 punks to come on down to the desk while the makeup model plays letter turn girl, and bend them across that desk with their pants around their ankles. After they get a good grip on the desk makeup queen and I will do an aerobic routine on their ass with one of the big flippers from the kitchen. We'll do it right there in front of every punk in the school. You can even bring that rich Karen woman to take a few swings for all I care.
Remember puttitat, to get along, you go along. Look how well it worked for me.

NOW that we have the ass whipping settled, lets get back to building my Babs Bowl.
That is all
BD-W this week.