Monday, March 23, 2015

If They Build It ...

If Greece Central Builds A Stadium At Arcadia ...

  • WHO will schedule events?
  • WHO transports non-Arcadia teams to the stadium for practice & games?
  • WHERE will they park the cars?
  • HOW will they keep crowds under control?
  • WHO will direct traffic?
  • WHO will provide security?
  • WHO will clean the restrooms, dump the trash, etc. after each use?
  • WHO can neighbors complain to when the traffic, litter &  noise becomes unbearable?
  • HOW often will the turf be sanitized?
  • WHO pays if the turf wears out before the 15 yr financing period arrives?
  • WHAT IF they don't get their 15 yr. "warranty" ?
  • HOW will they prevent the use of social media to organize a mass meet-up (gang fight!) that overwhelms the facility & employees?


Tom Kackmeister said...

My E-mail sent to friends and others:

Tuesday 24th is the day to cast your NO vote for the Greece school propositions.

Even if you support of the propositions you should not support them at this

The school board has purposely scheduled this vote at a time they know many residents are out
of town. The board has said they scheduled the vote now as they did not want to "confuse" residents. I guess they think we are either naive, just plain gullible, or maybe just too stupid to understand the issues involved.

Did you understand the convoluted explanation of the real cost to local property owners for the two propositions? Doesn't that purposeful confusion alone require
more public discussion? Please do not let them get away with this manipulation.

We should be permitted to vote on these issues at the same time we vote on the operating budget. I do not like being manipulated. I do not like the attempt to
manipulated voter participation.

Vote NO Tuesday and give democracy a chance!

Tom Kackmeister
Concerned Citizen!

If you agree, please share with others.

Anonymous said...

Like does all that crap really matter?

My little darling graduated with a Diploma and got a job at GCSD, and I only voted for Babs Stadium cause she bought me drinkipoos.

Does anyone know of anyone looking to hire a makeup model? I have a Degree and was once a very important person on a school board.

Vote for higher taxes.
Babs says it's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

WHO never says anything positive about Greece?

SCATS said...

To 7PM ~~ WHAT is positive to say? Have you had your head in the sand? The previous two weeks was one bad news item after another ... ALL of it about the sorry state of things in GREECE SCHOOLS!

Sexual predators in the classroom.

Sexually abusive bullies in the rest rooms.

Suspicious strangers riding school buses!

Shall we try to make those problems sound better? Or should we take care of the problems we already have BEFORE building new locations to have the SAME problems?

Anonymous said...

My neighbors tell me they plan to vote no.

School employees I talk to say they intend to vote no.

My family plans to vote no.

I know several people who say they mailed absentee ballots with no votes.

So if these props get approved, I'm going to think something pretty darned fishy happened at the polls.

SCATS said...

To 7:16PM ~~ Blame it on the dead people. They vote yes. And they vote often ;)

Anonymous said...

They should work on the horrendous entrance and exit situation for dropping off students at Arcadia.

Morning traffic is horrible, yet there is no plan for a second entrance road to ease the situation. But we have time to put forward half-baked stadium ptoposals.

SCATS said...

To 7:07AM ~~ I take exception to your characterization that it was "half-baked." They cooked this project (and the numbers) until it was remarkably sooty ;)