Thursday, March 19, 2015

GPD Arrests Suspicious Bus Rider

Bizarre Behavior In Court Gets Him Mental Evaluation;
Other Charges Alleged

13WHAM reports: As 23 year old Timothy McKiver showed up to Greece Town Court for his arraignment Wednesday night, he appeared combative. 

In the courtroom, McKiver refused to answer the judge's questions. McKiver pleaded the 5th when asked his name and birthdate and at one point even claimed to the judge to be god. 

It’s because of those actions; McKiver was remanded to the Monroe County Jail without bail. 

But it's how police found McKiver that has him facing more charges. 

According to court paperwork, McKiver was at his girlfriend's home Wednesday when she got a call from McKiver’ s mom stating she saw her son on the news, wanted in connection with the Greece school bus incident. 

Infrared cameras caught Timothy McKiver, 23, of Greece, getting onto the bus Tuesday morning at Bonesteel Street and Joanne Drive. While on the bus, McKiver sat alone and never talked with other students. 

Court documents say when McKiver saw himself on the news he started to laugh and said "I look good on TV" and snatched his girlfriend's phone and called 911 to turn himself in. 

Court documents also allege that McKiver punched, pinched and whipped his girlfriend’s two year old son for no reason. 

McKiver now faces additional charges for allegedly taking his girlfriend’s cell phone and child endangerment charges. 

McKiver is scheduled for a mental exam and arraignment Thursday.

SCATS ~~ So the school district's robo-call to parents was inaccurate! This man is/was clearly a threat & should never have been able to board that bus!


Anonymous said...

Looks like the district dodged a big bullet since this guy didn't hurt someone on that bus or at a school. Time for bus passes to be shown.

Anonymous said...

How about some accountability on the bus driver?

SCATS said...

To 1:13PM ~~ I agree! The excuses given by Chatterton are totally unacceptable to parents.

Anonymous said...

As a former employee, with some knowledge of transportation, that bus driver and monitor should be removed from their positions! She let him on the bus because it was dark and he "looked like" someone who sometimes rode the bus?!?!? Sounds like dereliction of duty. It certainly showed she could care less about who she gives a ride to. How long would it take to ask his name????

Anonymous said...

The robo call came at 3:45pm on Wednesday 18th, when this incident happened at 6:30am on Tuesday 17th, a day and a half AFTER the incident, and I had heard of this incident on the news stations Tuesday.
The excuses given by "security" aka Chatterton is just a complete BS embarrassing excuse. Just be honest with the public, we would have more respect! Seriously, this is just getting embarrassing GCSD! Negative press over & over again, so yes PLEASE let me run out & vote to have my taxes jacked up for a big freaking stadium, and one more place for crime to happen, seems logical! And YES my child attends Arcadia, and I think this is a horrible idea! What about the residents that vote no, their taxes go up & they don't have any children playing sports, or any kids period??

SCATS said...

To 8:12AM ~~ VERY REVEALING!! Sadly, typical, too. It's all a game of CYA. I heard last night that the driver was "reassigned" to a different route. When they do it with bad teachers, it's called "passing the trash." They said the bus monitor has been temporarily removed. Bottom line: NOTHING CHANGED. It CAN happen again.

Anonymous said...

what a surprise! Bus driver reassigned? THERE ARE NO CONSEQUENCES IN THE GCSD for students or employees, that is why it is so bad for our kids here . Transportation response to this "possible" tragedy was a one paragraph memo to staff to make sure the student belongs on your bus and to keep up the good work! really? that is adressing the incompetence of the other day? students, and emplyees need to learn that there are consequences or things will never change!!!! if the other drivers and monitors see one of their one fired , do you think this will ever happen again? you can bet their ass they will check every student from now on . But sadly the way things are handled at GCSD continues to be a joke for students and employees

SCATS said...

To 12:30PM ~~ As far as I'm concerned, this goes right back to 2012 and the video showing a bus monitor, Karen Klein, NOT DOING HER JOB!! WTH was the monitor on the bus this week doing?? No mention was made that the driver asked for help when the mystery rider was left on the bus. Where was the monitor? Why didn't she/he figure out the rider didn't belong? TWO PEOPLE allowed this to happen!

As for consequences, Greece Central ensures that the VICTIMS ALWAYS PAY!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone is so quick to judge and so quick to crucify. We have numerous students who are assigned to a bus but don't normally ride their assigned bus. They might ride once a month, once a week or once a school year. That is because they either get their own car and are driving themselves or mommy and daddy bring them because the bus is not good enough for them. Or because they are not getting picked up at their door, I mean "Oh my God, I have to WALK to the bus stop". Oh boy, they sure don't want to do that, but let one of their friends call and want to go over to Walmart and they don't have a problem walking the 1/2 mile or more to get there. So when you have a student who very rarely rides, of course you would not remember them! And yes there are students who look older than they are. Besides that, students try to sneak their friends on the bus and when they are questioned, most of the time they LIE about who they are! So until you have experienced what it is like to be a bus driver and the crap they have to put up with from the students, the parents and the terrible drivers on the road in the town of Greece, don't be so quick to judge and crucify someone.

SCATS said...

To 8:13PM ~~ Oh pleeze! There is a VERY SIMPLE solution suggested by the mother of the two girls. Have students show their ID. If they say they forgot, have a list of your riders, ask their name & see if it is on that list. These very simple procedures that avoid everything that happened Tuesday, and more. Best of all, they cost nothing! We don't even have to worry about State Aid reimbursements :)

Anonymous said...

That would increase the amount of time bus runs would be drastically . Kids can't remember to bring their books or lunches to school everyday they won't bring their isd everyday. I'm pretty sure you can't refuse to let a kids on board the bus if they don't have an id. How is calling in to see if they are on the list going to help. They could give a name that is on the list but without a picture there is no way to verify that it is really them. I am not sure what good solution would be. I am not sure if any district actually has a good practice. I have seen comments on facebook saying that their kids districts do not show any sort of id. Maybe districts could work together and see if they could come up with a possible solution.

Anonymous said...

I call BS on post from 8:13pm! My child when starting 6th grade had to walk almost 1/4 mile to the bus stop in our neighborhood because it was "central location" to save money, well BS, as it was in someone's driveway & an 8th grader & sibling came out their front door of said central location, to the end of their driveway, and the bus drive right past our corner (we live 2 houses away from the corner) was it because they were a non English speaking family? I called & complained, as a 6th grader does not need to be walking at 10pm alone in the dark, guess what, still dark at 6:30am! And believe me, I am the first parent to say, "what did my kid do wrong" instead of saying " not my child"
SCATS, your passes! I have to wear one at work, kids wear one at school. So tired of excuses!

Anonymous said...

Must have been the only damn bus in the GCSD fleet without a 2 way radio too.

Why the hell didn't the driver call in for the Popo when a suspicious person climbed on the bus?

WHY did that bus move one damn inch with an unknown strange person on the bus?

Want to bet the answer will be "No procedure existed"?

Next question, with all the executive dullards we pay, why didn't a procedure exist?

Here's a hint, the procedure exists in the SAFETY MANUAL the fools at the Sport District paid over $20,000 for 10 years ago.

1, grab radio mic and inform dispatch bus is on fire.
2, shut down bus and trigger fire alarm while throwing keys out bus door
3, Grab extinguisher, it's the best defensive weapon on the bus
4, there are minimally 3 exits from the bus, Monitor should be shoving kids out of them.
5, Point extinguisher at suspect and hope he gives you a reason to blast him
6, even if suspect evacuates bus he can't control the situation.
7, many large men with axes will be arriving on big red trucks fast, Popo will be behind them.

Worst case, the bus load of kids arrives late at school. It beats hell out of riding around town with an unknown on board who can go off at any moment.

SCATS said...

To 9:35PM ~~ Our BOE could adopt a policy & presto chango! No pass, no boarding a GCSD bus! It really IS that easy. Others get it. Read their comments.

To 9:50PM ~~ TY for calling BS on them. They struck me as "union first" type GCSD employee. Whining won't get us anywhere.

To 10:33PM ~~ TY for bringing up the EMERGENCY PROCEDURES BOOK. Why is it that no one in GCSD has any familiarity with the manuals that are supposed to provide a backbone for their job? From the hockey coach who didn't read his personnel manual to this bus driver, it seems we have employees who CAN'T (or won't??) READ!!

Anonymous said...

Not defending the driver here, but to those who are asking why the driver didn't call the Police right away. The way I have read everything the driver didn't realize there was a problem until this guy wouldn't get off the bus when they got to the school.

SCATS said...

To 7:25AM ~~ I've understood that, but have a HUGE problem with it. In these times where violent acts create daily headlines, school personnel in particular MUST BE VIGILANT about WHO they're dealing with. If the driver had ANY DOUBT, she should have stopped him for a chat. ASSUMING =NOT doing your job.

Can you imagine if he had a weapon & intended to use it?

Anonymous said...

Don't disagree

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of these "Bus drivers" who post that we should walk in their shoes" I AM A SCHOOL BUS DRIVER" when those kids board our bus they are in YOUR custody legally, it is part of your JOB to look out for them, when it is dark out and you pull up to a stop the kids can only get on one at a time and come up the stairs if I am suspicious I TURN THE FRONT DOME LIGHT ON if one is hiding their face I say STOP Show your face , and if they don't seem familiar or HAVE A BEARD! you call in with their ID # (which every student has memorized) I know it can be an inconvenience but once your kids on that run learn that that's how you run your bus , by the 2nd month they know how to board the bus , its not about getting your run done early or making it for your layover its about doing your JOB and making sure your kids are safe and someone doesn't get on that shouldn't be there. The last thing in the world you should do is take a possibly dangerous stranger onto school property!!!!!!!!!! you arrange 911 to meet you somewhere or security at the school if there is doubt about identity Does someone have to Die in the GCSD system before they pull they heads out of their butts and start having consequences for students who are violent and abusive and disrespectful and for employees who can barely walk to their bus and who don't do what they should be doing once thy are on it! it is like 2012 all over again she said " I tried to ignore it " and the public made her rich. instead of the district saying she didn't do her job properly they just kept quiet.

SCATS said...

To 7:18PM ~~ I agree 100% And TY for doing your job with the safety of your charges in mind! :)