Tuesday, March 17, 2015

GCSD's Deputy Supt. Job Posted

Deputy Superintendent of Schools

Essential Duties: Within the limits of District policies, procedures, programs and budgets, the Deputy Superintendent of Schools is responsible for, and has commensurate authority to accomplish the duties set forth below: 
•Serve as a key member of the Superintendent’s Cabinet team, acting as a thought leader and advocate for transformative new ideas aligned to improvement of measurable outcomes.
•Work with fellow cabinet members and staff to monitor implementation of district’s strategy for key metrics of EnVison Greece 2017 Strategic Plan, school improvement, and K-12 Program Plans, focusing strategy and establishing priorities.
•Leads fellow cabinet members and staff to create a system that uses data to establish a culture of data-based decision making; build capacity to use data collaboratively, continuously and effectively to improve teaching and learning. Ensure well-coordinated and quality reports for Superintendent and governance team in critical areas.
•Responsible for the information technology, communications and computer systems that support district goals, as well as facilitation of professional development and goal setting for these units
•Set clear and transparent performance standards for programs, services and their evaluation.
•Identify, track and report, items or issues that may lead to litigation or financial claims against the District, and communicate and maintain written information/file.
•Identify (through the use of quantifiable facts and data,) other items, issues, or problems; establishing priorities for addressing them; and creating and implementing solutions. Responsible for ensuring accurate and updated website, district calendar, census, enrollment reports, school assignment boundaries, and other reports required for guiding operation of school system.
•Review evaluations, incident reports, and district committee reports for quality and accuracy.
•Analyzes and manages sensitive issues that arise frequently in the rapidly changing environment of the Superintendent’s office where improper handling may have serious consequences for the school district
•Coordinate with Superintendent to respond to parent and community concerns by assigning Cabinet level response to ensure quick resolution and follow-through.
•Organize, coordinate, and/or directly work on special projects as assigned by the Superintendent.
•Respond to emergency situations (e.g. inclement weather, fire, vandalism, and so forth, in the absence of the Superintendent).
•Attends Board of Education meetings, and attend and preside over such other meetings as directed by the Superintendent. 
•Prepares reports and presentations for the Board and the Superintendent as required. 

SCATS ~~ Does Babs do ANYTHING???


Anonymous said...

Cashes her check

Albert Ficus

Anonymous said...

She will just give it to her pal Kathy Collichio, they worked together in Lyndonville, I thought she screwed her over back then but she must be desperate that she came crawling to Babs again after all she made a job up for her in Greece and nobody Questioned it.What a cute couple they are