Monday, March 16, 2015


Will  YOU  Risk The Health Of The Kids 

The Expense Of Future Removal By Approving A 

T-O-X-I-C   Turf Field Next Week?

USA TODAY:  (3/16/2015) < --- READ IT!

"Feds promote artificial turf as safe despite health concerns"

  • "The growing use of turf fields layered with rubber crumbs has raised health concerns centered mostly on whether players face increased risk of injury, skin infection or cancer."
  • "We're using your children as part of the poison squad," said Bruce Lanphear, a leading researcher on lead poisoning ...
  • But some communities have refused to test their fields, fearing that a high lead level would generate lawsuits or force them to replace and remove a field, which costs about $1 million...
  • "If you're exposing children to some potentially harmful compounds, whether it's organic compounds or metals, you'd think you'd want to know so you can take some action instead of putting your hands over your eyes and saying, 'I don't see a problem,' " Shalat said.
  • But the council (Synthetic Turf Council) mischaracterizes some studies and ignores scientists' warnings about children possibly ingesting lead in turf fibers and rubber crumbs.
  • CDC: 'No safe lead level' in children
  • "Every turf field has to be analyzed in detail to be sure it doesn't have a problem," said Paul Lioy, a professor of environmental and occupational medicine...
  • "You pick up rubber off a field and you don't know what that piece of rubber came from," said health advocate David Brown, Connecticut's former head of environmental epidemiology and occupational health. "It's not a manufactured item. It's a waste. There isn't quality control."


Anonymous said...

Thank God our twins Dorado & Cimaron will graduate before this monstrosity gets built.
Lord knows we've had a ton of trouble with GCSD messin our darlings over, BethAnn spends more time at that schoolhouse than she does at the diner making a living.
We sure don't want the twins getting stupider from no dang scrap rubber, GCSD already got em dang close to flat stupid and card carrying liberal as it is, and I ain't even going into all the times we had to wash their mouths out with soap cause of the dirty talk they learned in that school.

And another thing, I and the little woman are not one bit happy about them so called teachers taking to the twins about SEX. FILTH, absolute filth, and what the hell is going on with all the lesbian talk to a 10 year old kid. That is not something a mother should need to explain to her baby while they're fixing supper.

Our daughter absolutely ain't playing in no damn scrap tire pile!

Anonymous said...

4:20 your post speaks for itself. Even SCATs had no answer and posted it even though it wasn't written in English. Nice try though DORADO AND CIMERARON.?
DORADA ., Maybe!
reminds me of a couple of my favorite western movies. .

SCATS said...

To 1:19PM ~~ You must be new here, because 4:20PM is a rather frequent visitor. The spelling/grammar is all part of a certain ambiance intended within the comments posted. There's so much truth it's often hard to add to them ;)

According to Google, it should be: