Friday, March 06, 2015

Community Shut-Out Of GCSD Meetings

In about 2 1/2 weeks, Greece residents will be asked to vote on three Capital Improvement projects for the Greece School district. One item on the ballot is a stadium complex to located on the Arcadia campus.

About one week ago, we received an 8-page glossy propaganda piece from the Greece School District titled: 2015 Capital Improvement Project

Can you guess what this slick promotional piece lacks?




Could it be that they did NOT want anyone attending?? Hmm .... 

Why else would it NOT have been included in the 8-page brochure?


Anonymous said...

Considering I did not receive this piece until all but the last meeting had passed I am not really bothered. I knew about the meeting I saw them posted on the website an I also saw a flyer at the community center about the vote and meetings. I did attend one of the meetings. There were very few people that attended. From what I am hearing at my children's schools and other community outlets they aren't attending not to lack of knowing about the meetings they just don't care about going because they do not want the stadium and they are not happy with the direction of the district or leadership as a whole. Many of the sports parents see Mr. Nelms as a supporter of the athletics programs with his sudden departure many feel they are losing this support as well as in many other areas. It leaves many doubts of what will come academically as well.

SCATS said...

To 10:46AM ~~ There are a few FACTS that must be considered to get the complete BIG PICTURE of what is happening with this upcoming vote.

#1 - It is being held separately to ensure the senior citizens (i.e. "NO" votes) are not in town.

#2 - No one is telling us HOW MUCH A SEPARATE VOTE WILL COST US!

# 3 - Unless you have kids attending Greece schools or work for the district, you are UNLIKELY TO BE READING THE GCSD WEBSITE! Therefore, you would NOT know the meeting schedule.

# 4 - The "committee" of 28 who advanced the stadium project had not one single critic among them! The district/sports boosters do NOT want to hear anything negative from ANYONE about this project. BOO-YAH!!

#5 - Because the meeting dates were known BEFORE the 8-page proganda piece was mailed, it is an OBVIOUS TACTIC on the district's part to NOT make residents aware of the meetings.

#6 - The weather has also played a role in keeping people away from these meetings. The first two were held when the temps/windchills were ridiculously low! If you don't believe me, look at how retail sales, auto sales and restaurants have suffered since the holidays - people have been "cocooning" at home!

#7 - The tactic of NOT informing the general public about these meetings is the EXACT SAME TACTIC used in Spencerport (initially) to attempt to get the Urban/Suburban Program started WITHOUT PUBLIC UPROAR or INPUT!!! GCSD has a long history of doing such things.

#8 - IF the athletic supporters were actually tuned into what the district was doing overall, and not just for them or sports, they would have seen the writing on the wall for Nelms! He was being paid to help start up East High since last fall while he was still working for Greece! These facts are contained in BOE meeting minutes posted to the GCSD website ;)

#9 - In early January, the school board, Supt. and staff members met SECRETLY & ILLEGALLY (they called it a study session (which must be open to the public!), but didn't want outsiders in to hear the findings, or questions raised) with the folks who did the study on the stadium project. This meeting wasn't posted in advance to keep people out!

#10 - GCSD also has a VERY long history of valuing sports ABOVE academics. This is just one more chapter in that history.

I'm glad to know that there are folks in town who can THINK FOR THEMSELVES and are unhappy with the direction of GCSD.

We predict that if this stadium is built using the phony numbers DO put out and ignoring input from the community that the scandals will begin within 1 yr. of its completion.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what'cha going to do about it? Nothing....yep. Same old, same old. You get the government you deserve.