Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Attention Absentee Voters!

Last Chance To Request 
Absentee Ballots

Download Application HERE

Request MUST Be Received
By GCSD By 3/17/15

Tell Your Family

Get It Done!


Joe M said...

Hey puddy cat, this thread looked very lonesome so I will add an observation . Whether you post it or not is inconsequential to me.
It appears to me that you are really committed and pulling out all the stops to sway the voters to your agenda. That's fine. But it occurs to me that you are taking a huge risk in doing so with regards to the effectiveness of your efforts on your SCATs blog.
As I see it, this all out effort can have but two outcomes in the end. On the 24th, the voters reject the Stadium thereby affording you the opportunity to declare victory for the SCATs blog by taking some credit for its demise.
On the other hand, if the project is approved by the voters, well, that kinda puts an entirely different twist with regards to the influence this site has on the thinking of people of Greece. I m sure that would result in a big let down for you and your supporters.
Hey, if this happens, I know the feeling as I too have come up on the short end of things that matter to me. I survived by telling myself I gave it my best effort but it
just wasn't meant to be and moved on.
Of course you know my position on this project going back to the 70's and intend to support it along with members of my family. Having said that, I can only promise 8 votes in favor of the stadium. Who knows, they might be the only yes votes but I kinda doubt it.

SCATS said...

To 2:48PM ~~ Just found this comment in the SPAM folder, sorry for the delay. You talk of "my agenda" ... PLEASE tell me what that is??

I/we have NOT told anyone how to vote!

I/we have posted many statements of FACTS GCSD would rather not have brought to light.

It is a VERY SAD DAY when we find that a 28 member committee was misled into believing the construction of a lighted stadium would be State Aided at a much higher rate than the inside promoters of this project knew was true!

In Greece, sports comes at ANY COST!

Joe M said...

C'mon; Anyone who can read and comprehend what they read knows very well what the agenda of this blog is all about regarding the Stadium project. Even though you may not have used the actual words like we urge a no vote, your comments and related threads betray you /we and it is crystal clear the agenda and purpose of this blog is to torpedo this project anyway you can.
While I understand your position and motivation, I'm betting that the residents of Greece will see it much differently.Im betting that they will see this as I and others do , as being more than a School District Project, but a worthwhile COMMUNITY effort that offers more than just a Athletic Project, but an opportunity to show some community pride. A project that will give Greece a new identity.
After years of suffering thru the scandals of the past which tarnished the reputation of our town and destroying town wide morale, we as a community have an opportunity to make a statement on the 24th by allowing this project to go forward and make a positive statement to the rest of the surrounding communities .
I like to think of it in this way. On the night we first turn on those lights, those lights will reflect on the symbol of our town, The Light House. That light house will light up and send out a beam of light for all to see with a distinct message. WE ARE GREECE and proud of it.
If in fact you are neutral on this project, it is my hope you will post this comment representing a different perspective on the worth of this Stadium Proposal. Joe

SCATS said...

To Joe M ~~ Your first statement is 100% wrong! There are many middle school students attending GCSD currently who can NOT read & understand most of what is on this BLOG! And THAT is OUR main concern, along with the fact that there are other infrastructure projects in GCSD that need attention NOW!! But they aren't even on the list!!

We have NOT and do not intend to tell anyone how to vote! Our "agenda" is to FULLY INFORM Greece residents with the portions of the TRUTH missing from GCSD's considerable and expensive efforts to get this monster approved. This BLOG is at least as neutral as the 28 member committee that dreamed up this scheme with help from district office. Let's talk about THEIR neutrality for a few minutes, OK?

Were there ANY members on that committee that live in the neighborhood (AND who weren't known pro-sports fans) that is about to be CHANGED FOREVER by the construction of this outrageously $$$ facility? HELL NO!! WHY NOT???

BECAUSE THE PURPOSE OF THE 28 MEMBER COMMITTEE WAS TO GIT 'ER DONE! They weren't there to look out for the interests of ANYONE WHO MIGHT BE HURT and YOU know it Joe. It was NOT their job to find fault with anything proposed!!! Every single one of them who was involved is an AD, sports booster, supporter of Selke's fantasy of standing under the lights on Friday night and having the Town cheer him, yada, yada, yada, BOO-YAH.

As for your argument about "community pride" and the "opportunity to make a statement" you have reduced this to a peeing contest that used to be called "keeping up with the neighbors." Most of the stadium's "neighbors" haven't even been told what is about to happen to their quiet enjoyment of their property.

I'm still wondering why the hell anyone would claim that playing Section IV games in Greece would be "preferred" over playing at Sahlen Stadium!? That makes NO sense! In fact, I think it's an outright lie. But lying has never been beyond the pro-sports folks inside Greece Central.

Joe, do not bother to respond. You have NOTHING new to say on this topic and you've already been given more space than any other individual to express your position. Enough.