Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Artificial Turf Crumb Rubber Contains 30 Toxins

"It's like kids playing on hazardous waste sites." ~~ Judy Braiman, Pres. Empire State Consumer Project

"It would get all over. It would get in my eyes, my nose, my ears." ~~ Meghan Lowell, one of 38 American soccer players battling non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. "They found a mass on my heart and then a couple on my lungs," Lowell said. (13WHAM )

SCATS ~~ It costs approx. $100,000* to install an artificial turf field cushioned with crumb rubber. It costs approx. $1,000,000 ($1 million!) to remove it, because the crumb rubber is considered to be HAZARDOUS WASTE!
* replacement approx. every 10-12 years!


SCATS said...

To Joe M ~~ We're sorry to disappoint you yet again, but your comments are ALL OVER THE MAP! You write a diatribe about apple orchards & arsenic, end it with a NONFACTUAL statement trying to tie it in with crumb turf fields and expect us to post it! We've discussed it. It ain't happening!

Our best advice to you is: GET YOUR OWN BLOG!

Anonymous said...

Was already going to vote "no" but now it's a "hell no"!

SCATS said...

To 4:29PM ~~ Don't forget. There are THREE propositions. So it's "No." ... "Hell NO!" ... and "Ain't NO way in Hell!"

Anonymous said...

I would really be interested to know what compounds out gas from this reclaimed rubber when it bakes under the summer sun. I don't know for sure but I would bet that benzene, hydrogen sulfide and, some nasty compounds containing arsenic and nitrogen are present when this stuff is heated. Has anyone found out what runs off of the surface when this "crumb rubber" is rained on. If you have to treat it as a hazardous waste when you dispose of it why would anyone want their kids to play on it. I thought that it was very disingenuous of the district and the manufacturer to state that the fibers of the rug contained no lead but the stuff that is used to keep the fibers of the rug separated so that they wont mat down when compressed is in fact old tires and other stuff that you need a permit for when you want to get rid of it. You can bet that if they install this some tort lawyer is going to try and hang a lead poisoning lawsuit on the district at some point in the future. If some soccer player comes down with a weird cancer or other malady the personal injury attorneys are going to have a feeding frenzy and guess who is on the hook. The people responsible will be on to other conquests and Joe and Jane six pack get to foot the bill. Remember when asbestos was in everything and doctors advertised for the tobacco companies Hey its just a mineral or a leaf and it cant hurt you it might even be good for you. NOT.

SCATS said...

To 7:25PM ~~ From our research, we learned there are around 30 different toxins contained in the crumb rubber.

You must remember, building this stadium with a lighted turf field is NOT a project promoted by students who will play on it. It's wanted ... "needed" by a bunch of has-been adults (mostly male) who are looking to relive their youth on the sidelines.