Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lunch Special @ Odyssey Cafeteria 2/24/15

There's a larva in my lettuce !


Anonymous said...

My daughter's friend posted this picture. She told me about it yesterday. Yuck!Q

SCATS said...

To 6:15AM ~~ A Facebook friend shared it with us. I wonder if Michelle Obama approves? lol

Anonymous said...

What was lunch at school today Glipnar?

We had Babsburgers and protein enhanced salad mom. Me and a few of the guys were lining our proteins up for a race across the table when one of the kids who's a athlete the District brought in grabbed the proteins and swallowed them.

Then some girls started crying. Pretty much same old.

Anonymous said...

Eat your enhanced salad Chelsey. It's organically grown green veggie substance harvested by happy singing workers and the wiggly little thing is a crouton substitute.

It will make Moochfromhell Obama happy when you eat it, and help GCSD's dietary workers.