Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Is Greece Central Manipulating The Voters?

Tom Kackmeister said...
I submitted the following to the D and C as a letter to the editor:

The Greece school district plans a special spending vote in March. They have proposed a $35 million capital improvement spend and an $8.5 million stadium spend.

1. The snow birds go south for Feb and March so the school district schedules a vote in March regarding capital spending and a new sports stadium. This is an extra vote; there is also a budget vote in May. 

2. On Feb 2. I received a post card announcing these votes. The post card told us how to get an absentee ballot. Of course the snow birds have already left and of course the post office does not forward post cards. They are a clever group!

3. And now we learn the district schedules a "forum" to specifically discuss the stadium proposal. And per D and C the reporting (2-9- 2015) the district is particularly interested in talking with the "youth sports community". And they "may" also answer questions about the $35 million capital project. On Feb 9 we learn that forum meeting will be Feb 9.! 

Do they think they can force these projects on the community by manipulating who will be able to vote? Maybe, but do they think they can do that and also get the larger community to pass the operating budget in May? That might be a stretch.

I do not like being manipulate and I think there will be others with the same sentiment. 

I hope the district has second thoughts and change the dates for the vote to coincide with the operating budget vote. They should make that change and schedule community forums to discuss all spending proposals in April. If they respect the voters they may have better success on voting day.

Tom Kackmeister

Note re: M. M. McDermott's reporting: I would report the impact on taxes as follows: "The impact on local property taxes would be about ... However the impact on state taxes has not be reported". It seems to me that a reminder that state money is not free would be worthwhile. 
2/10/2015 4:58 AM


Anonymous said...

They will find a way to build it no matter what the vote'

Corruption and cronyism is alive and well in Greece

SCATS said...

To 1:16PM ~~ Accomplished by CLOSED DOOR MEETINGS!

Anonymous said...

Another Fast Track skrewel destruct project brought to you by CrapStar Construction.

Rest assured there will be no demolition costs related to this project in years to come. This pile of crap will fall down all by itself.

SCATS said...

A comment received by Joe M will NOT be posted due to directly name-calling Tom K.

Joe, YOU really should know better!

SCATS said...

To 2:27PM ~~ Funny thing is they are FINALLY going to try to "fix" A-PAC now, too! lol Only 15 years late and several $million short!

SCATS said...

I'm sorry but the link sent to GCSD's propaganda video is not going to be posted here.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter, it will pass, taxes will go up, end of story. Greece residents have no voice. "voting" is a joke! They do whatever they want, and taxes go up.
Born & raised in Greece & I'm embarrassed by the corruption in this town. Can't wait to leave this state

SCATS said...

To 7:40AM ~~ So until you move, rolling over & playing dead is your game plan? I'm one of those "never say never" types. They might get what they want, BUT I intend to make them work for it :)

Anonymous said...

Do you know where the real money is in "Public Works" projects? Change orders that's the dirty little secret. Watch the change orders come rollin in on this baby if its approved. Hey if were lucky we might get another Steinway that is called something else and nobody ever sees a 25 K water fountain. Just call this performing arts center deux. Dont forget the roof clips and how about not building solid walls in front of equipment that needs to be inspected and serviced. We have buildings that need roofs and other critical upgrades, have health and safety issues to the tune of 75 million plus and the board is willing to spend money that should be directed to these issues on a stadium. Let the 85K gym teachers get out and do a little work sprucing up the fields that are not good enough for them to play games on. Lights I have no problem with but that rug will need to be replaced every ten years on average ask RIT, Fisher and the Bills. Let see playing football on a parking lot covered with a rug is better that terra firma. Go figure

Anonymous said...

There is no argument with your disclosure about change orders. The winning bid will always include an additional 5% to cover unexpected problems that develope with the construction. This is why the district hires an Independant individual known asThe Clerk of the Works. One of his duties to monitor work change orders and approve them before they are implemented and submitted to the school board for approval
During the 2000 CIP, Walts successfully got rid of this guy and illegally assumed that position. That's when it hit the fan to the tune of 2500 work change orders most of which dealt with APAC. The general contractor, Christa Development was the beneficiary of these changes to the tune of over 3 million over and above this 39million contract as the general contractor
To deceive the school board, change orders were kept below the dollar amount that must be presented to the board for approval.Another illegal act in the conspiracy
To rip off the tax payers of the district.
With the proper oversight by those charged with that duty, this kind of chicanery can be avoided.
If this project is approved and moves forward, let's hope the Distrct learned its lesson from that oversight break down and does it right as they have promised to do in all future capital projects.

SCATS said...

To 1:39Pm ~~ Let's "hope"?? I have no faith in "hope" ... I want assurance. Their "promises" are meaningless, because they were made by people who are no longer running the district.