Wednesday, February 25, 2015

GCSD Gives "Superficial" Reasons For March Vote

Greece Post Letter to the Editor - 2/20/15

Here are a few excerpts and perspectives on the reply I received to my ‘open letter to the Board of Education’ (GP 1/29) asking for reasons for a special March vote. The 230 word reply is on the GCSD web site, “2015 Capital Vote Information/FAQ."

First, the Board reply makes no mention of, and therefore expresses no concern over, possible increased costs or reduced voter turnout... from holding a special vote.

Second, the reply says, ‘the projects [CIP and Stadium] were THROUGHLY REVIEWED by the Finance Committee’.

As a member of the Finance Committee, I disagree. The committee received only ‘sticker costs’ (total $43M) vs. fully-financed costs (total $61M). Also, State Aid for the Stadium now calculates as 23%- not 78% as widely publicized.

Lastly, the reply claims that ‘a separate vote limits confusion.’

Unlikely! Consider voter awareness of district FUND BALANCE - that magical source of ‘sweetener’ extracted from past budget surpluses. This totaled $29M last June, and will be updated for voters in May. But in March, voters may puzzle over why CIP project is sweetened by $5.2M and Stadium gets zero!

In summary, the Board reply offers no compelling reason to hold a special vote that benefits students or voters!

George Hubbard


Anonymous said...

Here we go again. It's been a while but I feel another one of those famous Hubbard appeals in the works. Forget it Hubbard I just checked the law which clearly states that bond votes can be held at anytime of the year at the will of the district only the budget vote has to take place in May.

SCATS said...

To 5:14PM ~~ And your point is??? Just because we "can" have one doesn't mean we ought to have one (as stated by a comment on another thread).

It costs $$ to open the polls!

Anonymous said...

Didn't the mother of all capital votes in GCSD ($119.5M) occur in June 2000?


Purchase 75 buses in April?


Purchase 15+/- buses most years in May?

geo hubbard said...

Why are GCSD taxpayers being asked to pay any part of $17M+ finance charge... when cash is available?

Recent 8 page GCSD pamphlet says,
A. Total Aggregate Cost Prop 1 & 2= $61.1M.

B. Tot proj costs= $35M + $8.5M= $43.5M.

C. Finance cost= A – B= $17.6M... +40% added to proj costs.

SCATS said...

Great question, George!

WHEN/WHERE are you going to get the word out on this??

SCATS said...

To 9:08AM ~~ I'm glad you brought that up! In reality, IF the voters approve this monster on top of all the projects GCSD already has in the works, we'll be letting them oversee more than we already know they can handle yet again!

They are STILL working on the Excel II projects.

They are going to begin reconstruction of A-Pac.

geo hubbard said...

Will taxpayers be in favor of paying $9.7M for an $8.5M stadium?

Read the GCSD 8 page mailing... check the math... summarized below

Table I: Cost figures Col B= pg6, Col C= pg5 from 8pg mailing.

Col D= B-C.
____Cost Item_____Prop_____Prop___Prop_

2._State Aid______$41.8M__$39.0M__$_2.8M



5. Local_Share____$13.8M__$_4.1M__$_9.7M

State aid at $2.8M has negative impact with financing included!

Comments invited.

SCATS said...

George ~~ Why don't you call a press conference with the various TV & print media TO GET THE WORD OUT?

Anonymous said...

I had my copy of 8 page mailing handy and
Geo H. has it right.

Page 6: Prop 1 & 2 Local share $13.8M.

Page 5: Prop 1 Local share 4.1M

By subtraction: Prop 2 local share $9.7M for stadium.

Anonymous said...

The flier we just got is a result of having a special vote in March. Does anyone know the cost?

SCATS said...

To 2:32PM ~~ Do you mean the cost of holding a separate, special vote? Or the cost of all the different proposals, should they be adopted?

geo. hubbard said...

A phone call today from a person very involved in the Stadium Committee.

He/she read my G. Post letter-to-editor and challenged my figure of 23% state aid on the Stadium. The Committee had been told 78% and that was consistent with other districts.

I have no knowledge of other districts, but my number comes from GCSD figures (see 8 pg mailing or my post 12:27pm).

GCSD figures... and my math give... $2.8M/$12.5M= 22.4%.

SCATS said...

TY George! This just serves to demonstrate that there was not one single person out of 28 on that committee who was actually QUESTIONING the crapple they were fed. Very typical of GCSD.

Anonymous said...

To: 10:33AM

Thanks for post.

$17.6M finance charge is more than 2 stadiums!

Anonymous said...

Athena pool is already ADA compliant. Mailing says monies are to go towards that. Probably inaccurate.

Albert Ficus

SCATS said...

TY Albert. Imagine that! An inaccuracy in a GCSD mailing ... lol :)

SCATS said...

Comments containing name-calling and other abusive remarks are NOT POSTED.

Anonymous said...

Unless you post them ya think, what a big fat joke you are of 30 posts half are your although I have seen lately and are now answering four in one post. Don't mater it just cuts the numbers only. Lmao

SCATS said...

To 12:48PM ~~ While your post is the perfect example of what we don't usually post (name-calling), it also perfectly demonstrates why Greece Central should focus on academics, instead of athletics.

Concussions cause brain damage, memory loss and possibly illiteracy.

Anonymous said...

Anybody got info on what happened with parent arrested at Athena on Thurs.?

SCATS said...

To 5:54PM ~~ ARRESTED FOR ???

Anonymous said...

Just asking about a rumor I heard from a kid. Enraged parent scaring students and staff while moving through building making threats.

SCATS said...

To 7:49PM ~~ Not to worry! GCSD hired a former GPD cop to head up security. He guarantees there are NO convicted sex offenders in the building, so all is good! lol